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BIKER BOYS: Chris Brown & Sean Kingston HIT THE ROAD In Hawaii

 photo hawcb2.jpg

Sean Kingston and Chris Brown were spotted on a pair of scooters rolling through the streets of Hawaii the day after Rihanna's birthday celebration.  See the pics inside...

 photo hawcb3.jpg  

Chris Brown, who on the fab island for his boo Rihanna's b-day, was seen atop a scooter while on vacation in Oahu, Hawaii yesterday.

 photo hawcb4.jpg

And Breezy was spotted hanging with friend Sean Kingston who tweeted, “Living life. All with positive energy and positive people.”  

 photo hawcb1.jpg

Sean, who recently starred in the E! special "Fame In The Family", revealed that he and Rihanna, who celebrated her 25th birthday earlier this week, have a special friendship.  He says his mom cooks Jamaican food for RiRi whenever she's in town.  She's an island gal afterall.


Photos: WSB Splash News




Chris has always been

Chris has always been attractive to me but I'm glad he's not blonde!!! Even better that he looks chill here not angry..... ppl love to call him crazy but I think he is just young and still trying to figure it out
nico89's picture

I like Chris and consider him

I like Chris and consider him talented I just wish he could ground himself and let all the antics go, he really is a talent that should be crossing over into many genres.

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=== http://www.pokostyle.com ====
zzcv10's picture

RiRi sucked the poison outta

RiRi sucked the poison outta his system. Chris is lookin' CHILL.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I'll be darn. Chris looks

I'll be darn. Chris looks like he took a bath. He looks like the old handsome Chris again. It's amazing what a little water, soap, haircut, shave and decent clothes can do.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

A special friendship? Well

A special friendship? Well well.
Tannygirl's picture

Didn't Sean Kingston almost

Didn't Sean Kingston almost just die like last year on a jet ski? He needs to find his chill on these bikes.
cutethatsall56's picture

chris looks like he is having

chris looks like he is having fun...i cant believe someone leaked nude pictures of meek mill..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Good to see Chris looking

Good to see Chris looking healthy and enjoying him self away from the drama in LA and also good to see he has real friend in Sean Kingston.
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Chris is looking somewhat

Chris is looking somewhat healthy here. Glad he's keeping good company.
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