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Rihanna KICKS OFF "Diamonds" World Tour...First Performance Pics & Video From Buffalo

 photo INFphoto_2457311_zps0df1ab69.jpg

The first night of Rihanna's "Diamonds" world tour kicked off with a bang last night in Buffalo, NY.  The pop diva took the stage to rock out to tracks from all of her albums, and did it in several colorful and body baring outfit changes.


Check the pics and video inside....



 photo spl506668_028_zpsbd0b56e5.jpg

The set was complete with pyro, a few choreographed routines and more outfit changes than a little bit.  She performed every track from her latest Diamonds album, but threw in her most popular tracks from past albums as well.


 photo rihstage_zps0e06127b.jpg

She switched up from heels to sneakers to boots depending on the look.  And the sold out crowd ate it up. 

 photo INFphoto_2457306_zps938e3106.jpg

 photo INFphoto_2457253_zpsfc3a3064.jpg

Her Rihanna for River Island collaborator, Adam Selman, helped design the outfits for the tour.   He told the NY Times last week about dressing her slim & toned bod, 'Her body is so insane. It’s the dream body to make clothes for. You don’t have to try as hard.'


 photo rihstage2_zpsf16770c6.jpg  photo ScreenShot2013-03-09at93231AM_zps19942abb.png   photo article-2290618-1887E6DC000005DC-612_634x632_zps992297bc.jpg  photo article-2290618-1887E6D8000005DC-996_634x632_zpscd17e726.jpg  photo article-2290618-1887D886000005DC-948_634x493_zps1b99c5b5.jpg  photo article-2290618-1887D81F000005DC-561_634x478_zps011ad925.jpg 

The "Pour It Up" chick tweeted her fans: 'No words, just DIAMONDS!!! #EPICshit #BUFFALO $old out!!!  #BUFFALO I will never forget how you made me feel tonight!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! #1Love always'


Before hitting the stage, Rih dropped a BTS of her last rehearsal in Buffalo.


And if you're wondering about her live vocals for the concert, check out video below from a bit of her sets:

"Love Song" ft. Future



You feelin' it?  Next stop for Rih...Boston Sunday night.


Photos via Splash/Instagram/INF



WOW the Size of her Feet

WOW the Size of her Feet continue to amaze me!....In fact it looks like her feet/shoes are even bigger than b4....Damn lol
star's picture

That Preformance was so Dry

That Preformance was so Dry and the “Pictures” are working harder then her on that Stage (CDFU) Rihanna is just a pretty face (Minus Talent). The music industry definitely has it favorites (Wake Up People) ! This “Tart” wouldn’t even be in this position if it wasn’t for Jayz&Beyonce #keepitReal
REd™'s picture

why does she always finger

why does she always finger herself? .i cant believe chris brown smoked weed on stage in africa...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

were you complaining when

were you complaining when gaga did it on stage?
xedos's picture

these so call singers don't

these so call singers don't know how to pick hits. lots of people say rihanna can be very hard to work with in the studio because she know what she wants and no one push any songs on her. in the studio everything sounds like the next big hit. its takes a good ear and someone who knows what they want and is determine to get what they want to pick the right song for them. rihanna is that person. that's the 6 sense she has. as stargate said "just by playing it to her and she’ll just pick it up right then and there. There’s no point in trying to convince her to do anything because she’s fiercely independent and she knows what she wants, and I like that. She will also never tell us, “Oh, write something for me” or “Try to please me”. She doesn’t want us to please her. She wants us basically to play her our best material and that’s refreshing. You know, a lot of other big name artists they will always, “You have to write something custom made for me.” Rihanna is more like, “What have you got? What’s exciting to you? Let me hear what you got.” So that process is a little bit different, and we prefer it that way and we’ve given up trying to please in our many years together."
xedos's picture

Really...6th what...most wud

Really...6th what...most wud say that's laughable, we all know at this point Ri's an open book that allows her to be read, by good songwriters and Plz believe its nothing more! Just as one already mentioned this is not our best and contrary to the manufactured "it" factor, that's the exact reason why Mu$ic has no real substance now , like being relatable toward progress in life, while dancing ur azz off or chillin' without an overtly sexual  photo smokin blunts.. The Fact is Music just ain't healthy as what it used to be for radio nor society!
Like Really's picture

I looove Rihanna! I couldnt

I looove Rihanna! I couldnt see the video with her singing "Loveee Song", thats my sh*t LOL Its amazing how many great songs/albums she has. Its hard to find a Rihanna song that I do not like. She keeps the hits comin. Shes a young black woman GETTIN it! #GoGirl
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

wow the hate is real on

wow the hate is real on theybf today why are we tearing scrutinizing and judging are young black woman in the music industry I don't see any of you selling out 19,000 seat arena. Instead of bashing her we should be happy that she's even touring and selling out shows lord knows aint nobody checking for black artist anymore other than Rih and Beyonce! Im not a Rih stan but I hate seeing people tear down and hate on young black girl out there doing it!
clove19's picture

honey thats because whites

honey thats because whites buy her albums.....blacks should start supporting their own....why else do you think most black mainstream artist go blonde? to deceive young white teens.....if black support theirs pple would be checkn...but as usual black pple are sheep....as long as someone is making money from thw whites and the whites like them ...then every black must like ..bcos they makin money......thats why you lot worship her and bash the likes of ciara nd other good black artist....
HAPPY's picture

Ikr..OUR quality of

Ikr..OUR quality of "commercial" mu$ic has finally met its downfall! Baa Baa..*$igh
Like Really's picture

What a Great Philosopher you

What a Great Philosopher you are.....I mean, you're right up there with PLATO & ARISTOTLE................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

The problem is actually that

The problem is actually that Rihanna can't sing or dance. She's just a girl that talks naked through songs and has now sold out stadiums? Uh uh
cutethatsall56's picture

Love or hate her, Rihanna is

Love or hate her, Rihanna is a superstar.

yes she is. and she's a

yes she is. and she's a superstar on her own terms, not many can do that.
Username's picture

No hate here...but what is up

No hate here...but what is up with those cheap looking outfits??? getting back with Chris brown caused her to lose a lot of sponsor and money....

A bunch of kids as fans. You

A bunch of kids as fans. You have to be that immature to buy a ticket to her mess. Doesn't even know how to put on a show.
Yas's picture

I would never see this girl

I would never see this girl in concert -- love her albums but hell to the no. Somebody on this page said it well -- If you can't sing you've got to give us more than outfit changes and bad choreography
Girl's picture

I don't see it for Rihanna.

I don't see it for Rihanna. Yes she has great songs, but I don't think I can pay to see her perform. I need blood, sweat and tears for $200 and she's only giving you $75 worth. #sorryri
SkeeWee's picture

Melanie Amaro get's DROPPED

Shay's picture

..and @Shay That's soo

..and @Shay That's soo 100'd!..*sips wine
Like Really's picture

you give those so call

you give those so call singers those songs and they would flop. Rihanna give songs life and character. these black artist have one track mine when it comes to music. they think if you're not singing like masa just sold your kids to another slave owner you're not singing. the rest of the world don't want to hear that shit. all these black women were ready to drop their draws with Justine new song,but none were doing the same for Miguel when adorn is a better song that suite and tie. Kanye rant about it in the UK a few weeks ago saying the Grammy give Miguel 2 minutes to sing,but give Justin 10 minutes to do 2 songs. instead of support what Kanye said, niggas call him crazy and attack him relationship with kim when he was talking the truth. niggas are their worst enemy while they tear down each other whites taking over their art form
xedos's picture

Hold up, that "Suit & Tie"

Hold up, that "Suit & Tie" mess is alright but "Adorn" is right on time with real R&B that's my jam! And I was super tight I didn't know he was opening the Love & Happiness Comedy Tour featuring MJB in San Antonio last year and missed his complete set only catching the last part of "Sure Thing". As far as the Grammy's goes you cannot blame black folks for that because we don't have nothing to do with that. The Grammy's caters to white people and everyone knows that. So of course they gave Justin more time than Miguel who most would agree is more deserving. He is after all bringing R&B back!
precioustx's picture

Miguel got screwed &

Miguel got screwed & ass-raped @ The Grammy's....but no need to get your PANTIES in a BUNCH.....I mean Whites don't complain about the B.E.T. Awards while we in all our glory!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I don't watch the Grammy's

I don't watch the Grammy's but I'm not the least bit surprised. Um, yes white people do complain about an all black (supposedly) television station, Black History month, etc. And I wouldn't necessarily put glory in the same sentence with the BET Awards. Nothing "glorious" about that mess if you ask me. They've got to do better!
precioustx's picture


DITTO, DITTO, and DITTO!!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

For the love of God!!!!!

For the love of God!!!!! Janet Jackson can't sing a lick either...and wears tights on stage with her titties flopping out!!!!!!!!! All these girls are copying Janet!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Rihanna in concert...ehhh but

Rihanna in concert...ehhh but she do be having some good albums tho...i wouldnt pay to see her live not after that grammy performance ....but ive heard she gotten better...she wasnt making money from her concerts back then...i see you now rih!
BritJackson's picture

Batty Bey & RiRi definitely

Batty Bey & RiRi definitely get Brazilian Waxed for those reverse wedgie outfits. The first 5 Rows get full-on LIVE Porn!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I love YBF but lately looks

I love YBF but lately looks like everything is based on personal opinions from whoever is posting stuff. Just give us the news and leave your personal thoughts out of it.

TYBF is such a hypocrite.

TYBF is such a hypocrite. trying to be negative but post on her every minute to get hits so you can pay your rent. if you don't like her stop post about her.
xedos's picture

That girl from the first year

That girl from the first year winner of xfactor just got drop without releasing an album. she release 3 singles none charted. in this business voice alone don't make you a star. I've been saying it for years. a label should never sign someone just because they can sing. on any bloc you can find 9 out of 10 people who can sing but only one may have star qualities. this is what record execs are missing. Rihanna is a star. people talk about voice, people spend $500 to see Britney spears lip sync for 90 minutes. it was so bad the Australian government call her out. Beyonce don't have the pipes like JHUD or fantasia or lots of other artist,but she has what they don't have star power.
xedos's picture

@xedos, You are totally right

@xedos, You are totally right it's NOT about having a GOOD VOICE ANY MORE! My sister told me yesterday that Melanie Amaro was dropped from her label and the SAD part about is that she never even got any PROMOTION and the song she song when she came back to X-Factor was not good at all! If it was about GREAT VOICES, Melanie Amaro, Leona Lewis, Jasmine Sullivan and Christina Aguilera and many many more would be ruling the Charts! I have been to a Rihanna concert and she SUCKS BIG TIME! In my African friend thick beautiful accent (THAT RIHANNA IS SOMETHING TERRRRRRRRRRRIBLE)! Brittney can't sing BUT she can dance and her ONYX HOTEL and Circus Tours and stage PRESENCE and she gave you a show! Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Madonna even Christina A when she was on gave you a show! Janet J, Ciara, even Mya gave you a show! This Girl walks around PRANCING ON STAGE then she rolls around and lays on the ground SHE SUCKS! I recommend her concert if you want to be around alot of DRUNK WHITE FOLKS and listening to some catchy songs that you could have stayed home and listened to on the radio! I will give her this: Good Catchy Songs, Nice Outfits AND NOTHING MORE! A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY! THIS IS CHICK IS NOT WORTHY !
Shay's picture

=( this is soo true! i love

=( this is soo true! i love rihanna but you make the big bucks with concerts and performing and she sucks shes not a entertainer at all....
BritJackson's picture

Also is not really about star

Also is not really about star power its more about the moral decadence of society....afterall whitney and others made it in their time with cloths.......society has gne downhill..
HAPPY's picture

Couldnt have said it

Couldnt have said it better...been to a Rihanna show and SHE SUCKS!!.....the only thing going for her is that she has catchy songs...
HAPPY's picture

She needs multiple outfit

She needs multiple outfit changes, because that's what makes her. People are there for the visual. If she stayed in one outfit the whole time, people will begin to question their reasoning for being there. P.S. Tasha, can you please take down that video hoe ad, you got going on the side. My apple bum is just perfect.... thank you!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

have you ever been to or saw

have you ever been to or saw a Diana Ross show? you must be young. costume changes is part of show business. this is not your average low budget RNB show.
xedos's picture

No, i've never been to a

No, i've never been to a Diana Ross show, and you must be old, Marla Gibbs. I know costume changes are apart of show business, my point was, is that she needs it or else. She sounds like a flock of birds, plus her dutty wind is played out. Ain't nobody got time for that.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I see they didnt spend much

I see they didnt spend much on wardrobe/costumes for the concert.....looks like crap she got from the sale rack at H&M or something...nothing special about it but oh well

She has soooooo many good

She has soooooo many good songs.
PegLeg®©'s picture

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