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POST GAME: Beyonce Parties With Kelly Rowland, Ray Lewis & MJB, Speaks After Superbowl Makes TV Ratings History + Drops ROYAL Inspired TV AD For UK Tour

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It was the biggest night in TV history. Literally. And the biggest winners of the night--Beyonce & The Ravens--celebrated by hitting up a post game party in N.O. We've got pics and video of Beyonce right after her performance inside, plus her new Royal inspired UK TV ad...

Beyonce (and Jay-Z too) joined up with Superbowl Champs Ray Lewis, coach John Harbaugh and the Ravens team and their families for a huge post-game celebration party last night.  The big game has officially been touted as the most watched TV program in ratings history.

Which means it beat out last year's numbers. *UPDATE* The NFL has posted the final numbers: 164.1 million viewers, topping the past four Superbowls and all tv programs.

The diva was spotted in a pic (above) with Ravens baller Bryant McKinnie, and yeah we see Julius back there.

 photo photo-2-400x399_zps3f40801f.jpg

 photo IMG_7115-400x300_zps7611fa69.jpg

Kelly Rowland and Kevin Liles also came through to celebrate with Ray Lewis and the crew.


 photo mary-j-performs-400x300_zps62174a70.jpg

 photo lewisblige24_zps345e0a66.jpg

The bash was hosted by Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and featured a live performance by Mary J. Blige, who invited Ray up to the stage to teach her his famous “squirrel dance.”



And just moments after Bey took the stage, OMG Insider caught up with her backstage.  And despite being a bit out of breath, she said excitedly, “It's a live television show, it's the biggest show in America, and there's so many things that could happen and God was on my side." 

Check out the video above.


 photo article-2273116-175524DA000005DC-813_634x820_zps013c6f44.jpg

By now, you've heard the announcement for the upcoming "The Mrs. Carter Show" World Tour.  And she also just dropped her television ad for the 4 dates in London this May.  Royal inspired of course:

 photo article-2273116-17551034000005DC-274_634x419_zps259e4d3d.jpg  photo article-2273116-17551505000005DC-740_634x478_zpsb934f517.jpg

PS: Check out the face of her hubby inside her necklace as the camera zooms in on it.

Pics: Baltimore Ravens/Twitter/Youtube



Yes girl. Respect for self

Yes girl. Respect for self and others is one of the most beautiful traits a woman can carry.
Classic87's picture

Um..that link is not for this

Um..that link is not for this Superbowl...that's definitely the stats for last years game Giants vs Patriots. But my team did that!! RAVENSNATION stand up! :-)
JayDeeTee's picture

Kelly Rowland really stood

Kelly Rowland really stood out yesterday. She was the star.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lisa Raye's Subc.... I agree

Lisa Raye's Subc.... I agree with you, Kelly Rowland really was the star. She has come into her own, and what I like about her is she is a real woman. She does not pretend she is something she is not. We need more real and down to earth people in this world.
Miss D's picture

Kelly is truly happy in her

Kelly is truly happy in her own skin & it shows. Batty Bey is still trying to prove things to the voices in her head. And chasing money to fill the void in her soul.................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

yes....low mic levels,

yes....low mic levels, 10-second appearance and ALL. GOOD EYE GIRL *walks away (bitch delusional as hell)*
Classic87's picture

Looky here....Bey saw that

Looky here....Bey saw that everyone was looking @ Kelly...so Bey signaled (by flashing one of her fake gang signs)to have Kelly's Mic lowered. Then she cut the set short. Kelly is a BOSS and ran it.............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

lol whatever helps you sleep

lol whatever helps you sleep at night...
Classic87's picture

The Superbowl was definitely

The Superbowl was definitely entertaining this year and I am so happy for the Ravens and the performers.
Taj's picture

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