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Rihanna Hits The Club With Chris Brown...And With A White Powdery Substance Spilled On Her Sweatshirt?

 photo RihannaSingerRihannaappearswhitepowdery9BtaqnsuRITl_zpsc5b104ed.jpg

Well what do we have here?  Rihanna was spotted leaving Supperclub in L.A. last night for Diddy's big party.  And not only was she partying with her boyfriend Chris Brown...it appears she may have been partying with a white powdery substance as well...

What's the powdery stain on your Brian Lichtenberg Homies Hoodie Rih Rih? 

Last month, Rihanna was called out for having white powder all over her outfit while leaving the club with Breezy.  We gave it the benefit of the doubt.  Then, Rih posted a pic on her birthday recently of her assistant Jen holding up a small baggie of white powder (that some claim is a napkin) and saying that she knows how to have fun.  Hmmmm.

Now, pics from Rih's night out with her boo last night show more white powder covering her sweatshirt.  We're not calling her a cocaine chick or anything, but we're just saying....

 photo RihannaSingerRihannaappearswhitepowderyEzxLAt6ieDgl_zpsdf38d4e6.jpg

 photo BEG9Gn8CMAEapYbjpg_large_zps4ed28b56.jpg

She and Chris were spotted cuddled up in the club all night.  And when they left, Chris was wearing no shirt with his boxers on full display

 photo RihannaSingerRihannaappearswhitepowderyu1f3RKZ47Oxl_zps67e82c37.jpg

She paired her hoodie with Saint Laurent Paris Suede & Patent Leather Ankle Strap Pumps.

 photo RihannaSingerRihannaappearswhitepowderyKhiiUtWdyTfl_zps911bb155.jpg

 photo RihannaSingerRihannaappearswhitepowderyBQHwaQUj0Btl_zps27251c4b.jpg

Rihanna's been looking extra slim these days, which could just be due to all this tour rehearsal. Or because of something else. Who knows.

Meanwhile, tonight's episode of "Law & Order: SVU" has been much talked about.  And it's all because the show, who usually rips from the headlines for their storylines, seems to be basing this episode off the Chris Brown & Rihanna domestic violence situation from 2009.  Here's the promo:


Pics: Splash/Twitter




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karoladesrosiers63's picture

Rihanna ain't no cokehead !

Rihanna ain't no cokehead ! And that photo of her assistant Jen on IG said nothing about her knowing how to have a "good time" the caption read "this bitch loves me" and you call yourself a journalist . Your a joke , move on nigg .

These two CRACKHEADS deserve

These two CRACKHEADS deserve e/o! That SVU episode was HORRIBLE! But it had a better ending!
tori's picture

Natasha...cuz that's Chris

Natasha...cuz that's Chris Brown's nut. =)
SadieJade's picture

No words for that comment

No words for that comment haha! Absolutely speechless!
C2C's picture

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Diana C. Hurley's picture

Neither one of them can

Neither one of them can act....hell i could have done better.
Classic87's picture

I hope they get slapped with

I hope they get slapped with a slander lawsuit.
@aggie_princess's picture

Natasha is turning in to

Natasha is turning in to Sandra Rose
HotLikeSunshine's picture

I mean seriously whether she

I mean seriously whether she had white "powder" on her or not would we really be surprised that a super famous celebrity is doing cocaine? Ummm no. Let Chris and Rihanna do their thing...the only thing they are hurting are themselves and if thats what they want to do then so be it.
Lynn313's picture

Wow this whole post is full

Wow this whole post is full of slander, I thought this site was better then this? how can you say someone does coke by a lil white stain on a shirt? LOL that could be cocaine or ANYTHING else but to just outright say that's coke tho...SMH, this site is starting to look like media take it writes for them now... Oh and you guys should really start proof reading before posting anything, there are so many misspelled words and missing letters... get it together
ReallyTho's picture

Cocaine would not be my first

Cocaine would not be my first guess,..dried man milk, yes......ijs..get it!
Laia's picture

Girl I was saying the same

Girl I was saying the same thing. That's man sperm on that shirt...
SadieJade's picture

natasha always sounds so

natasha always sounds so jealous of rihanna. is it because she's more popular and sexier than her fave??? (beyonce) even with a stained sweatshirt as a dress and baseball cap she still looks sexy and cute.
litebrite's picture

Wow, this was the most

Wow, this was the most ridiculous article I have ever read in my life. Honestly, Rihanna probably could care less about the author because she doesn't even know her but, if I were Rihanna I'd do everything in my power to squash this site. That is a horrible rumor to spread on someone. I definitely believe in Karma what goes around will indeed come back Natasha. You give journalists a bad name with this one.

I'm not a Rihanna fan but

I'm not a Rihanna fan but Natasha, your writing credentials need to be revoked. You can't imply that someone is on cocaine. I'm all for poking fun at celebrities (i.e. personal style, etc) but I think that it is called 'slander' when you say someone has cocaine on their shirt. Shame on you....
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Natasha only writes positive

Natasha only writes positive things about Beyonce. She tries her best to put Rihanna down in the worst possible way. I think she is just mad that Rihanna beat Beyonce in ratings on her Oprah sit down. Rihanna brought Oprah 2.5 million viewers compared to Beyonce's 1.3 million viewers even with Blue Ivy in tow! People love both Rihanna and Beyonce. Bringing Rihanna down will not make her less popular. We know she is a messy gal and we love that about her.
BLUMMER's picture

If you guys think that the

If you guys think that the possibility that she isn't doing Coke or some other hard-core drugs, you are delusional. Most of these celebs get caught up in the powder. Is Rihanna a Coke head? I don't know, but if she is, I would NOT be surprised. But then again, her stans probably believe her shit doesn't stink either.
Sunflower Jones's picture


LBA1's picture

ANYTHING is possible, that's

ANYTHING is possible, that's obvious. But how does a white stain on someone's shirt justify being accused of sniffing coke?!! Rihanna doesn't strike me as the type of chick to deny anything that she's doing, whether WE like it or not. Everybody's shit stinks, btw.
Mrs_B_35's picture

How the hell is this blog

How the hell is this blog Fabulous? Just the other day they had the nerve to write that post about uplifting black women when Quevenzhane Wallis was insulted by The Onion, but they belittle black women regularly with this blog. To say someone is doing drugs is a very harsh and hateful rumor to start even if it had merit. If you have no proof why be the one to try as ruin another person? I think its time Rihanna start hitting people with the L word.
Keys's picture

She ate a Powder Cocaine

She ate a Powder Cocaine Donut w/Sperm Icing. Solved!!!!!!!!!!!!
PegLeg®©'s picture

can y'all ad a LIKE or

can y'all ad a LIKE or DISLIKE button like every other site does now?
sista2sista's picture

Natasha, stop being so petty

Natasha, stop being so petty and messy. I bet if Bey left the house with a white stain on her shirt you would NEVER insinuate that it's coke. What is your problem with Rihanna anyway? You're really sad.
Mrs_B_35's picture

I agree and they really need

I agree and they really need to change the name of this site because, they don't post anything Young Black and Fabulous. They throw slick ass negative comments, except for the person you mentioned.
Iridescent One's picture

Now she's a coke-head? Really

Now she's a coke-head? Really lol? This is a bogus ass post. Have facts and proof before you assume.
nico89's picture

That's Chris's Sperm...

That's Chris's Sperm... Anyway did anyone watch the trailer? Epic!!
Chi town chick's picture

OMG....I can't believe so

OMG....I can't believe so many people are upset over this blog. U all remind me of the Whitney fans who were in denial even after she admitted putting rocks in her weed. I had a coworker yell, "SHE NEVER USE THE WORD CRACK" I said WTH do u think rocks is???? We have seen so many pics of Rhi smoking blunts. What about the pic when she was lacing the weed with powder. It was as clear as day. This may not be coke on her clothes but don't for minute think she is above it. FOOLS!
Somerknight's picture

I don't know who you're

I don't know who you're talking about but I'm a Whitney fan and I BEEN knew she was smoking that shit. I'm from the bricks and EVERYONE knew about it. As far as Rihanna, smoking weed and sniffing coke are not one in the same. I've smoked plenty of weed in my day and NEVER thought about sniffing no damn coke. How do you know she laced her weed with coke anyway? Did you sell her the shit? Stop reaching.
Mrs_B_35's picture

The pic was all over the net.

The pic was all over the net. Rhi sitting on some nicca's shoulders in the island mixing her weed & coke. Yes, u are in denial if u think Rhianna is not snorting. Like I said it may not be powder on her shirt but I would not doubt for a minute she's into it.
Somerknight's picture

But Rihanna is adamant she

But Rihanna is adamant she was rolling a marijuana joint and admits she was upset by insinuations she was dabbling with harder drugs. She tells Vogue magazine, "They knew what it was. They knew it was marijuana. It was completely clear to them. I just thought it was uncalled for. I don't do cocaine. I don't like being associated with anything that's untrue."
Mrs_B_35's picture

I don't smoke weed, but most

I don't smoke weed, but most of my colleagues do; so I see the stuff EVERYDAY and those pics that you are referring to most were MOST not weed and coke!! On another note, majority of these comments are not coming a place of denial, in other words the people who commented were not upset because they thought it was just impossible for her to be doing crack, but because Natasha is basically saying that she is on crack with no facts! If she's on crack or not; we have no PROOF so there for no one should be posting stories saying she is- bottom line and that's point that most people were trying to make.
Keonta's picture

It's always good when the

It's always good when the public doesn't believe these artists have a drug problem. The fans of these celebrities will defend them tooth and nail -- until the celebrity (in this case Rhianna's tired, talentless ass) is completely strung out. I couldn't care less about this annoying little girl and boy. If they go away tomorrow, the entertainment business will be better off. R.I.P. Whitney Houston
Child Please's picture

Thank you!!!! I personally

Thank you!!!! I personally have no respect for either Rihanna or Chris Brown and could care less what happens to them. She is definitely not above doing coke, no matter what she says. She's a freak and likes to live on the wild side obviously. It's amazing how many people are defending her but have nothing but horrible things to say about Beyonce and her baby.
LBA1's picture

it could be milk or just dry

it could be milk or just dry sperm

So surprised that YBF would

So surprised that YBF would post this! As stated by many the "white" on her shirt could be anything, i have always spoken highly of this blog because you usually don't post things like this!
Singsong's picture

Ummm, can you say ashes?

Ummm, can you say ashes? Powder donuts? Baby powder? Makeup? There are tons of things this could be...lol what a stretch to single it out as the narcotic. I doubt she'd be so cool with having powder on her sweatshirt if it was actually drugs, but stranger things have happened. Either way, nobody knows.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Ms.Thangfromthefifthfloor or

Ms.Thangfromthefifthfloor or PegLeg must have wrote this post..it has HATERRRRRR written ALL over it!!!!! Shady shady shady SMDH!!!!!! Trying make my girl RIRI seem like a coke head..from a damn picture of some dust on a sweater..YALL bogus as HELL!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

The spot could be ashes. She

The spot could be ashes. She is a weed and cigarette smoker for sure. It could be any white substance that spilled. We have no reason to believe it's powder.
Bird's picture


MsMidwest's picture

Wow, a lot of people have

Wow, a lot of people have already said what I was thinking. Rihanna's connections are wide, you better be careful YBF. This article could end up in court somewhere. That white 'substance' looks like dirt/dust which shows up quite white and bright on a black shirt.
Username's picture

Making these people out to be

Making these people out to be possible cokeheads is a slim ball move Natasha. This blog is becoming more and more like SandraRose's hell hole blog and I've haven't been on that trash in 2 years because she is disgusting. You and this crap is following right in her footsteps.
MsPrissyDiva's picture


DivineBeauty's picture

I dont even think SR believes

I dont even think SR believes the stuff she posts. I think she just does it for shits and giggles whereas Natasha really falls for the okie doke like back when she posted that story on a fake billionaire by the name of Taysha Velez.
shuga's picture


Bird's picture

could be cigarette ashes for

could be cigarette ashes for all i know. but if you think coke makes you slim then why on earth dont you get you some??? lawd knows you could stand to lose a pound or fifty.
shuga's picture


litebrite's picture

aw dayum, Gina!

aw dayum, Gina!
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