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CHECK IT: Our Fave Moments From Inuaguration Day 2013

 photo o-OBAMAS-INAUGURATION-KISS-570_zpsac3ea78b.jpg

You've seen all the official and picture perfect images from yesterday's second Inauguration Day festivities for the President.  Now we've got the moments we loved the most that were caught on camera.


Check out the PDA loving Obamas, the Obama girls snapping pics of themselves (and we can only HOPE they have secret Instagram accounts) like any other girl in the world, and more....

And that's how the First Family is just like us.  While chillin' in the Review Stand during yesterday's Inaugural Parade, First Lady Michelle showed that she gives the duck face in pics just like everyone else.  And her daughters Sasha & Malia were all about snapping the pics:

 photo o2_zpsdd336fba.jpg

POTUS & FLOTUS were caught on video kissing each other at least 3-4 times while Sasha snapped away....because they wanted to get the perfect kiss pose.  Mr. Prez gave no complaints and didn't put up a fight about the multiple kisses....probably because his wife looked insanely gorge yesterday. And it's written all over his face his cutesy obsession with her.  Gotta love it!


And just like any teens, Sasha and Malia snapped pics of themselves posing it up in between acts of the parade stopping in front of them:

 photo photo_zpsd60a3def.png

  photo o-OBAMA-INAUGURATION-PDA-570_zpse70b4565.jpg  


 photo o3_zpsc9637913.jpg

Malia was dancing it up in the booth most of the time.  Love how fun and lose the Obamas were this time around.

 photo slide_275995_2008988_free_zps20d9c833.jpg

Will.I.Am was in the Review Booth looking like he had just seen something he shouldn't have.

 photo article-2265858-171426F8000005DC-364_634x582_zps6296bed0.jpg

The moment we finally got to see the full outfit under that Thom Browne coat.  Debuting it at the Inaugural lunch yesterday afternoon, Mrs. O rocked a silver Thom Browne dress and cardigan with her knee high Reed Krakoff boots.  And we absolutely loved Dr. Jill Biden's white dress with rosette accents.


And First Lady Michelle's playful eye roll at the luncheon--that was for Speaker Boehner, her husband or maybe both of them:

Outside at the swearing in, Beyonce got some love from both the President and the First Lady, who Bey & Jay call friends:

 photo article-2265891-1713C5A9000005DC-809_634x635_zpsa1422b77.jpg  photo article-2265891-1713EBBF000005DC-585_634x477_zps684070ab.jpg  photo article-2265891-17140BDF000005DC-494_634x735_zps35f3e505.jpg

Kelly Clarkson tweeted a cute pic of the two of them afterwards saying, "Me and B just hangin' out ....don't worry about it. Seriously, God did good. She is so beautiful!"

 photo tumblr_mh0lioVN9N1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps363a46c1.jpg  photo tumblr_mh0lm8vJ1b1rqgjz2o1_500_zps46244b19.jpg

Bey also took to her Tumblr to post a few pics of her rehearsing before going out on stage, plus a pic with Mama Tina.

By the way, now there's controversy over Beyonce lip synching (or singing to a track) for her performance of the National Anthem.  Even though most performers at Inauguration do have a back track due to being outside in the elements, Beyonce has made news for it.  Reports state that she opted, last minute, to mouth along with her studio version of the track. Kelly Clarkson reportedly sang "My Country Tis of Thee" live.

 photo article-2266236-171513DB000005DC-0_634x396_zps03ad7d8a.jpg

At the official Commander In Chief's ball, President & Mrs. Barack & Michelle O. saluted Jennifer Hudson who serenaded them....and it made for a sweet moment.

 photo article-2266144-17153AA6000005DC-456_634x490_zps89016bd7.jpg

And the President's swoon-worthy (and downright sexy) singing of his own he did in his wife's ear.


 photo c62e1316-0d07-3640-9292-89b77487072b_zps3e03c300.png

Also outside at the swearing-in, yeah we caught you eyeing Kelly Clarkson's ass Mr. Clinton.  EVERYONE saw you.  Still the same ol dude.  Hilar.

 photo sashayawn_zpsa87ec5d8.gif

Sasha was unimpressed by her dad's swearing in speech.  Gotta love the down to earth kids who aren't fazed by all the pomp and circumstance surrounding daddy.....

At the parade:

 photo slide_275995_2008980_free_zps5f5c5dd9.jpg

How can you not love a President who blows kisses to the crowd?

 photo slide_275995_2008984_free_zps27274a2e.jpg 

And Uncle Joe Biden....was on 100.  And we loved it.  He gave his Secret Service a heart attack a few times as he sneaked out of the extra secure formation to go shake Al Roker's hand and the hands of some random kids.  All while yelling the whole time.  Gotta love Uncle Joe.

What were your fave moments?




She indirectly rolled her

She indirectly rolled her eyes...what is the big deal any way?
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I looooove the first

I looooove the first family!!!
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commonprosperity9913's picture

All the coats were gorge!!!!

All the coats were gorge!!!! Beyonce is gorge, and a great singer, always has been. The kids are adorable...and I'm headed to live my life...toddles..
cocoknows2012's picture

You can tell Michelle don't

You can tell Michelle don't like the Speaker Of The House. She gave him that look that said "Although I'm sitting next to you that don't mean I have to talk to you!!!"
BigJohn's picture

Beyonce should have sang live

Beyonce should have sang live plain and simple. All her stans can stomp, insult, scream and pout all day, but it is what it is. Kelly and the lady from the BTC were phenonmenal. Aretha sang live 4 years ago even though she said her voice wasn't all the way there. Beyonce continues to prove she is more of an entertainer than singer. I grew up with entertainers like Diana Ross, Madonna and Janet Jackson so I have seen the best of the best in that area already. Me being a deep lover of jazz and old school r&b...I prefer real singers over all.
JJFad's picture

The hate this woman generates

The hate this woman generates is comical to say the least.
Realist's picture

The President def wants to

The President def wants to hit that(BEY) if he cold get away with it....Sho do....lol
star's picture

Love all of the pics of the

Love all of the pics of the First Family. Everybody else can go. Love the video of the FLOTUS giving the speaker the side eye. I get the feeling it was in fun. Mr. President get out of your nose.
SadieJade's picture


BEEMA's picture

ROTFL @ Ms.Obama chowing down

ROTFL @ Ms.Obama chowing down her meal ignoring the hell out that man...LMAO dying!!! Yes bish don't disturb me while I'm eating!!! child-boo they caught Sasha yawning? lol i don't blame her, i would be right with her yawning too. Everybody looks nice #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I simply adore the coat that

I simply adore the coat that Dr. Biden was wearing. I also love the fact that The Pres and VP Pres and their children were so down to earth. We need more real people in this world. Tired of all of these fakes and wannabees. Now as for Bey's dress and Hair, It was way too much! Solange, please dress your sister. Give her a new hair do and become her stylist. It looks to me like she is dressing her self. Big mistake.
Miss D's picture

Kelly Clarkson and the chick

Kelly Clarkson and the chick that did the solo with the Bklyn Tab Choir sang live. Beyonce should have done so as well. I know it's commonplace to sing over a track in an outdoor venue, but those two ladies showed Mrs. Carter how it's done.
SweetDivaT's picture

Hehe Finally the point of it

Hehe Finally the point of it all.. I agree U want titles, the shine, and the glory but u can't sing the National Anthem LIVE like all the *Greats wud do!? Thank u for the post dear..,that insidious concert cud never trump Kelly nor Obama's tenacious speech! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

William always looks bat

William always looks bat crazy, like he needs to be in a padded room. Who gives a crap if Beyonce lip synced, Barack got a second term and his inauguration speech was phenomenal.

Natasha, No pictures of Ed

Natasha, No pictures of Ed Gordon for the mature ladies? LOL!!!!!
Pam's picture

I could tell she lip synced

I could tell she lip synced yesterday but didn't post anything because of these lunatic beehive crazy people on here.
TeaNicole's picture

I think the haters are much

I think the haters are much more lunaticky than the stans.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Natasha its a big deal,

Natasha its a big deal, because she made all appearances as if singing live e.g. removing earpiece etc
Ayanns's picture

Americans have ADHD one

Americans have ADHD one minute you all are obsessed with inaguration frenzy split second later it's all about Beyonce and her lip syncing who gives a f**k. This is the reason the presidential election is a joke because you can't hold on to the facts long enough to make an intelligent decision anyways. I imagine our media that we take so seriously is nothing but entertainment fodder and fluff overseas.
Mouse's picture

Who cares if Beyonce lip

Who cares if Beyonce lip synched the National Anthem? She sings very well and doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. I still love her!!!
Happy Lady's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LMMFAOOOO!!!!Bey cray ass is

LMMFAOOOO!!!!Bey cray ass is BUSTEEEEEEED!!! You know I had to get confirmation on this and all I can say is...... Somebody better do a well being check on this girl, because she can not be doing too well after this. She's probably in her shower fully dressed, trying to wash away the devastation. This girl done put on all of those theatrical ass faces and she even did that dramatic rip out of her earpiece and you want to hear something even more devastating, wait for it............... I was watching one of the news programs this morning and one of the newscasters said that after Bey finished singing and went back to her seat, they said that her hubby handed her what appeared to be a cough drop, so does that mean he was in on it as well? DEVASTATING!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Bey lip-synced the national

Bey lip-synced the national anthem yesterday. http://music.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=786640

I loved it. This is

I loved it. This is definitely a dream come true for me and a beacon of hope for all minorities. I just hate how presumptuous the writer of this blog is sometimes. I guess you have to sensationalize stories to sustain readership. Eh I am guilty too, so whatever.


BREAKING NEWS.....Batty Bey LIP Sync'ed the Anthem!!!!!! Says ABC News Website!!!!! She chickened out at the last minute!!!!!! Kelly Clarkson was LIVE and was still 100 times better!!!!!!!! PHONY bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Who gives a rat's azz about

Who gives a rat's azz about Kelly Clarkson she could of lip synced also. Beyonce sang to her own track BIG DEAL!!! as for Kelly's after all of the years of rumors about her being a lesbian she hurries up and gets engaged so people can shut up about her liking women.
sweetpea1989's picture

Stop deflecting. You sound

Stop deflecting. You sound like Fox News trying to protect George Bush (Typical Republican Tactic) .............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

lol that sentence made me

lol that sentence made me chuckle #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....and thank YOU!!!!

....and thank YOU!!!! Everything about this SOUL-LESS bimbo is a FRAUD.....Bwaaaahahahahaha...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I just hate the choice of

I just hate the choice of hair color & texture worn by Beyonce. Historical event for blacks & she wanna look like a white woman.
Somerknight's picture

LMAO Yes hunty!!!! her hair

LMAO Yes hunty!!!! her hair is layed like "Rich White Women" ROTFL let me stop, Bey looks beautiful tho #flips.my.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Batty Bey needs to get outta

Batty Bey needs to get outta Michelle's FACE!!!!! Observe the 18" to 24" inch RULE. Maybe FLOTUS couldn't understand her Gibberish and was trying to read Lips........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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