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NO HARD FEELINGS: Former Destiny's Child Member LaTavia Roberson PRAISES Beyonce's SUPER BOWL Performance & D-Child Reunion + Brianna Perry's "Red Cup" Featuring Pusha T

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Former Destiny's Child member LaTavia Roberson had nothing but praise for Beyonce, Kelly Michelle and their halftime show during the Super Bowl.  Find out what she said inside and listen to Brianna Perry's "Red Cup" featuring Pusha T.

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Though she experienced a painful departure from Destiny's Child a few years ago, LaTavia Roberson (who was dismissed along with LeToya Luckett) has nothing but praise for Bey and the rest of Destiny's Child.  She spoke to Celebuzz and revealed that Beyonce was the highlight of the game for her. 

“I thought they all looked great and did a good job with their dance moves. Beyonce was especially amazing. She looked fabulous and her voice was really strong. During the performance somebody texted me to say they could not hear Kelly and Michelle sing. It was so noisy in the house where we watched the performance that I did not really notice anything wrong. But who knows? They probably had some technical problems.”

We're sure LaTavia meant that in the "nicest" way but some folks used to say this same thing about her and LeToya's voices being "muted" during their DC days.  But that was in the past and LaTavia has been able to move on and even keeps in touch with Kelly.  She said,

“I actually saw Kelly at a mutual friend’s graduation in Atlanta last summer and we had fun catching up on old times – I am pleased that Destiny’s Child got back together for the Super Bowl – the fans seemed to really enjoy it too!  It was great to see them all performing together and I have no bitter or bad feelings toward any of those women. I wish them all the best."

She added,

"I am at a good place in my life and things always work out for a reason. I am working on several projects with both acting and music that are exciting to me.”

We're glad LaTavia is in good spirits.  Def one of our faves.


And in new music....

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In anticipation of her upcoming Symphony No 9: Bri Major mixtape, Brianna Perry (who Beyonce says she's a fan of) had dropped a new song called "Red Cup" featuring Pusha T. The song follows Brianna's recent collab with Teyana Taylor on "Take My Breath Away."

Listen to Brianna Perry's "Red Cup" below:




Love Latavia and Letoya.

Love Latavia and Letoya. That was all Beyonce daddy fault for stealing money from the other members.
cdamifikation's picture

i wish latavia the best!

i wish latavia the best!
reane's picture

Latoya most definitely had

Latoya most definitely had her nose done. Her old school nose was a fool.
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commonprosperity9913's picture

Wasn't LaTavia on RHOA a

Wasn't LaTavia on RHOA a couple seasons ago talkin bout bein a DRUNK & gettin DUI's & sh!t? Chile, grab ur BOTTLE & have a seat!
tori's picture


ANYWAY HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TRAYVON MARTIN. Black websites are becoming more and more pathetic by the hour.
missbliss's picture

Chileeee...She Could've Keep

Chileeee...She Could've Keep Her Opinion to Herself Because Bey Could Care Less Of What She Thinks.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Matter of fact they all got

Matter of fact they all got new noses !

New nose!

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tom100's picture

Poor Girl .... I'm not going

Poor Girl .... I'm not going to Throw shade at her because she’s already been through Enough (just look at that outfit : ( I can’t……….
REd™'s picture

LeToya really has gotten a

LeToya really has gotten a nice nose job.
Jersey here's picture

poor thing. she looks like

poor thing. she looks like she could use a handout with them Rainbow clothes or DOTS special. She should have stayed and not be greedy. she knew they pretty girls would make it so she should have not listened to them Twins
lola69's picture

Girl, u took the stores right

Girl, u took the stores right out of my mouth. I was bout to post my 2nd comment cause I forgot to comment on them Rainbow clothes.
Somerknight's picture

LaTavia is being extra nice

LaTavia is being extra nice because she is hoping for a real DC reunion. Tav need to discuss why was she & Toya listening to the twins from Jagged Edge when they were all up in their ear telling them to get new mgmt, blah blah blah. I wonder do they ever talk to them. Maybe they all can get together & form a group. Sadly they were very young & impressionable. I'm just waiting on them to do a real interview to own up to their mistakes.
Somerknight's picture

The mistake they made was in

The mistake they made was in trusting Beyonce's Dad to look out for them!
PinkRose's picture

Beyonce's performance was the

Beyonce's performance was the same 'GOOD' performance we’ve seen 1,000,000,0000 times. Only difference, she added fire and lights.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Do you think that poor child

Do you think that poor child could say wat she really wanted. Everyone is afraid of getting blackballed by the Carter curse.
TeaNicole's picture

It has to be hard for both

It has to be hard for both LaTavia and LeToya to see a DC reunion that doesn't include them, because they were the original DC! But everyone knows DC was pretty much Beyonce's vehicle; her father pushed her to the forefront and drowned out the other girls. Kelly is lucky she made it out alive. LOL. Seems like LaTavia has some projects going and hopefully they take off. LeToya has had a few hits and has a recurrent, though very minor role, on HBO's Treme. I think she's a decent actor, waaaaaaayyyyyy better than Beyonce. I hope she finds better work.
The Real Thing's picture

I saw shade all up and

I saw shade all up and through that comment. Anywho....I remember when Bey's phony ass was at the billboard awards a couple of years ago (the one where she performed that stolen routine......yeah that one) and she threw in that very calculated thank you to Tavia and Toya, and i'm like......Bitch, I see right through your phony ass. She only did that to make herself look better and to get praised and applauded. You know damn well you don't give a damn about a Toya or a Tavia. Anywho..... that was the "Shit That Bey Does" throwback news of the day. (shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I vaguely remember who were

I vaguely remember who were in the original DC when they first started anyway, it is water under the bridge now so Zzzzzz!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Well at least Latavia's not

Well at least Latavia's not salty. p.s. Brianna Perry is the $hit.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I can't help but think that

I can't help but think that DC would go to infinity and beyond if they got rid of Michelle and put the OGs back in the group. I love Michelle, but she's not cut out for hard-core performance.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Agreed! What would have been

Agreed! What would have been truly amazing was if LeToya and LaTavia had joined the rest if them on stage! That would have been epic!! Of course, Beyonce wasn't going to allow anyone or anything take the spotlight off her!
PinkRose's picture

Latoya, and Latavia wouldn't

Latoya, and Latavia wouldn't take the spotlight off of B. Nobody can...They probably just didn't want to do it.
cutethatsall56's picture

Baahahahaha.... LaTavia knows

Baahahahaha.... LaTavia knows Batty Bey's DIRTY ASS tricks.....smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Get a hobby. You're toooooo

Get a hobby. You're toooooo obsessed with Beyonce. Get off her nutsies. Your using her as your icon in a moment when she was working hard, and focused on herself. You should try it and maybe you can catch up to her 300 million.
cutethatsall56's picture

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