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WHOA: FBI Reveals Whitney Houston Was BLACKMAILED And THREATENED During Her CAREER

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The FBI has released a slew of scandalous documents that revealed deceased pop icon Whitney Houston was a victim of several extortion and blackmail attempts during her storied career.  More details inside.....


The fact that Whitney Houston had demons has been well-established and documented in books by Clive Davis and the pop icon's own mother Cissy Houston.  And with demons, there are often "secrets," and a 128-report released by the FBI has revealed that some of those alleged secrets may have led to an alleged payout to one of Whitney's tormentors.

After requests were made (underneath the Freedom of Information Act), the FBI has released a long document that highlights the peak of Whitney's career (1988-1992) where she was subjected to extortion and blackmail attempts, as well as her share of stalkers.  

One fan sent Whitney nearly 70 letters that went from admiration to alleged threats like, "I might hurt someone with some crazy idea and not realize how stupid an idea it was until after it was done."

And there was also a 1992 letter where a woman claimed to have knowledge about Whitney's "private life" and demanded $100K, before upping her amount to $250K.  Though it was never revealed what the woman "knew," Whitney did tell the FBI that she had personal conversations with the woman (whom she considered a friend).  And it was later revealed that the woman received a substantial payout from Whitney's father to keep quiet.  

Outside of the blackmail, the FBI reported that Whitney didn't receive any criminal threats through fan mail between 1988-1999.

May she rest in peace.



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