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Rick Ross laughed at 50 Cent's accusations that his "birthday shootout" was staged.  Watch Rick's response to the claims inside, and his first sighting since the incident, and see what Tiny revealed about the sex tapes she made with T.I., and how the Feds got their hands on them!

We told you previously about the 15 shots fired at Rick Ross after his birthday and how he hired 24-hour security to follow him around.  And since the shooting, there have been a slew of comments (a lot of them from other celebs) who straddle both sides of the fence about the situation.  On one hand, there's Uncle Luke who wrote an open letter of concern to Rick in the Miami New Times where he cautioned Rick about his lifestyle and putting himself in harms way like Tupac and Biggie Smalls

“Hip-hop has a rich history of college guys who never committed a crime rapping about moving kilos of cocaine and taking out snitches. Every gangster rapper takes on the role of a real hood legend to build up street cred. But I don’t want you to fall into the trap of believing you are really a gangster.”

And on the flip side, there's 50 Cent who called "B.S." on the whole thing.  He thinks it was all "staged" to drum up publicity and record sales.  And 50 knows a thing or two about using drama to drum up records sales.

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So when TMZ asked Rick if he was taking the threats seriously and protecting himself, he didn't give an answer.  But when asked about 50 Cent making claims that it was all a hoax, Rick laughed in the face of the cameraman and took a puff of his cigar. 

Hmmm.....we guess that speaks for itself....


Watch Rick Ross laughing in the face of danger here:


In other celebrity confessions.....

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We're not surprised that T.I. and Tiny have a very colorful sex life.  At all.  Wouldn't even be surprised if they had some guest stars n those mugs too. And on her VH1 show "Tiny Tonight" Valentine's Day special, she revealed that the Feds may have gotten a peep at their sexual antics.

While taking about their "nasty" sexcapades that she believes could sell for millions, Tiny revealed that on a scale of 1-10, the "TIP Sex Tapes" were a 15. 

"They were n@sty. They were outside and everything. It was ridiculous. I had fun and the police got it [when they raided our house] and they probably had fun with it too. I just wanted to see if it looks as good as it really is. Our sex tape was like… we could probably get ten million.”

The Harris family doesn't need any sex tape money since Tip's music career is still going strong, but we all know that a "Tiny/T.I." sex tape would only ADD to their family hustle!  Wouldn't you watch it?  Keep it 100...

Watch all the sex talk at (26:15): 


The Randomness:

1.  Mary J. Blige sued for defaulting on a $500K loan.  Story. 




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jacksonqw's picture

Who would want to see Tiny

Who would want to see Tiny have sex? Imagine the faces she would be making...
shaneice225's picture

Tiny looks like Horse all in

Tiny looks like Horse all in the Face...Ew sex tape(HELL NO)
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romance2013's picture

Rick Ross & the Governor of

Rick Ross & the Governor of NJ should be on the BIGGEST LOSER! Tiny looks like she makes weird & unattractive ANIMAL NOISES in bed..#keepyosextape
tori's picture

Batty Bey has a sex tape

Batty Bey has a sex tape coming out.
Lisa Raye's Subcontractor's picture

I'm sorry, but envisioning

I'm sorry, but envisioning Tiny having sex with anyone or anything makes me want to gag. She needs a lesson in the "class" department. Why would you reveal such private bedroom details concerning yourself and your husband. I guess because everyone calls her ugly, she wants people to know why he's really with her (besides the fact that he's cheated on her publicly more than once and probably still does). Umm, you're still a mud duck.....a mud duck that probably licks booty holes....gagging!!! Women are too desperate in 2013. I watched the entire episode when it aired. Trina and Tamar had the audacity to speak on what they wouldn't accept on the first date (cooking for a man, simple dining, etc.). Umm, NEWS FLASH, but do they not know that we can see past the weave and makeup! And even when they are "glammed up", they are BASIC!!!! Trina can't keep a man. Tamar was acting ill towards Claudia because she isn't involved at the moment (as if Claudia isn't the baddest chick on the panel??). Once again, ummmm.....Vince doesn't count boo boo. Everyone knows that your'e with him for the money including him. And if you are so rich, how about you help Toni out? Some of these chicks have allowed red bottoms and Chanel purses so straight to their dome piece.
jdotty's picture

Amen to everything you said.

Amen to everything you said. Tiny having sex with anything human weirds me out. Trina showed just how much of a ghetto groupie she was with her unrealistic answer to the dating question. That's why woman like Michelle Obama stay winning. They're realistic and mature. Tamar is a muppet face foul bish. She's just mad because she had to marry a fat dude to get at millions. Claudia did the right thing...looked at that her like she was irrelevant . Muppet face is just jealous that Claudia is older and still look wayyy better than her.
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I cosign your ENTIRE

I cosign your ENTIRE statement!!!

I would like to see what TI

I would like to see what TI is working wit and how he uses it if you blurrrrr out Tiny. Both of these shoot-um up stunt Queens can disappear and the world would be a better place.....alllllllright
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NOBODY....is buying your sex

NOBODY....is buying your sex tape....but we'll all watch that shit online for FREE
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