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Karrueche Tran GETS SEXY For VIBE Magazine, Says Girls Relate To Her Love Triangle

 photo KT-vibe-503_zps248d5063.jpg

Karrueche Tran is everywhere these days....making the most of her Ex-Girlfriend title.  Her latest stint is a sexy shoot for VIBE magazine where she talks her business and breakups...

 photo karrueche_zpsc1b69dc1.png

She may be mainly known as Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend who was in a ratchet love triangle with him & Rihanna, but she's determined to be known for her styling & fashion skills as well.

Karrueche Tran rocked a sexy "Dressed To Kill" photoshoot for VIBE magazine.  She talks about her clothing line The Kill -- with ex Chris Brown -- and her bond with Breezy (despite their break-up) thanks to their pet project.  The petite cutie said about why she's gained popularity:

“I feel like, more than anything, girls can relate to me, regardless of if what they have to say is negative or not.  Because the situation is so messy.”

More pics below:

 photo karrueche2_zpsa49b368e.png

 photo karrueche11_zpsd774543d.png

 photo karrueche4_zps870f9966.png

Check out all the pics over at VIBE.

Photographs by Cliff Watts




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She is way beautiful than

She is way beautiful than rishyth
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jolyqw's picture

I happen to think Karreuche

I happen to think Karreuche is a beautiful young lady. I think ppl don't like her because she isn't the status of Rhi bishes pls.. She's doing her own thing, shes no longer with that sorry piece of sh!t . Rihanna can have that man that played pitty pat on her jaws and won... I believe ppl would die off the face of the Earth if they had to say something positive about this girl.Im going to need ppl to get it together.
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jacksonqw's picture

Beautiful chick....nice body.

Beautiful chick....nice body. Best of luck to her. The only thing that's cracking me up is that I no longer think their situation is a love triangle since Chris has unofficially decided that RiRi is his girl.....that unofficially makes you the other chick now. You might want to stop speaking on anything but your business arrangement otherwise you run the risk of starting to look even more pathetic than some people already think you are. IJS
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

She's pretty in the face and

She's pretty in the face and she's in shape but I'm not real crazy about her. I'm tired of Kachoochoo thinking she could ever be on Rihanna's level. Shit ain't gonna happen so sit down with that second place trophy you like to carry around
nico89's picture

Awww I like

Awww I like Ka-Ka-Ka-Karrueche. She's down to earth, not obsessive, possessive and self absorbed like she who shall not be named.
Yas's picture

I am so mad at YBF for

I am so mad at YBF for plastering this stupid girl as if she's done more in life than lay it low and spread it wide for Chris Brown. Girl please, nobody should promote that. She's not trying to get too far in life if all she's going to do and be known as the girl that slept with a celebrity. And it's funny how the tables have turned when not too long ago K-roach and her Tweedle Dumb and Dumbass friends posted a YouTube video trying to go in on Rihanna "Why you don't have no boyfriend? Why he left you?" STUPID why don't you have a boyfriend and why'd the same guy leave your flat ass? I'm sorry but she is flat in the face (with a big ass head), chest, ass, and subsequently personality. Her skinny irrelevant prepubescent boy-body needs to go have half a seat and do some thinking on how to "Git cho lyfe." RAID THIS K-ROACH!!!
Peace Silas's picture

well, you can tell he

well, you can tell he definitely has a type lol

She is in no love triangle,

She is in no love triangle, she is on her own and she needs to stop using Chris and Rihanna to enhance fame. It's not like she was married like Tameka Foster. The only reason why this is so blown up and everybody is interested in Karate is because Rihanna is involved in this situation and cokroach has to stop taking advantage of that. And now she's also trying to copy her style? Good grieves Karate, chile bye.
Tannygirl's picture

I can't hate on the young

I can't hate on the young lady but she should really remove herself from this toxic situation. It's nothing but pain and heartache there, and life is crazy short.
cutethatsall56's picture

What Love triangle? Rihanna

What Love triangle? Rihanna and Chris were together on xmas, new years eve, at the grammy's and I'm guessing Valentine's day. GIRL you been lost!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Its sad when you can’t

Its sad when you can’t Express yourself without somebody calling you a “hater” or the worst thing ever . : )Don’t get so upset it’s just a Blog site (Innocent Voice) she’s still sleeping good don’t worry…
REd™'s picture

Her body looks great and will

Her body looks great and will fill out appropriately years from now. Overrated are the over-fed and under exercised bodies that seem to be all the rage nowadays; passing as "thick" or "curvy". In reality its plain artery clogging fat. Decades from now her physique will be the envy of many.

LOL @ artery clogging bodies!

LOL @ artery clogging bodies!
cutethatsall56's picture

She looks "lost in her Photos

She looks "lost in her Photos and shaped like a (asian boy) trying to be a woman .. Yet i still like her better then "Repad" I always root for the underdogs ...goodluck...
REd™'s picture

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tom101's picture

Though the pics are gorge I

Though the pics are gorge I still was cracking up at the 'girls relating to her love triangle' statement, girl just stop!!!
Realist's picture


Stop IMMEDIATELY!!!!! She sounds ignorant and delusional...nothing any female should even want to related to
Laia's picture

she's cute i like the first

she's cute i like the first pic. pretty blasian
litebrite's picture


KAMEL•TOE is GORGE in the face & has a tight lil bod but she looks like a teen! If she gained weight it wouldn't help b/c she is so short! Her tats are cute! *shrugs*
tori's picture

How many black magazines are

How many black magazines are going to waste space on this little Chinese boy? Laughing at "tiny body." Girl, stop.
WoolyBlunt's picture

lol at all these fat women

lol at all these fat women old lady looking women one here beating down another woman because she looks young and has a tiny body. pathetic! since when did that become a bad thing. I thought Americans are obsessed with their weight.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

I am 5'7 and I weigh 131 with

I am 5'7 and I weigh 131 with curves ( I use to run track). Just because people do not think she has a decent body does not mean they are overweight. I'm an example of that. I think she is shaped like a preteen. I'm not blind. Tossing insults at posters simply becausesome do not compliment her as having a hot curvy body isn't going to make posters pretend she does.
Keys's picture

Loves Karrueche! Love Rihanna

Loves Karrueche! Love Rihanna and I Love Chris but Karrueche is way too good for Chris Brown is how I see it! He's right where he needs to be if that's where he wants to be and that’s with Rihanna but look at all the dumb shit he's back into since getting back there...she's better off. I don't think she can help being small frame and thank GOD she doesn't have low self- esteem to alter her body like everyone else who wants to look like everyone does.
Kia Lovesbi's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Also she has very little sex

Also she has very little sex appeal and it makes her look like a 15yr old girl

here's to hoping that she

here's to hoping that she finds her own identity SOON.
shuga's picture

LMAO what I should say is

LMAO what I should say is where did she leave her ass at. This girl is beautiful as a girl. I can't see the woman part in her because her body is like a little girl.

Broke down Rhianna look a

Broke down Rhianna look a like. She has Rih Rih style written all over her. No wonder Chris liked her . A knock off version of his Ex.
lola69's picture

Pretty girl!

Pretty girl!
Happy Lady's picture

Mo-lotty Mo-lotty MO HEAD

Mo-lotty Mo-lotty MO HEAD than BODY!! (old skool joke) Water head!! She does have a pretty face though!! However, she is getting WAAY too much ink for her to have not done a DAM thang in the industry!! I'm sure Chris breez had boned more chicks than just HER!!??? But whatevers clever!!
dunkin57's picture

Karrueche is a pretty girl,

Karrueche is a pretty girl, 5.45 mins left!!!! lol!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

She is built like a preteen.

She is built like a preteen. YBF stay hyping nothing up. She never referred to that siutation as a "triangle". You made that up to get attention.
Keys's picture

Gorgeous young lady, she'll

Gorgeous young lady, she'll rebound just fine I'm sure. In 10 years she's going to look back at all this triangle shit and wonder what the 'fock' was I thinking.....................we've all thought that about something in our lives, be it love, career, friends, family...
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Umm fux relating to yo

Umm fux relating to yo dumbazz, Do u want girls to exhibit this triangle of a debacle, that exudes all types of low self esteem issues!? Do u want girls to believe its okay for any man famous or not can disrespect u, if they got $$$?! Really Ho u claiming that shit like u proud, is it BCUZ u can get into a party w/o CB now!? Really Bish sit cho wanna be model azz all the way down!!
Like Really's picture

ciara tease

ciara tease

i love the first 2 pics

i love the first 2 pics though all are beautiful. she's gorgeous.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

pretty girl but she still

pretty girl but she still looks so young in the face that some of these 'sexy' pix look inappropriate to look at lol

Same thing I said

Same thing I said

Same thing I said

Same thing I said

She's a beautiful girl.

She's a beautiful girl.
holmesa925's picture

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