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WHAT IN THE WORLD? "Love & Hip Hop" Star Mendeecees Harris INDICTED For Allegedly Trafficking Heroin & Cocaine!

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"Love & Hip Hop" star Yandy Smith might want to put those reality show cameras on pause and get her house in order.  Because her baby's daddy Mendeecees Harris is currently being indicted and facing charges for trafficking heroin and cocaine.


Deets inside...

Ish has officially hit the fan in Yandy's household.  After begging her live-in baby's daddy Mendeecees to man up and act more maturely, he's landed himself in more hot water.

The Rochester newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle, reports today that Mendeecees Harris was indicted, along with two other men, for drug trafficking this past fall. 

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Apparently, cops did a deep investigation and Mendeecees has been caught up in a $2.5 mill drug trafficking "situation" in Rochester.  And he surrendered to arrest on January 24th.  Here's the details from the news report:

While court records provide few details about the criminal case against Harris and his co-defendants, Ronald Walker and Tyrus Harris, the indictment shows that authorities have already seized more than $1.5 million from safety deposit boxes connected with the case.

Also seized was nearly $407,000 worth of jewelry and watches, including a $60,000 Rolex and another $35,000 Rolex.

Authorities are also pushing for the forfeiture of properties in Georgia and Baltimore.

Harris surrendered for arrest on the Rochester-area indictment on Jan. 24.

By the way, records confirm the months-old rumor that Mendeecees is indeed facing sexual abuse of a minor (a 15-year-old girl) charges in New Jersey.  Once his court hearings for those charges are complete, he will be arraigned on the drug trafficking charges.

We've reached out to Yandy's reps several times about those charges for comment, and have received no response.  Oddly, she hasn't addressed any issues surrounding Mendeecees yet.





Let's first start with his

Let's first start with his name....
cutethatsall56's picture


MENDEEEEECEEEES is a VILE S.O.B. why aren't ppl OUTRAGED that he allegedly molested his STEP DAUGHTER (his eldest son's sister)?
tori's picture

FACTS: I knew this was

FACTS: I knew this was coming. I seen it about to happen. Let me just say. Madeecees is very well known in harlem. He was/is the heroin dealer of the decade. (you know in harlem... they WORSHIP their "street stars") They called Mandeecees "D1". And he has always been flashy. Known to have a ton of women, jewls and nice cars. (Yandy of course was always his main girl) I actually is hilarious to everyone to see Mandeecees on a tv show being portrayed the way he is. Mandeecees is a tough guy. No secret. Yes the rumors about him and his cousing setting jim jones up and beating him up in Harlem are a fact. Im not sure what to say about all this. The molestation charges I have heard around the way are a set up & a conspiracy because the FEDS have been wanting Mandeecees for a veerry long time. Cause like I said. He was/is a very notorious drug dealer. But im eager to see how this unfolds. He does own a studio and his does manager webstar & vado from dipset. (vado just signed with dj khaled now though)
I Know FACTS's picture

He is so pathetic and still

He is so pathetic and still child-like. Yandy will be a sungle mother, even more singular than she ALREADY is. The fact that he was consistently sticking his dick ina 15 year-old baby (allegedly) alone should be enough for her to want to check her woman thang cause it can't be too secure. Hmph. Yandy looks so gross frim head to toe, but I give her a voucher because she's cool and about her business. In other news concerning LAHH, I'm digging Erica's new song, although it gives me a JLo vibe. Rich's dick has been good for her, it's revived her and put some substance toher overall look. Kimbella's evicted ass is looking good these days and she got her whole ass handed to her recently on Twitter by Juelz's side chick...smh. I think Yandy knows she ain't got shit in dude. Why else would she look to move without discussing it with him, especially when he'd already brought up moving first? Hmph.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

People are saying there

People are saying there really may be nothing to the child molestation charges; something like they were a conspiracy because the feds have been wanting him bad because he has been dealing drugs for a very long time. I know his name used to ring bells. And he wasnt lying when he said he was "known for being with a lot of women"... This is all true. Mandeecees has always been very flashy & a well known heroin dealer. Harlem is so crazy, because they really worship their "street stars" like they are icons and he definitly is one of them. Every decade there is one big dealer and he was it. Thats why its so crazy to see "D1" (thats his real street name) on a tv show. But its only so long you can live that life. But one thing i will say. Mandeecee has custody of his oldest son and yandys & his BM and yandy are together on his IG. Hes not a bad father. And they both get along with him. So I dont understand these charges. A "child molester" wouldnt have custody of his kids. So i can believe that something is NOT right about those charges. (thats what the streets are saying, but who knows) But the drug charges... *side eye* thats all bad
I Know FACTS's picture

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tom100's picture

O___O well there goes another

O___O well there goes another "black man" in Jail. Another son growing up without his father. Its a good thing she didn't move in with him. #whatha.loser.he.has.kids #sips.tea.and.walks.off
sexybrownpyt's picture

He has pretty teeth. I wonder

He has pretty teeth. I wonder if they are real. If they come out it will work in his favor when he serves his fifty years. Loose tooth and a loose boot-a.........allllright
YaHeard's picture

that's too bad...he's a nice

that's too bad...he's a nice lookin man, and i actually like him on the show. drug trafficking and sex or sexual "misconduct" with a 15 year old?? damn, yandy...
diamond2012's picture

Woooowwww! She can find her

Woooowwww! She can find her a new man. Between the drugs & the 15yr old girl he will be away for a while.
Somerknight's picture

That why Yandy was in

That why Yandy was in Rochester for an event I guess
Ariele Murph's picture


Yas's picture

I am actually surprised at

I am actually surprised at this comment. You said not even remotely attractive? damn. I think he is VERY cute. lol
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I can't!¡!

I can't!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

Damn,,,,,well of course he

Damn,,,,,well of course he had to know that he would eventually get caught. But he is cute tho. And I love the way he talks.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

@BEEMA SUX . . . co-sign ~ he

@BEEMA SUX . . . co-sign ~ he is FINE. ;-D
GetUrLife's picture

Yes he is girl,,,,and very

Yes he is girl,,,,and very cunning and charming.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I do not see what Yandy's

I do not see what Yandy's sees in this thug anyway! a newborn and his daddy is a drug dealer about to be indicted and possibly on his way to prison, I bet Yandy has to post bail if there is any.
sweetpea1989's picture

What does beyonce see in

What does beyonce see in Jayz? What does Chrissy see in Jim Jones? What does Kimbella see in Juelz? ^^^^^ These men are ALL admitted former drug dealers! No better than mandeecees! They just didnt get caught, or make as much money. Thats all. Is it okay because they found another way to channel their greed? I not speaking on the other charges. But A LOT of successful/intelligent women date uneducated thugs. Yandy isnt the first or the last. (And yes i listed kimbella, because though she is a booty model. she has a masters degree. (educated) all dated street dudes.
I Know FACTS's picture

Wow Yandy....u really played

Wow Yandy....u really played urself!!!
ldh34l's picture

It's all starting to make

It's all starting to make sense.
Yas's picture

It sucks to be him!

It sucks to be him!
Happy Lady's picture

maybe she shouldnt have went

maybe she shouldnt have went so hard on Jim & Chrissy.....lol. she would have been available for comment for that!
shuga's picture

The news article doesn't

The news article doesn't actually say that he's currently locked up. It just says he turned himself in for arrest on the 24th. If he's in the middle of a trial in NJ I don't think he can be locked up in NY at the same time. He's probably out on bail.
Bird's picture

Hes not in Jail. he was out

Hes not in Jail. he was out partying last night. And he was on instagram. Im telling yall. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT! All these charges. and he just chill? you dont have molestation charges on you and still have custody of your son and that sons mother still be cool with you. Something else is up. Thats why im careful to throw shade on that part. But the drug dealing? thats most DEFINITELY D1. LOL
I Know FACTS's picture

I'm always amazed at women

I'm always amazed at women who still think its decent to date drug dealers. How can you call yourself a responsible mother if you make a child with someone who probably won't be around for much of that child's life. Dummies. Seeking out a drug dealer with a nice car is so 1996. These women really need to grow up and make better choices.
Camavery's picture

That's why i date white guys

That's why i date white guys
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LOL at the pic, this will add

LOL at the pic, this will add more funny to your comments!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

U think white guys don't sell

U think white guys don't sell drugs also? **Interesting**
Money First's picture

Not the white boys i grew up

Not the white boys i grew up with...went to college with....and worked with
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

lol!!! I feel ya. I dont

lol!!! I feel ya. I dont know why these negros think they are going to sell drugs in a completely new & improved way. its all been done before and it always ends the same exact way.
shuga's picture

They get Greedy or

They get Greedy or Sloppy....and either one gets you caught every time...smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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