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REAL STARTER WIFE DRAMA: Siohvaughn Wade ACCUSES Dwyane Wade Of IGNORING Their Kids' Life-Threatening HEALTH Concerns

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Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade is back in the papers (and the court system) with new allegations against her famous ex, claiming that he's not providing their children with their life-saving medications. Find out more inside.....


The original starter wife, Siohvaughn Wade, is not going down without a fight in her ongoing custody battle with Miami Heat baller Dwyane Wade and now she's back with a new set of allegations.  This go round, she's filed papers saying Dwyane "has never obtained any asthma inhalers or asthma nebulizer machines for the children since [Dwyane] was awarded children in his custody on March 11, 2011."  And the docs go on to say, "[Dwyane] recklessly failed to provide the five and ten-year-old children with any medication for a life-threatening illness."

According to TMZ, Siohvaughn also claimed in the docs that Dwyane is "continuously and willfully making every effort to alienate the children from [her]."

While we understand Siohvaughn is concerned about her children's health, we're pretty sure that the Dwyane has some good old health insurance through the NBA and didn't need to get any asthma machines shippped from Chicago.  You can get those type of machines in Miami.

Clearly, Dwyane and Siohvaughn aren't communicating outside of their lawyers, and you can't really blame him since she was accused of trying to abduct the kids during one of their prior visits.  

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We just hope the ex-couple can drop the drama and start putting the kids first.  





People kill me trying to act

People kill me trying to act like they know what when on in this marriage. Bottom line is this woman lost her 2 kids to a NBA player. You have to be very unstable to lose custody to a man whose career have him in a different city several nights out the week. When she had custody she was to busy trying to claim Wade & Gabby were "kissing" in front of her kids.
Somerknight's picture

This ish started when all the

This ish started when all the baller wives found out that Savaunghn would not be a part of their screwed up lives. Savaughn's own mother took Dwayne into her home long before Dwayne became a NBA baller. His own mother was serving time in prison for her own drug addition and he could not take the abuse he was getting from his own father who had custody of him at the time. All the lies about Savaughn trying to take the kids away from him are all lies. This whole story was part of a publicity stunt to make Dwayne Wade look like a doting father, which he is not. Savaughn gave up her career to support him as a wife in the NBA in the beginning. The baller wives did not like Savaughn as his wife because she was a women of God, so guess what, they found that stupid Gabby Union, introduced them, and the rest is history. It is such a sad shame that a mother who is a God fearing mother would have to endure this kind of ish because her ex husband is wealthy, and his ish don't stink. Believe me when I tell you that what so ever is done in the dark shall come to light. And that is scripture. Its just a matter of time before he gets his just dessert. And if Gabby Union thinks for one second he is going to marry her, she is soooo mistaken. My message to SheWade, take care of your children, pay your ex wife the alimony that she deserves. You are not going to get away with doing her wrong. What so ever a man reaps he shall sow. If you want the truth people. Go to You tube where Savaughn tells the truth. What does she have to gain from it? She only wants what's best for her children. NBA ballers and most black professional ball players are so stupid, when are they going to start thinking with their brains instead of their penis and egos? I bet if Savaughn was white or light skinned, she be getting paid. Black men are so color struck. Just look at all of the women at Michael Jordan's 50th birthday party. All were white or high yellow. When are we as a people are going to stop hating on our own people because of the color of their skin? If Michael Jordan or Dwayne Wade were not NBA Players, they would not get the time of day from these white women. I applaud men like Denzel Washington, Bernie Mac (God Bless his soul.) Chris Rock, Samuel Jackson, Lawrence Fishburne, Blair Underwood, Shaq Oneal, and others who are true to their race. These are the real men. But most of these white women they marry are all models, really? they are all hookers with no education. They call black women jump off's, but they call white women models. This world is a mess. Oh and by the way Gabby Union is not light enough.
Miss D's picture

The person responsible for

The person responsible for releasing that first pic is clearly not her friend.
Realist's picture

I don't respect Wade or any

I don't respect Wade or any man that would separate his kids from their own mother. Wade lives an unstable lifestyle and is not married. He has millions of dollars but his nasty, cheap petty ass would rather spite his ex-wife would have stood by him before all of the fame gave him two sons and have a nanny raise his kids in order to avoid paying child support. I dont respect chicks like Gabby that would stand by and support those vicious actions. I hate the fact she acts like she is so innocent when she was knowingly with a married man. She acts like she does not deserve any backlash for her actions. God does not like ugly and she is reaping what she sow now because a chick that Wade is having sex with wrote her an open letter on another site and described Wades house to the Tee. She needs to repent and focus on her career cause he is not going marry her. And I support Siovaughn because if there is anything worth going crazy for is to fight to keep your family together. But her craziness is really pain and I pray for her. I prray that God heals her and works in her favor every step of the way.
Nia's picture

Nia, you are so right, I just

Nia, you are so right, I just said the same thing. IN the NFL and the NBA clique, listen women, you don't have any friends. Most of these baller wives are pushed to the point of no return, because they have deal with the jum off's . Kobe Bryant's life is an example. I wonder what his wife did before she met him? I wonder what Michael Jordan's fiance did before she met him? I wonder what Tiger Woods wife did before she met him? Oh I forgot his wife was a nanny/model. Give me a break. Dwayne Wade pay your wife.
Miss D's picture

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tom101's picture

Get the bipolar medicine out

Get the bipolar medicine out and ship that to her...thats the only thing needed for good ol' Siovaughn...
Money First's picture

This is bananas. Why didn't

This is bananas. Why didn't she do right and share custody of the kids the first time around. Women think that shared custody means you're the shot caller and it doesn't. If you fail to comply you can lose custody all together. Keep fighting to regain joint custody of your boys...I would never give up.
Denise2007's picture

So glad she is looking like

So glad she is looking like her old self, that black buck tooth bastard need to give that woman her children. He don't have anytime for them to busy putting his dusty self in all these gold diggers.
TeaNicole's picture

Hey Siohvaughn "Started from

Hey Siohvaughn "Started from the botom, now you're BACK there!" That top pic looks like a jailhouse pic (that eye shadow). I hope u 2 learn how to CO-parent!
tori's picture

I see why he got rid of that

I see why he got rid of that crazy broad!! First of all, she's definitely unattractive!! A BALLER that rich just cannot have a chick who looks like that by his side!! (she looks like r kellys wife-ugh!!) Mainly though, the chick is just crazy as a bird!! get a straight jacket for that fool!!
dunkin57's picture

If I lost custody of my kids

If I lost custody of my kids and my husband aint nobody could tell me to "sit down, be quiet" or anything else. Sorry but thts a fight you dont give up on. I wouldnt give a damn. But then again, I wouldnt have let that yuck mouth nigga catch me slippin and take my kids from me in the first place. I wish she had smarter people in her corner like Gloria Allred or somebody.
shuga's picture

Thank you. I will go down

Thank you. I will go down swinging to keep my kids in my life. It is a fight you never give up, ever. I hope she will get better representation and a savvy publicist.
ThatsAFact's picture

Exactly. why would you want

Exactly. why would you want your kids to think that you gave up on them or that they werent worth looking crazy over? those arent her play cousins, those are her children!
shuga's picture

Siovaughn needs to sit down

Siovaughn needs to sit down and get healed. She is clearly still hurt and wounded. Acting out in pain will always hurt you more in the end. She should be the best mother that she can be under these circumstances and focus on strengthening her relationship with the boys after they are 21 and are no longer under his legal custody.
sgrho74's picture

I feel bad for SioVaughn, but

I feel bad for SioVaughn, but lets be forreal. If he didn't have asthma medicine for them, they would be dead by now.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

This situation is real messy.

This situation is real messy. I hope it works out for the kids because thats the important thing
nico89's picture


MS_NONO's picture

As a Mom, I would not give up

As a Mom, I would not give up without a fight for my children. People automatically assume that celebrities are without fault. Children need BOTH parents, and DWade needs to work at ensuring that these kids have some type of relationship with their mother. Co-parenting seems to be a lost factor in many custody disputes - especially when their is money involved at this level.
ThatsAFact's picture

Co-parent my ass..she needs

Co-parent my ass..she needs HELP before she is able to even be alone with her kids. She is the type that will kill them to get back at DWade...until she gets the help she needs Wade should NOT let her see them for their own safety. Real Talk!!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

REAL TALK!!!!!!! These women

REAL TALK!!!!!!! These women just don't like the fact that a man can win, and be the main factor in his SONS lives. It's more then enough mommas boys in the black community fucking up shit. We need the black man to get back into being the head and the go to guy in these homes cause women aint really helping shit , they cant stop these young niggas from doing what they want.
LetsGetIt's picture

It's his children to, DOES

It's his children to, DOES THAT COUNT??? This is why alot of niggas are deadbeats, because women make people think that the children is all theirs until she needs some money THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN IT BOTH THEIR KIDS , AND THEY MADE IT TOGETHER hahahahaha man ...... The courts make sure these kids see their mother or else he would have them, being a black man THE LAST THING THE SYSTEM WANTS IS FOR THESE BABIES TO BE AROUND THEIR FATHER, a man is someone who restore ORDER IN THE HOME. And the system is too busy trying to break that up.
LetsGetIt's picture

For the first time EVER lol I

For the first time EVER lol I must say that I totally agree with you WOW!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

The poster above you said

The poster above you said CO-PARENTING. Reading IS fundamental son.
PinkRose's picture

Shut your asss UP!!!!She said

Shut your asss UP!!!!She said it seems to be a lost factor or some bullshit, WHEN IT'S NOT!!! Only times these women have a problem with it is when the man has custody
LetsGetIt's picture

Young brother, I speak from

Young brother, I speak from experience. Co-parenting is a two-way process. Both parties need to work to ensure that children are around both parents, unless there is a history of violence. Co-parenting workshops are becoming more common in divorce/custody agreements. For non-married people, the challenges are different but there are organizations that provide support for this type of mediation. The days of the baby mama/ baby daddy drama needs to die. Our children need us! Now run and tell that.
ThatsAFact's picture

Nobody wins in a custody

Nobody wins in a custody battle and they are acting this ugly out in plain view for their kids and their kids friends to see all over the internet. Parents have to put personal feelings aside and act like the adults we hope our children will grow up to be.
Mouse's picture

"They" aren't acting out. She

"They" aren't acting out. She is. DWade is taking care of those boys. She needs help.
IridescentMe..'s picture

Sista got some nice lips on

Sista got some nice lips on her , nice skin, too bad the sista is nuts. And hey you cant blame Gabrielle for this shit, these two were done with each other and were in the process of divorce. So hey u can't call the sista a home wrecker if the home is already wrecked. But brothas be careful who u have kids with, niggas cant hold they nut for shit.Baby mommas aint no joke especially if you're successful
LetsGetIt's picture

She sure does have a pretty

She sure does have a pretty mouth........ Jesus likes head from black girls
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I see that the two of yall

I see that the two of yall are on your stupid shit (per the usual).
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Can Jesus & LetsGetIt take

Can Jesus & LetsGetIt take turns on that??????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

lol......great minds think

lol......great minds think alike J.C
LetsGetIt's picture

Come on lady... he's in the

Come on lady... he's in the NBA... You think he don't have the kids covered on his health insurance??? I'm sure the court system has that established already... Plus, you can't put kids in school without health insurance and providing their health record... How about you leave this man alone, get some help for those "issues" and try to get some kind of relationship with your children that doesn't involve you being a total looney toon!

Totally agree!!!!!

Totally agree!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture


Happy Lady's picture

Clearly this woman is nuts.

Clearly this woman is nuts.
Synsation's picture

This woman has serious

This woman has serious issues. You lost. Seek help, let it go and move forward.
IridescentMe..'s picture

He's ignoring your face

He's ignoring your face
Jesus H. Christ's picture


LetsGetIt's picture

I'm tired of Siovaughn/ DWade

I'm tired of Siovaughn/ DWade and the back and forth mess. Ugh.
JJFad's picture

I am no fan of Wade or care

I am no fan of Wade or care much about these story lines and the only reason I find this remotely interesting is because kids are involved...I said all that to just say that Wade seems not to be going back and forth with her..He actually seems to be handling things the right way

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