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Rihanna SMOKES OUT In CONTROVERSIAL Tour Rehearsal Photo, Parties On Her Break

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As she preps for her Diamonds World Tour, it's Rihanna's backstage antics (smoking blunts and Chris Brown collaborations) that have folks scratching their heads.  See her latest controversial pic inside.....

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Hard-working pop starlet Rihanna is set to trek around the world once again for her Diamonds World Tour following her recent "777" trek around the globe.  But it's what Rihanna does off-stage that seems to keep the public intrigued and sometimes offended.  FOlks posted to her Instagram and around the net that she should chill out on all the smoking...especially during tour.  And on a side note, we all know she wants to do everything she can to make that voice sound right.

So the "Pour It Up" diva recently posted some BTS flicks from her Diamonds World tour rehearsal which included her smoking a blunt with the caption  "You a real nigga, then phuck wit me!" 

One of RiRi's most recent critics was Golden Globe winner and "Girls" director Lena Dunham who took her to task for rekindling a relationship with Chris Brown, all the "smoking" photos and how it may impact her female fans.  She told Alec Baldwin's "Here's the Thing" podcast,

“It’s an amazing thing and it’s like, it’s a platform that you have to take seriously. Which is why sometimes it’s like I used to be really into Rihanna, that pop star, and then it’s like again, I don’t want to ever throw stones from my glass house, but I follow her on Instagram and I just think about how many little girls beyond what I could even comprehend are obsessed with Rihanna

“She’s talented. And then she gets back together with Chris Brown and posts a million pictures of them smoking marijuana together on a bed…And it cracks my heart in half in a way that makes me feel like I’m 95 years old.”

But we all know outside opinions will do very little to deter Rihanna's behavior....because she's so Unapologetic.

 photo rir6833_zpsb014379c.png

In other Rih Rih news, one of the latest dates added to the Diamonds World Tour lineup with A$AP Rocky is an appearance at Revel's Ovation Hall on April 26, 2013.  The exclusive presale begins Thursday January 24 at 10 a.m. and ends Thursday, January 24 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. 

She posted to Instagram, "Diamonds World Tour. It's approaching so quickly, and I'm hype az shit! Big ups to my niggaz who got tickets, you're epic for that!!! #shinebrightbitch"



 photo 89726PCN_Rihanna02_zpsc92ca816.jpg

Last night, apparently on a break from practicing for the tour, Rihanna was spotted leaving hot spot Hyde on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. 

 photo 89726PCN_Rihanna07_zps0056c0cd.jpg

 photo 89726PCN_Rihanna18_zps96e202e1.jpg

She was shielded from the rain by a team of handlers.  She wore her Shawn Kemp Reeboks and said, "What's the issue?"


 photo rirhterry_zpse63ee25a.jpg

She also shared a photo with her favorite photographer Terry Richardson as they were doing a mystery shoot.  Wonder which magazine cover is next....

Photos via PCN/Instagram



I could give a damn about

I could give a damn about some weed. All I know is...if you live fast, you will die young!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

I never understood, why

I never understood, why people give these celebs the responsibility of raising their kids. The whole "kids looking up to you" statement just irks my nerve. Of course she will be admired by the youth, but when is it the parent's job to grab their child and say, "Yes, you love Rihanna, BUT that is her life NOT yours. Their job is to entertain ONLY, yes all get the opportunity to watch her life unfold in front of our eyes, but it is just that. HER LIFE! How many people on here smoke weed? I do, but no one gives a f*ck lol. She is human and she is still a YOUNG woman who is still learning from her own mistakes in life. so why on earth do people expect her to show the youth, how to live "right". Call me silly, but I think kids should be inspired by their own parents/family, historical or current leaders that CHOOSE to make a difference in people's current/future life. Or at least someone who know they exist, at least. NOT celebs who clearly rather live their own life. After all the girl (rihanna) already said, she is no one's role model.

You're right no one cares if

You're right no one cares if you smoke because you're not a celeb, but if you were it would be a whole different story. At the end of the day there are many things that are going to influence children. Parents have to do their job. We would hope the people that our kids are exposed to would do better, but we have to be prepared and give them the tools to be successful. I agree with u
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hooklookping's picture

Whitney Junior

Whitney Junior
REd™'s picture

Oh Rhi! Let's stop the BSing

Oh Rhi! Let's stop the BSing and get it together already, please. You're not a martyr, you're supposed to be a survivor.
Peace Silas's picture

One day the well will run dry

One day the well will run dry and then.....and then..... o what waste! Only a matter of time....
theclassy1_tt's picture

RiRi - everything was fun and

RiRi - everything was fun and cute in the begining. I don't care that you are with Chrisk, but please watch yourself. Your a different person now and it's not pretty. Don't get me wrong, you are still beautiful!! But just getting worried about all the crazy stuff you are doing, please know you and Chris both are in my prayers. Just take it down some, that's all I'm saying!!!
dmcw1264's picture

Love that shirt! This is not

Love that shirt! This is not news, YBF and def not controversial! Riri boo, drop them thangs! They are not even cute! If you must smoke, we don't wanna know ok! Love you! Looking forward to the tour!
Nenns's picture

I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that Lena Dunham wants to comment on Rihanna and her effect on young women and how it "breaks her heart" but she has nothing to say about Lindsay Lohan and her antics. Give me a fking Break!
PacificGirl's picture

I like Rhianna's music. I

I like Rhianna's music. I don't think smoking is good for a singer period, then again does she really sing?!
myopinioncounts's picture

Damn that head....LOL

Damn that head....LOL
star's picture

I don't think there's

I don't think there's anything wrong with smoking weed, but why does she continue to takes pics showing herself with possession of it? I do love Rihanna, but that's a straight up dummy move! smh! She's going to have the po-po messing with her like all of those rappers.
Happy Lady's picture

Smoking is her choice, she's

Smoking is her choice, she's an adult so let her do her. She know what she stands to lose! A$AP Rocky said she smoke like a dude anyway. If R Kells can piss on little girls and still have fans, i seriously doubt this is going to rock her boat. And if it does, she can go buy her a boat and sail away, never having to work, and smoking all she wants with no hassle from everybody else who she couldn't give 2 s$%ts about anyway

WOW, this is so like...

WOW, this is so like... CONTROVERSIAL! I mean we've never seen Rih do this before [insert appropriate emoji here]. This chick is over.
Yas's picture

RiRi is going to do what she

RiRi is going to do what she wants to do and God has her back so everyone needs to chillax and mind their business......#noseyMFs God put weed on this planet for a reason and it wasn't for shits & giggles. You disagree with that...you have an issue with Him, not those that know the truth and use it for those reasons.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

zzzzzz!!!!! slow news day

zzzzzz!!!!! slow news day huh????
sweetpea1989's picture

If it was a male rapper with

If it was a male rapper with a would this be news? why the double standard? two states just legalize weed which the people voted for so why are we so pressed over smoking weed. we don't get pressed when someone smoking cigarette which kills millions of people a year alcohol kill millions and destroy families around the world yet we all going ape shit over a 25 year old woman smoking weed. she's not 16 anymore she's 25. weed never kills anyone? give it a break
xedos's picture

Who cares about Rihanna's

Who cares about Rihanna's pravite life. I want to say one thing. @Rihanna please get rid of that hair it don't become you at all. Your beauty really shows with the short black hair.

Everyone wants a piece of

Everyone wants a piece of Rih, but who wants her for herself. The Rihanna that's not the entertainer. Get it together. Not saying its true, but seems like ever since she and Chris re-kindled their relationship, she's taken a turn for the worst.
JewelryLover's picture

Chris re-kindled their

Chris re-kindled their relationship, she's taken a turn for the worst.WHAT!!! Rihanna has been the same since day one. Don't try to post Rihanna's behavior on Chris because you hate them together or your hate for Chris

Excuse you! I love her and

Excuse you! I love her and her music and I like Chris. I just said "it seems like", that's not saying its true or not. Have a seat somewhere.
JewelryLover's picture

Rhianna is a pathetic soul.

Rhianna is a pathetic soul. One thing I don't understand about her & Lindsay Lohan is both of their dads are stone cold addicts. Both of Lindsay's parents are addicts. They had a front row seat for what addiction does to you and your family but they still jumped on the same road like it was the only route to take.
Somerknight's picture

What exactly are handlers?

What exactly are handlers? Like who do they consist of? Someone please school me on this. I think that it is an interesting sounding term.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Rhianna is dumb as a door

Rhianna is dumb as a door knob. Her handlers are people who handle her day to day activies like what she will wear, what appearances she will make, even what endorsements she will accept. They could care less that she is high 20hrs a day because they are making a killing on the side. When her handlers decide to drop her off at at midnight at a club, she is too dumb/high to realize her handlers already cut a side deal for her to show up at that club that night. She is not talented so her handlers are going to try to juice her dry for what ever they can get for the next couple of years because they know her fame is very temporary.
Somerknight's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

why so press? you're so smart

why so press? you're so smart yet she's the dumb one with the huge back account. if your ass was as hard working as her your life would be better off. Rihanna is at the stage in her career where she decide what she wants to do. when she wants to work.You need to get your life in order.
xedos's picture

her bank account isn't big

her bank account isn't big actually, the people in charge of her accounts are however, same thing goes for the other celebs. They are all pawns n machines and once used up thrown away like a piece of paper, everything they have is given/loan to them. They are owned completely and have no control over their lives hence why they all end up in the wrong directions becuz they are trapped, once u're "IN "there's no way out so u live with the demons u signed up for that leads u in the downhill path....
theclassy1_tt's picture

Co-sign, well said

Co-sign, well said
sexybrownpyt's picture

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