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VIDEOS: First Look At Gabby Union's "Being Mary Jane" + Miguel's "Candles In The Sun" Video

 photo Being-Mary-Jane-Gabrielle-Union_zps1a36725c.jpg

We finally get to see Gabrielle Union in action in her brand new BET project, "Being Mary Jane."  Check out the super quick promo inside, plus Miguel's new socially conscious video for "Candles In The Sun."

It's almost here.  The Akil's newest BET creation starring Gabby Union is on its way.

Gabby told the media at a promo shoot months ago:

"Being Mary Jane" is basically about a television host, who has her own show, and how she balances her life. Between wanting to talk about hard hitting news and other stories, she shuffles through her own personal morals. It’s about her trying to stand up for what she believes in but also keeping her ratings. She also struggles with the idea of being raised with the same morals, values and opportunities, throughout her family and being the only one to make it. How does that change the family dynamic? Her family comes from the upper-middle class, but she is the only one out of her siblings that is doing well. Her lack of a love life and the poor choices that she has made are also explored.

Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick and plenty more also co-star in the pilot movie (that will possibly turn into a series).  We hear from those who attended the screening that it's great!



 photo BDj_Y4wCUAACUHqjpg_large_zps2554427d.jpg

And in music videos:

"Adron" singer Miguel just dropped another video from his most recent album, Kaleidoscope Dream.  For his "Candles In the Sun" visuals, Miguel takes a look social, religous and political issues and expresses his thoughts in his own way. 

About his bold black & white video directed by Sarah McColgan, Miguel says:

“It’s so easy to ignore what’s right in front of us sometimes.  I wanted to create a song and visual that addressed my everyday concerns of life as I know it in the world that we live in.”

Check it.



Love Gabby, but I can't get

Love Gabby, but I can't get excited about this project. BET has let me down way too many times! She needs a role on a high end network like ABC if she wants to revitalize her stalled career. Better start rubbing shoulders with Kerry Washington.
CheyPie's picture

Time to give up the music

Time to give up the music thing Miguel. Your going off the deep deep end now. Time for meetings, bible study and prayer. You know the answers to the questions you asked in this song!!!

cant wait till the kelly

cant wait till the kelly rowland show ccomes on...i cant believe they said chris brown causes air pollution...lmfao..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I like the social

I like the social consciousness of the Miguel song...we need more of that!
Money First's picture

This Miguel song and video

This Miguel song and video speaks to every part of my he♥rt. This is like our generation Marvis Gaye "What's Goin' On". I really lo♥e it.
Peace Silas's picture

Agreed!!! check out the

Agreed!!! check out the album... (if you haven't) it's impressive.
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-_- This should be retitled

-_- This should be retitled "Being Very Lame".
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tom101's picture

And that was a promo of

And that was a promo of what?? Who was the male laying in bed? BETSUCKS!! This plot soundz like a snooze fest!!
4U2NV's picture

The premise for the story

The premise for the story seems pretty boring...I could be wrong. But this doesn't seem like a stretch for Gabby. I feel like she's played this character before. But hey a pay check is a pay check.
HNICCHICK's picture

that Kaleidoscope Dream album

that Kaleidoscope Dream album hard!!!
RO's picture

Sorry Gabby, I don't think

Sorry Gabby, I don't think this will be a SCANDAL or Deception boo! In the words of NeNe Leakes, "You ridin with the WRONG TEAM (BET)!"
tori's picture

Gabrielle Union still a

Gabrielle Union still a actress ohhh I thought u because a basketball wife

Wow! a promo less than 20

Wow! a promo less than 20 seconds? why bother?
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romance2013's picture

Does her morals include

Does her morals include humping a married man with kids? That would spice up the ratings. Just saying......alllllright
YaHeard's picture

Gabby Promo: What was

Gabby Promo: What was THAT???? Nice song though......Miguel Song: It's time to make a political statement now I guess (too early for that. WE JUST MET YOU)............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Miguel has been out since

Miguel has been out since 2011 but that's beside the point the bu!!$#!t in this country and world has been going on for a lot longer and it's only getting worse. It's never "too early" to address it and have a stand.
Peace Silas's picture

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