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Rihanna Keeps The Party Going At MyStudio, While Chris Brown Works On New Album

 photo spl486447_007_zpsb94cda4c.jpg

Rihanna loves to hit up the clubs in between tour rehearsals.  So it was no surprise the Barbadian pop princess popped up at MyStudio in L.A. late last night to get in some drinks & music.


Pics inside, plus what Chris Brown was doing in the meantime....

Rocking red leather pants and a printed silky jacket with her animal print Reeboks, Rihanna made her way to MyStudio nightclub yesterday to party it up with her girls:

 photo article-0-172CCD89000005DC-171_634x1211_zps820c3081.jpg  photo article-0-172CCD07000005DC-231_634x1154_zpsc3a42098.jpg

She tweeted that she went for some late night pizza afterwards.  Not mad.

 photo article-2268682-172C9C2E000005DC-276_634x603_zpsabe30ece.jpg

Chris Brown wasn't with her (this time) at MyStudio.  But he was in another type of studio.  He tweeted a pic of himself contemplating on some music.  He said, "Working on my new album... Looking to make this one very special. "X" "

Get ready....

Pics: Splash/Instagram




I'm just weak at the dude

I'm just weak at the dude trying to get a high five as RiRi enters the club and gets a mini-mush from security instead! LMAO
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I am no longer a Rihanna fan.

I am no longer a Rihanna fan. She's too DUMB TO SEE Chris is just using her to rebuild his image. If she shares her grammy time on stage with him I am going to throw my TV out the window. Why would she want a man that beats on her and cheats on her?!?! C'mon Rih
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This love triangle thing been

This love triangle thing been going on for a while. Chris got it made..................................Get paid every Friday by Direct deposit every week working from home..http://fridaypays.com
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tom100's picture

Chris hair is layed like

Chris hair is layed like "Poor crackhead junky" Chris stop it with this crack pipe hair color, looking like Dennis Rodman Jr. geez #flips.hair.that.is.all oh yeah and I don't like riri's 16-year old outfit O__O
sexybrownpyt's picture

And the next Dennis

And the next Dennis Rodman-looking celebrity is...
C2C's picture

Everytime I see this guy he

Everytime I see this guy he looks more and more dingy.
Realist's picture

Chris is going down fast. I

Chris is going down fast. I hope Rihanna has some people around her (and she's listening) that will keep her from going down with him. I get it. I was stupid in love once with a guy that was no good and I finally snapped out of it. Now, I wasn't abused but I'm not in her shoes so I can't speak on that. She has a bright future and I hope she's just having fun right now and not really taking any of this too seriously.
Username's picture

CB is starting to look very,

CB is starting to look very, very bad. I'm not sure if he thought messing with two girls at the same time would make his life easier, but it's not working out that way. Rihanna looks fab, as always.
Santi114's picture

I mean i just dont get all

I mean i just dont get all the Hype (Seriously) ..Chris brown and dat Poodle/Dirty cotton hair has got too go ....
REd™'s picture

Chris looks a flaming HOT

Chris looks a flaming HOT *NSYNC MESS! Smdhlolz...Po thang *sigh
Like Really's picture

Your finshed

Your finshed

I KNEW I was goin to REGRET

I KNEW I was goin to REGRET clicking on this post! Chris' hair is *LITERALLY* FRIED, DYED, & LAID TO THE SIDE! ¡NO BUENO!
tori's picture

Too funny!

Too funny!
C2C's picture

Ugh this ho still trying to

Ugh this ho still trying to get her picture taken? Chris' hair looks a bit better like this, well better than the blonde fro he was rocking.
Yas's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Hi - Rihanna wearing that

Hi - Rihanna wearing that black see-through dress was a strategy - directed MAINLY at Karrueche. Before Rihanna stepped out in her see-through black dress the other night, Karrueche wore a black unflattering dress to her Rolling Out party. Afterwards...maybe Rihanna wore her black see-through dress to reveal that she sees through Karrueche and her desperate actions for attention from being associated with Chris Brown and his connections... ### Truth or fiction...? It was reported on MTO - Saturday January 26, 2013, that Rihanna went to the same club where she knew Karrueche was having an event. And MTO further reported that Rihanna, in her black see-through dress, stepped to Karrueche...

I'm sorry, u seem like a nice

I'm sorry, u seem like a nice person, but quotin MTO is like GABOUREY SIDIBE on a LOW CALORIC DIET...#EPIC FAIL!
tori's picture

Lame as... STFU.

Lame as... STFU.
Yas's picture

Damm I'm waitng for the day.

Damm I'm waitng for the day. It's just a matter of time. What is this "X" shit Chris talking about? I hope he's not making a song about his "X" or is that going to be the name of his album? Don't want to hear nothing about Kae with the little boy shape.

LOL me neither. No Karhoochie

LOL me neither. No Karhoochie on the new album please!!!!
Tannygirl's picture

Wow, she looks like such a

Wow, she looks like such a big fucking deal....
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I would never wear this,

I would never wear this, especially the jacket, but she can get away with anything she wears. Looks like the rouge noir lipstick from the nineties is coming back.
Tannygirl's picture

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