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Ciara RIDES A Camel, SMOKES Hookah And Goes DUNE Buggy RIDING IN Dubai

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-25at73131AM.png

Ciara, who performed in Dubai last week, shared the fun photos from her trip which included mounting a camel, a dune buggy ride through the sands and a club outing with fans.  See the pics inside....

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Alhough we're only two months into the year, Ciara's already had more fun than many folks will ever see in 2013.  In addition to All-Star Weekend and the Grammys, last week, she jetted off for some more fun (and a concert performance) in Dubai. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-25at73142AM.png

Ciara may not have any radio hits right now but she's still living it up and can book well-paying perfomance gigs around the world some type of way.  She recently hit the stage in Dubai at Oud Metha venue.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-25at73233AM.png

Offstage, CiCi made the most of her trip with a trip to People By Crystal where she partied with a few fans.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-25at73221AM.png

Chick was riding dirty--in a dune buggy in the sands.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-25at73204AM.png  

And of course, she took advantage of the local culture and indulged in a little hookah and sported a henna tattoo.  "Wrapped It Up With Hookah and Henna! This was a perfect trip!:) #FansandFun. #Dubai Xo"


Photos via Instagram



Good for her. She looks like

Good for her. She looks like she's having a wonderful time doing what she loves to do. We should all be so lucky. While, I'm not a fan of her music, I will always show appreciation for our positive sisters who are succeeding!!
Zetagirl's picture

do this chick even still have

do this chick even still have a career?
48DDs's picture

Dubai is awesome...enjoy the

Dubai is awesome...enjoy the trips Ciara because u should retire from music...
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That exactly was she

That exactly was she performing. She is waaay to raunchy for their culture as u can see in her pose. Black women & their drop it like it's hot pose is really getting old
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Beyawncé is gonna be mad Ci

Beyawncé is gonna be mad Ci is mounting her boo like that, she'd better get down LOLOLz! I'm sorry. Couldn't resist, anyway looks like fun, glad she can still book shows and enjoy herself. Everyone should have an opportunity to do what they love to do and make time to enjoy life!
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Pretty girl. Can't sing a

Pretty girl. Can't sing a lick. She better be real lucky that people across the world love U.S. musicians. I wouldn't buy her CD or a ticket to see her lack luster performance.
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Nice pics!

Nice pics!
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good for her! live ya life,

good for her! live ya life, Ciara. although, I dont know what ppl see in smoking hookah. shit just makes you dizzy and you dont even get high. unless you filling it with weed its a complete waste. maybe its different in the motherland tho.
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Ciara is riding Jay-Z thru

Ciara is riding Jay-Z thru the desert
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She's young and gorgeous. I

She's young and gorgeous. I am glad that she is living her life like its golden.
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I love the pics! Looks like

I love the pics! Looks like fun!
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