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EXCLUSIVE: Keke Palmer Dishes On First Days Of Filming The "TLC Biopic"


Despite the backlash KeKe Palmer caught once she was announced to play Chilli in the upcoming TLC Bipopic, the actress/singer dished to us about what's going down during the first weeks of shooting....

TheYBF.com's caught up with the gorge 19-year-old KeKe Plamer on the red carpet of the recent Essence Black Women In Hollywood brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  And she let us know how the filming will go for the much anticipated biopic about singing group, now officially named, “CRAZY, SEXY, COOL: THE TLC STORY.” 

KeKe explained:

"I'm going to fly out tonight to Atlanta and going to meet the girl some time this week. The first few of weeks were going to be doing a lot of choreography. I've already talked to Drew [Sidora] and Lil Mama, and were just going to get in there and do it. All of us are fans, so that gives it something. We want to do great because we want to represent who we love. This is exciting for me, this is a really huge deal."

And it sounds like she's learned how to handle the negativity by looking to the fab women ahead of her.  KeKe told us about being in awe of the women at the luncheon saying,

"You see these women who wrote the blueprint for themselves. They have pioneered their own careers and you can see that it's possible. As long as you stay focused on what you're trying to do, it's coming from your heart."

The Charles Stone-directed movie will air on VH1.


We also caught up with Oprah on the red carpet who revealed why this brunch was such a full circle experience for her:

"It feels like a full circle moment. Essence was the first magazine to put me on the cover. It was back in 1996 before my international show. So it feels like I'm coming home."

And now...she's taken over the globe. 

Check out the full video above of our Essence Black Women In Hollywood red carpet interviews where we chop it up with Gabrielle Union, Mara Brock Akil and more.  Check out all the pics from the fab event HERE.


Correspondent & Video: Kalia Silva/KaliaSilva.com




Keke will slay this role just

Keke will slay this role just like all the others.
Realist's picture

I have always enjoyed this

I have always enjoyed this young person and her performances, I hope she does her part in helping to bring a very talented and interesting group of young women to life. As long as she acts the role of Chili out well, people will forgive her for not looking exactly like Chili, she is cute though.

She's 19? Oh wow. Umm, what's

She's 19? Oh wow. Umm, what's up with all of this spam? You locked down the site just to get 25% spam? Ok.
Username's picture

backlash for playing the role

backlash for playing the role of Chili's cooky ass?? o_O they cant be serious. neither Chilli or TLC is all that significant that Keke "oldest 19 year old Ive ever seen" Palmer couldnt play the role. cut it out.
shuga's picture

it is a great choice. she can

it is a great choice. she can sing and dance and even has the resemblence of Chilli. She will not it out the park.haters
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keke looks so fine in the

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I don't know why folks were

I don't know why folks were upset about KeKe. I actually think she is too good for this role. VH! is known for making some real stupid bootleg movies. They still need a beatdown for that Hammer bio. I know it will be garbage just cause VH1 is behind it. There will be lots of stories that will be left out including Chilli's affair with LA Reid after his wife Peebles took them under her wing & signed them. Oh, I'm sure the real TLC story will not be told. For some reason male stars are more open about their dirt. That is why their stories are told on the big screen & not some bullshit cable network. RAY, Johnny Cash
Somerknight's picture

Affair? :O

Affair? :O
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