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FASHION FAB: Ciara, Frank Ocean, Kim & Kanye West Flock To PARIS For GIVENCHY Show & Dinner

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week-1.jpg

Ciara, Frank Ocean,  Kim Kardashian and her baby bump & Kanye West were all spotted at the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear show in Paris yesterday. See the pics inside....

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week-7.jpg

Singer and the designer's muse Ciara was spotted in Paris yesterday where she sat front row for the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection.

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week-4.jpg

Grammy-winner Frank Ocean was also spotted arriving for the show.


And Kim (who was spotted in LA a few days ago) arrived in town to join Kanye who was there to support his good friend, Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci:

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week-2.jpg

Kanye and Kim gave blank stares to the photographers who snapped a few pics of the front row.


 photo INFRBinary-19_zpsdb65d7ef.jpg

After 'Ye fixed the hem of Kim's pants for her.

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week-6.jpg

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week-5.jpg

And on the other side of Kim and Kanye, Frank Ocean sat with Sky Ferreira, Carine Roitfeld and Ciara.


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-03at115254PM.png

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week.jpg

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week-8.jpg

The friends all celebrated with designer Ricardo at an afterparty dinner and snapped pics.

 photo givenchy-paris-fashion-week-9.jpg 

Fun times in Paris.


Photos via Instagram/INF



I guess some of you aren't

I guess some of you aren't too knowledgable. Joan Smalls is the #1 Ranked model in the WORLD per models.com (http://models.com/models/joan-smalls) and she's done things lots of models have never and will never achieve. She's the face of Estee Lauder and has a contract with them, she's in Gucci ads, Chanel ads, Fendi ads, Versace ads, Roberto Cavalli ads, Calvin Klein ads, GIVENCHY ads, Stella McCartney ads, H&M ads and the list goes on and on. SHe's also on the cover of three different Vogue Magazine covers rights now and three different Harpers Bazaar covers - all at the same time! Um and how could we forget her W Magazine (US) cover! This girls is bigger and badder than any of the models you listed! Get your facts right...there's a reason she's in this position...the girl has a look and presence! And, she looked the best in the Givenchy show on Sunday - http://bit.ly/165s1Js

Ciara looks better with the

Ciara looks better with the LOng wigs....#js
star's picture

Ciara looks good. Im really

Ciara looks good. Im really rooting for Frank Ocean. I like his music. I just want him to work on his live performances a bit.
Classic87's picture

Joan Smalls is hot, what a

Joan Smalls is hot, what a supermodel should look like.
jgraves58's picture

for some reason, I just do

for some reason, I just do not care for Joan's face.. :\ she looks great in most editorials but on the catwalk she's kind of bleh to me. I much prefer Anais Mali, Jasmine Tookes, Cora Emmanuel, Jourdan, or Yasmin Warsame. :\ I think Joan has this really regal look to her though..like she's only 22 but she has the essence of a 30 year old, it's weird.
imjussaying's picture

@imjussaying, alot of people

@imjussaying, alot of people say that about Joan but in her defense she does photograph VERY well and she does look older for her age. You have to give it to Joan she has the most bookings and ad campaigns of all the models you named at this moment in time with Jourdan right behind her. I must say out of the models you named I like Jasmin Tookes the best she's just so unique looking to me. I have a question how could you mention Yasmin Warsame and not mention the BEAUTIFUL LIYA KEBEDE she was by far my favorite for years? I knew she's a little older now but she's a beautiful Ethiopian Goddess and most worthy to be mentioned. Oh! Ariel Meredith and Fatima Siad both get shout outs too for me! Beautiful Ethnic Model's from different backgrounds and cultures Making their MARKS in the Fashion World! Btw, have you ever heard of Helen Williams the first African American Model to go Global! Look her up her pic's look so modern.
Shay's picture

Kim's dressed as Kanye's

Kim's dressed as Kanye's dream date, she's wearing a tux but he really pictures his own face when he looks at her.
Media_Slore_Agent's picture

Kanye needs to stop dressing

Kanye needs to stop dressing Kim until she has the baby...girl go get you some pregnant gear.
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CiCi...please hip yo girl on

CiCi...please hip yo girl on to what's going on in da streets. Kanye is the man Frank was so in love with and was mad that he would not come out the closet with him. Kim really look officially stupid now
Somerknight's picture

Ciara looks great!!!

Ciara looks great!!!
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romance2013's picture

CiCi looked PRETTY on these

CiCi looked PRETTY on these pic's! I have NOT seen her look this LOVELY in a while.
Shay's picture

K&K's fashion statement is

K&K's fashion statement is bordering on dysfunctional. I see Frank Ocean is embracing her bitchiness more and more in every photo op.
Realist's picture

So, this is Kanye's new

So, this is Kanye's new crew????........LOL.........Ciara SLAYED them all....She looked FAB! Kim K used to be so cute and I actually liked it when she dressed like a feminine girl before she met "Mr. Cray Kanye", ugh.
Naomi's picture

After seeing another pic of

After seeing another pic of Kim looking really bad fashionably, I am convinced that Kanye is doing this on purpose. Kim may be talentless (as others deem her) but she was fashionable without a doubt. Why would he NOT want her to look good unless there are some possessive and insecure ways about him. I sure hope not.
K.o.G.'s picture

Cici's outfit is stunning,

Cici's outfit is stunning, SNATCHED!!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Although a beautiful thing,

Although a beautiful thing, pregnancy Doesn't look good on every1 and that Frank Ocean needs to brush his tongue¡!¡
GetUrLife's picture


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zzcv10's picture

Kim K does not know how to

Kim K does not know how to dress her pregnant body
Reign's picture

Ciara looks hot. I can't

Ciara looks hot. I can't stand that unattractive non singing pretender they call Frank Ocean. he needs to go away. damn publicity whore
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

I also don't think Frank

I also don't think Frank Ocean is a good singer. I think he used that gay shit to his advantage, I personally don't know anyone that actually has his CD, I never hear anybody in the streets bumpin' his shit.
jgraves58's picture

I'm rooting for Ciara's

I'm rooting for Ciara's career cuz she seems like a genuinely nice chick. Perhaps she should model & dance--not sing. Kim K looks like a man or something...listening to Kanye has her looking 'washed out'. He just looks stupid. I find Frank Ocean annoying as well. I don't care about his sexuality; I think he used it in a ploy to get attention. Whatever...

Ditto on all this!!!

Ditto on all this!!!
MrsCPA's picture

CiCi has stepped her style

CiCi has stepped her style game up. She stunning!
sweet_honey's picture

Frank is annoying and cant

Frank is annoying and cant sing for shit, cici looks cute, wtf k and k got on?
BritJackson's picture

I like Kim's paint suit. It

I like Kim's paint suit. It looks like her tummy might be uncomfortable, but it's nice. I hated wearing anything but leggings and dresses when I was pregnant! LOL
Niknik's picture

Frank Ocean probably isn't

Frank Ocean probably isn't even gay he just knows he can't sing so he decided to be taboo. Ciara annoys my life story..I try tho..and what in the United States of America does Kim have on??? She's been dressing like a man lately!! Not cute prego at all!
cutethatsall56's picture

Zzzzz!! Kanye is talented

Zzzzz!! Kanye is talented allthough he has fallen off a bit since he started dating Kim, Frank Ocean- Meh and Ciara- Boring with her can' t sing worth a crap azz. Kim has NEVER shown any amount of talent period!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Why do Kim and Kanye's

Why do Kim and Kanye's outfits look so contrived. It's like Kim said to Kanye *high pitched squeal* "Oooooh, I have a great idea!...... I'll wear all black and you wear all white and we'll look like a reverse wedding cake topper!!!" SMH.
The Real Thing's picture

I think Kim looks cute

I think Kim looks cute pregnant...dare I say it? Kim and Kanye do look blank faced though....as if something was amiss.
Ethel Mertz's picture

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echo's picture

frank ocean annoys

frank ocean annoys me....ciara looks amazing she's so gorgeous! and kim.....looks pregnant
litebrite's picture

I love it.

I love it.
SkeeWee's picture

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