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Christina Milian Goes For Post Work Out Drinks....In A Gun Holster Vest

 photo article-0-172BC6AC000005DC-115_634x1044_zps4084b0c7.jpg

Christina Milian knows how to reward herself after a work out.  Yesterday after her run on the beach, the petitie cutie threw on her jeans, a tank and a gun holster...as decoration of course...to grab food and drinks with her girls.


Pics inside...


 photo article-2268607-172BC6D5000005DC-939_634x1011_zps1eebc899.jpg

Drinks after a work out are always fun.  So Christina Milian made her way to the Italian eatery Mia Bella Roma in Miami with her girls last night in some serious studded boots.  She tweeted:

'Love these boots #zigigirl sent me.. Gracias'

Interesting look she has here.  But she stays cute regardless:

 photo INFphoto_2409428_zpsbf06a274.jpg

 photo article-2268607-172BC43F000005DC-142_634x1105_zps4fcb4d9c.jpg  photo FFN_Milian_Christina_VEM_JGD_012513_50998796_zpsdfd8d50d.jpg  photo FFN_Milian_Christina_VEM_JGD_012513_50998938_zps4a384d77.jpg 

She even stopped to pose with a few fans.  And spent the rest of the night partying it p for YMCMB's DJ Stevie J's birthday at Room Service. Sweet.  And

Pics: FameFlynet/INF




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tom100's picture

I love her braids.

I love her braids.
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luelladaube's picture

Those boots look treacherous.

Those boots look treacherous.
Realist's picture

Chile boo I don't know what

Chile boo I don't know what look she going for.....smdh #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I like it when women are

I like it when women are confident (fun times) the braids are cute on her ...
REd™'s picture

Christina Milian has

Christina Milian has absolutely no fashion sense at all. All she had to do was wear the jeans with the top and a sensible pair of shoes. Why in Jesus' name did she think the gun holster and those horrible boots improved the look?
Santi114's picture

Girl go home and start

Girl go home and start over...And next time u workout take these chicks with u.
star's picture

Ya know, its a shame them

Ya know, its a shame them girls prob 10 younger then Christina, nobody want to see all that flubber.....especially the chick with the crop top #stop eating processed foods and hit the gym!!! #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Bwahhhaaahhhaaa...them sum

Bwahhhaaahhhaaa...them sum BIG B!TCHES!! HEFTY...HEFTY..HEFTY!!!
tori's picture

What is goin on with the

What is goin on with the chicks in the LAST pic?? C-Milli outfit is a bust & them braids look AWKWARD on her but she's still a cutie pie! Them boots make me say "WHEWW!"
tori's picture

The jeans don't fit her very

The jeans don't fit her very well and the outfit isn't the best i've seen. Her face is very beautiful though.
sianna1's picture

What is the deal with the

What is the deal with the boots? Those are the ugliest roach stompers I've ever seen.
Peace Silas's picture

The more weight she

The more weight she gains...the higher the heels get
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


C2C's picture

This outfit, what a failure

This outfit, what a failure Chris.
Tannygirl's picture

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