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Shawty Lo Says "All My Babies' Mamas" NEVER Got A Chance + Nas Blames Vertigo On His Hectic Work Schedule



Shawty-Lo is speaking out about Oxygen dropping "All My Babies' Mamas" saying people never gave it a chance. Watch the interview inside and find out what Nas blamed his hospital visit on.

Shawty-Lo is speaking up about Oxygen stopping development on "All My Babies' Mamas"  and he wants people to know it wasn't as bad as it sounded

While appearing on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, he spoke up about the critics saying, "They makin' their assumptions off a 13-minute trailer and this like the biggest news around the world right now and it's unbelievable."

He continued, "The show wasn't about, we finna be fightin'....My show is not about no negative; it's a positive. But if they wanna see the show, sign a petition."

For what it's worth, there's a new petition to get the show "green lighted" again (also on Change.org) and Shawty-Lo defended his life and his family saying,

"It's a lot of fathers don't take care of one; I gotta deal with 11. I gotta deal with nine girls and two boys.

Comin' up, we didn't have Thanksgiving, we didn't have Christmas, but if I had my father there, if I even had my mother there, I probably wouldn't have been that person I was in the streets."

Um, ok.


In other music news...


We told you earlier about Nas cancelling on "Live With Kelly & Michael" due to vertigo, and now he's opening up about the diagnosis.  He told ABC News that his extreme dizziness was due to a hectic work schedule

"I'm good now.  When you don't really realize you're working so much -- whew! -- things happen."  He added,  "I knew exactly what it was when I started to feel it."

Now, Nas is walking a straight line again so Life Is Good.  He also tweeted about becoming the new face of Hennessy's Wild Rabbit campaign as he performed a few concerts in NYC for the brand this week.






"My show is not about no

"My show is not about no negative" -- that about sums up all you need to know about this "man" and his stupid ass show. Stay in school, kids.
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Nasir Jones...good grief...

Nasir Jones...good grief...

Yeah my mom had vertigo. She

Yeah my mom had vertigo. She was out of work for a looonng time, it's no joke. And please @Shawty Lo. That sh*t was gonna be just as ghetto as we saw/thought. Talking about "I gotta deal with 11 children" YOUR choice idiot. I didn't grow up with a father and I have ZERO baby's mamas. ; )
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Shawty Lo is nothing more

Shawty Lo is nothing more than a uneducated former(or possibly current) drug dealer turned "rapper". There is nothing about this type of person that needs to be publicized. If he is a taking care of his kids then good for him, but so are alot of fathers who have never done things that have destroyed our community. I am sick of our people uplifting drug dealers, strippers, pimps, video hoes, rappers, jumpoffs, loud mouth hoodrats in designer clothing, hoodrat athletes and all these dregs of society as something we should admire. You don't see any other community admiring this mess on the regular but us.
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Nas, if you ever feel dizzy

Nas, if you ever feel dizzy again you can fall right into my bed!
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Shawty Lo with his hoodrat

Shawty Lo with his hoodrat vocabulary challenged azz needs to have a seat, he cannot be taking care of all of those kids he signed up to do a reality show and expect to get paid for it, obvious he needs the money. I am so HAPPY this crap will not be aired and I hope the other netwoks will not pick it up either.
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I love Nas!

I love Nas!
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Shawty Lo's ghetto, gutter

Shawty Lo's ghetto, gutter straight NONSENSE didn't deserve a chance. If that ignorant mess aired it would just further corrupt american television. I'm glad there was SOME kind of standard set here. There is a vast array of shit television that is currently available. If you want to watch ignorant, worthless tv.......go watch one of those.
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Nas.......hhhhhhmmmmmm......I must say, he still got it...... :-)
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...and we STILL want it!!

...and we STILL want it!!
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Shawty Lo can cry me a river.

Shawty Lo can cry me a river. I didn't sign the petition, but I'm incredibly relieved that this show was cancelled. And him comparing how he has to take care of 11 kids when some men don't take care of 1 did nothing for me. Being a good father means more than just putting food on the table. If my father had 10 other kids with as many women, I'd disown that fool. Better yet, that would never happen because my mom doesn't accept weak men.
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This daft dude and other

This daft dude and other supporters of this buffoonery are actually trying to justify an outlet showcasing him for impregnating 11 different women?? Stupid is as stupid does.
Realist's picture

nas looks so damn sexy in

nas looks so damn sexy in that pic
litebrite's picture

Yes gurl, He's sexy without

Yes gurl, He's sexy without even trying.
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whateva shawty LOW...wtf is

whateva shawty LOW...wtf is positive about you trying to populate the entire word by yourself.. hot mess!
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Its funny that you can tell

Its funny that you can tell who IS COLLEGE EDUCATED AND WHO ISN'T just by reading the comments to this Shawty Lo post. Anyone who has taken a sociology, history, or college level psychology course knows the detrimental impact that this show can have on social norms of impressionable black youths watching the show. The ones who want the show are uneducated and are the blacks that think all tv is good and innocent. The black family is becoming a urban legend as it is replaced with baby mamas, jump offs, and the strip club over the country club. Dr.King would be glad this mess was shut down.
BEEMA's picture

You can't be

You can't be EDUCATED..because you stay on the YBF all day everyday..having Internet fights with tori! So you need to check yourself honey before you pass judgment on anybody.
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BEEMA's picture

Oh u fancy huh? Sit yo stupid

Oh u fancy huh? Sit yo stupid ass down.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Please, please keep this

Please, please keep this hoodrat off the airways. He is a disgrace, and I, for hope, hope whatever footage exists finds it way to the deepest part of the Atlanta Ocean. As Blacks, we have enough negativity to confront without adding this train wreck to the pile.... At the rate he is going, the pitch for his next show will be dealing with is AIDS....
PR22's picture

I'm going to sign Shawty Lo

I'm going to sign Shawty Lo petition for the show to be aired! FK the uppity niggas I wanna see the show if you don't..DONT WATCH IT..period!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Oxygen should've NEVER

Oxygen should've NEVER catered to that straight ba-foolery in the first place. He must of thought they were going to be like 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' or the Duggars '19 Kids & Counting' but nobody is checkin' for that ish.
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Nas is looking good in that

Nas is looking good in that pic!!...as for Shawty Lo ----> O___O that-is-all
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I hope Shawty Lo's show gets

I hope Shawty Lo's show gets aired. I wont be watching it but why stop them from getting their paper? As far as Nas,,,,I can relate hunty,,,,I get vertigo too.
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I hope the show does NOT see

I hope the show does NOT see the light of day.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Shawty Lo, I'm rootin for ur

Shawty Lo, I'm rootin for ur show but CHANGE THE NAME OF IT, so it won't sound so damn RATCHET! Nas, tell the truth...u popped a BADD MOLLY!
tori's picture

Nas.....i call bullshit on

Nas.....i call bullshit on that.....Hennessy will give u "vertigo" too. They probably sent u a case of it....and you went HAM.................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO ya know!

LMAO ya know!
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