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WHITE HOT: Nicki Minaj Surprises In A Chic Look For L.A. MAC PRO IN-STORE Appearance

 photo BDvxp6UCUAAuKHUjpg_large_zps82fc87a7.jpg

Nicki Minaj ditched the crazy outfits and overload of colors for a chic flirty white dress for her Mac Pro Store appearance in L.A.  Check out the "Idol" judge looking fab inside...

It's not often we love Nicki Minaj's look, but her cutesy look on Friday for her "Lavender" Mac Pro in-store appearance on Robertson Blvd. makes us remember she's such a pretty chick underneath all the costumes.

 photo nicki-minaj-mac-pro-store-5_zps0a0f869b.jpg

She rocked her blow-out blonde wig with black roots--and it actually works-- with a knit white flirty scalloped hemmed dress and her nude/soft pink Fendi "Fendista" pumps.  And accessorized with a couple Chanel bracelets.

The "Freaks" rapper was pushing her personal MAC brand of "lavender" pink lipstick and lipglass and tweeted to her followers to wear their head-to-toe lavender for a chance to meet her.

By the way, every penny of profit made from Nicki's lip color line goes towards helping children and adults living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

 photo BDvGpqSCMAADS0ejpg_large_zps91e2c652.jpg 


 photo nicki-minaj-mac-pro-store-4_zps4520f44f.jpg  photo ScreenShot2013-02-23at114839AM_zps4e9d3db7.png


BONUS: In case you missed it, check out the BTS footage of Nicki & French Montana's upcoming video for "Freaks":


Pics: Twitter



== http://www.pokostyle.com

== http://www.pokostyle.com ===
zzcv10's picture

Wow. she actually looks

Wow. she actually looks semi-normal in these pics. She should stick with the toned-down look. Now if only we could get rid of the blonde weave with the black roots. Even without the black roots the hair looks ridiculous.
CheyPie's picture

nicki looks cute....i cant

nicki looks cute....i cant believe kanye west dissed jay z ....i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

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tom101's picture

Im no fan of this gimmicky

Im no fan of this gimmicky chick but when she dresses normal she looks awesome, sans that ridiculous hair though.
Realist's picture

OOOOMMMMGGGGG!!! Nicki looks

OOOOMMMMGGGGG!!! Nicki looks beautiful. I am in LOVE with that dress. Fab in deed.

I’m over Nicki Minaj she’s a

I’m over Nicki Minaj she’s a waste of “Posting Space“.. White Hot? That outfit looks like (She by Sheree) shoes by “Macys” YBF #TechnicalFoul
REd™'s picture

OK I'mma need you to KNOW you

OK I'mma need you to KNOW you had and STILL have me on the f**king FLOOR laughing with the SheBySheree comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFBAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands Down you have made my day!!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

You know you ain't right not

You know you ain't right not She by Sheree flatline _____________________ LMAO!
Mouse's picture

Co-sign with the previous

Co-sign with the previous comments, when will these black women learn you are the original woman which means in turn you are the original beauty duh in your natural state you are beauty in itself no blond sew-ins required
Mouse's picture

Thats fab and chic to YBF?

Thats fab and chic to YBF? She look like a complete fool with that blonde weave and powder keg makeup.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

It's really a shame some

It's really a shame some already beautiful black women aren't happy and secure with themselves they want to a blonde white woman instead.
Peace Silas's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


UGH! I HATE THAT HAIR, but I LOVE when Nicki dresses normal. She is so pretty and if she had style like Kim K, she would really be a BAD BITCH. Save the antics for the stage, I really wanna see her slay a red carpet one day. #pleasssssssse
SkeeWee's picture

That dress and shoes are a

That dress and shoes are a nice toned-down look for Nikki. But that uber-blonde hair color is ALWAYS a FAIL. Accept the fact that you are NOT caucasian. SMH...

Sista Godiva, don't get mad

Sista Godiva, don't get mad when i ask this question. But black women wear the same type of hair this woman does ALL THE DAMN TIME. Nobody says their trying to be Caucasian WHY SISTA??? The shit don't have to be blonde BUT IT STILL LOOKS LIKE AN EUROPEAN STYLE. I mean i see so many black women with contacts and blonde hair, and weaves, and the funny thing is , black women even allow their daughters to have the weaves in middle and highschool now.
LetsGetIt's picture

Those ROOTS!!! Noooooo that's

Those ROOTS!!! Noooooo that's a pet peeve of mine!! Dye those roots!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

I see nothing cute about that

I see nothing cute about that frumpy dress nor her Casket ready Lookin' azz! Ugh..*sigh
Like Really's picture

good to nicki out of the

good to nicki out of the colorful costumes and somewhat regular clothing

who that white woman?

who that white woman?
ccshawn1's picture

The one you black men always

The one you black men always date-- you know, lighter skin, long hair.. glass houses throwing stones.. always comical
Vodou Love's picture


nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Don't say that, THE WOMEN YOU BLACK FEMALES CONDITION US TO DATE!!!! Shit yall the one that idolize the white woman's look. IN THE 70'S WE LOVEDDDDDDD THE NATURAL BLACK WOMAN. Yall the one gave that shit up to look like the white woman.And BOYS coming from single parent homes , seeing how yall praise white jesus, and down us calling us "Black ass" "lookin like ya daddy" but when ever you black women were around mixed breeds or whites you act like God just stepped in the room. Shit us black men are strong because even tho u black women don't prefer us, and would love be with the white man, WE STILL LOVE YOU AND WANT MARRY YOU BLACK WOMEN.
LetsGetIt's picture

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