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Alleged Baby Mama DROPS Michael Jordan Paternity Case + Bow Wow Ordered To PAY UP $80K To A French Porn Star

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Pamela Smith has now DISMISSED her own paternity case against Michael Jordan.  And while Bow Wow was busy celebrating his birthday in Arizona this weekend, he was ordered by a judge to pay a French pornstar what he owes her.  Deets inside...

In another crazy turn of events, Michael Jordan seems to have dodged a child-like bullet today.  While the drama in this paternity case has been unfolding for several weeks, Pamela Smith, the mother of a 16-year-old boy she claims is the son of the basketball legend, has called it quits!  For now at least.

TMZ reports Pamela submitted a request to dismiss her own case today, and the judge granted it without prejudice.  So she's free to file again. 

We reported last week that MJ's request to dismiss the case was denied by the judge in Fulton County court.  And she then demanded a paternity test be done ASAP.

So with Pamela all of a sudden dismissing this case herself, out of the blue, we have to ask.  Was she paid off once MJ saw that this legal drama could wreck havoc on his image and upcoming marriage?  Or did Pamela just all of a sudden remember who the actual father is?  Or does she plan to re-file in a different location?

We have our guess, but oh wells....


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-18at11556PM_zps57330b28.png

Bow Wow may have spent his weekend celebrating his 26th b-day in Arizona (pictured above with green beer in Phoenix's airport yesterday), but he went back to NYC with some bad news.

That lawsuit filed by French porn star Celine Tran has ended with him having to pay her $80,000, according to TMZ.  Back in July 2012, Celine sued Bow for using footage of her dancing in his music video, "Drank In My Cup," without her permission.  He apparently took the footage from a video she was dancing in for the french band Electronic Conspiracy.

She sued, and won.

But there's also good news for Mr. Shad Moses.  He's starring in the upcoming Scary Movie 5 flick. 





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I believe this is the best example of the lifestyle of the rich and famous… xoxo^_^ www.bostonpaternity.com

never fuck with a porn star

never fuck with a porn star on any level whose name is TRAN. guy code!
shuga's picture

Money can intimidate

Money can intimidate people!!! Michael Jordan got that shut down!!! Lmao I believe he's the dad!
cutethatsall56's picture

He either paid her off or

He either paid her off or she's filing again elsewhere but, no one heads to court with such a public figure and then suddenly backs down for no reason. Why put yourself through the scrutiny? Oh, MJ. He has always been a shady man. Read the book by his sister. Talks about how he uses money to control people. He's an evil man.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Yeah ok; 'dropped' the

Yeah ok; 'dropped' the case...ya mean Jordan dropped some hu$h money into her lap and made her sign on the dotted line. Bow-Weezy needs to grow up & start making better decisions. I doubt the chick is worth $80K but now he knows to get consent & go the legal route in the future.

Well isn't this obvious. She

Well isn't this obvious. She got paid to keep quiet. Love MJ, but this definitely makes him look guilty. I could be wrong. But this kinda stuff happens all the time with these celebs. Now Bow wow, you gotta do things legally and get singed permission to use someone's footage. Yeah she's use to taking off her clothes and being in front of the camera, but u still gotta ask dude! lol Smart Girl
MsFiFi's picture

The MJ issue is a whole mess!

The MJ issue is a whole mess! Bow Wow's issue is a whole mess! smh!
Happy Lady's picture

Yeah I think she was paid off

Yeah I think she was paid off back in the day and paid off again today to be quiet. As far as Bow Wow, he needs to grow up and stop getting involved in these dumb situations.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

lol this is funny...80k well

lol this is funny...80k well what a smart Asian porn star.
sexybrownpyt's picture

I smell a freshly cut check

I smell a freshly cut check from MJ. And Bow Wow looks like he was swimming in gasoline.
GetUrLife's picture

Sounds like someone was sent

Sounds like someone was sent a nice PAYOFF check.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Chiiiile Please.... Whur This

Chiiiile Please.... Whur This Fool Gon Get 80k From When He Hosting 106&Park?
Keyths'Girl's picture

Nahhhh Ni... I Wonder Did

Nahhhh Ni... I Wonder Did Someone Get A Big Fat Paycheck To Keep Their Trap Shut.
Keyths'Girl's picture

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