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Santigold's "Girls" VIDEO + Future & Ciara "Wake Up, Turn Up" + Jaden & Willow Smith "Kite" + Brianna Perry FT. Teyana Taylor "Take My Breath Away"


In case your new music playlist is lacking the latest beats, we have a treasure chest of banging updates for you. Inside, hear the latest from Santigold, Future featuring Ciara, Jaden Smith teaming with his sister Willow and Briana Perry matching up with Teyana Taylor....

Santigold recently shot a video depicting the essence of a certain group of New York women, showcasing a variety of shapes, sizes, ages, and personal styles. It's the title track for the soundtrack to the hit HBO series "Girls." The GIRLS – Volume 1 soundtrack also features songs from Robyn, Icona Pop, fun., Sleigh Bells, Grouplove & Fleet Foxes.

In other new music...

After a few false starts, Ciara might have finally come up with a breakout single to take her back to #1, and it's with her alleged new boyfriend Future. Produced by Mike WiLL Made It, she co-wrote the club banger "Wake Up, Turn Up" with Future and it will be featured his mixtape Future Presents F.B.G.: The Movie (January 15).


Also in music.....

Jaden Smith has teamed with his sister Willow for a new track called "Kite." The talented siblings rap and sing over a laid back beat that's shockingly catching. Listening to the track you'll easily forget that they're just "kids", but it's plain to see they're loaded with talent and we'll be hearing and seeing alot more of them.


And coming very soon...

Brianna Perry is gearing up to release her 'SYMPHONY NO. 9' (February 1) disc lead by this 80's influenced track "Take My Breath Away" featuring Teyana Perry. Relying heavily on the 80s song of the same name, Teyana's vocals draw the listener in while Brianna keeps you entertained as she walks you through the stages of a crushing on a boy.




now that song is Fire!!! love

now that song is Fire!!! love it! "Wake-up! No make-up!!" me all day
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I love the song and video and

I love the song and video and I love Santigold.
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i wonder if cici and future

i wonder if cici and future are dating? i just cant believe chris brown forgot to wear his boxers..i mean just google kelsnetwork
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Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention Santigold...always down with the sista she always does her thing!
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Ciara should have had Sean

Ciara should have had Sean Garrett or somebody else write a hit for the track and the Jaden and Willow track was cool....
Money First's picture

LOVE Ciara but this right her

LOVE Ciara but this right her is a hott mess!!! that chorus "Wakeup no makeup" is annoying as all hells. WTF Cece go back to the drawing board cause this aint it!! she is going backwards smdh flips hair, that-is-all.
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b*tch You are nobody to be

b*tch You are nobody to be telling C-error what her music should sound like! Haha sit down clown! How many albums- wait how many singles- how much mone- EXACTLY ZIP ZERO…you are a nobody..NEXT!
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@crazysexycool LMAO

@crazysexycool LMAO @"CREATURE in the Mirror" dying...that creature is definitely a monster or betta yet "the elephant man" lmao
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Sweetie I never said you look

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First, I had braces so Idk

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LOL.....No, this is not her

LOL.....No, this is not her account. This is my account,,,,,I can't stand BEEMA"S a$$ but sometimes she cracks me up. I have always thought and still do think that BEEMA is the resident crackhead here on the YBF.
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oh okay, yeah I agree with

oh okay, yeah I agree with you on the resident crackhead part
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@crazysexycool LMAO Ya Know,

@crazysexycool LMAO Ya Know, BEE-MAN never makes any sense that's why i stopped replying to his irrelevant dumb behind. He's that unwanted person where everyone wishes him to stfu and die....LMAO He desperately seeks pretty girls attention and hates himself. flips hair that-is-all
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Wait..C-error album still

Wait..C-error album still didn't drop? I guess her one woman army don't have it together...Question for C-error: Howyou going to go on Divas LIVE and Lip sync' Where dey do dat at? Question for Brianna Perry: How you going to sing over SOMEONE ELSE'S HIT!? No sampling and making your own, no changing the title, you just going to cut out their vocals and put yours on it! Music needs creativity!
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TRANSVESTIDE...SIR.."Howyou" gon STEAL SUM1 ELSE's PICTURE and use it as ur AVATAR & talk SH!T about ppl? OOGLY MORON!
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Really YBF, if I want to

Really YBF, if I want to watch videos I'll go to WSHH, or better yet, I'll go directly to YouTube...damn!
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BETTA YET-GO! you think

BETTA YET-GO! you think somebody trying to stop your dirty tranny azz?
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jaden's song is really cool.

jaden's song is really cool. he has a nice flow and willow is perfect for the chorus.
yonaton's picture

Luv Santigold...esp Freak

Luv Santigold...esp Freak Like me....
ldh34l's picture

LOVE the track with Jaden and

LOVE the track with Jaden and Willow...dope. They really are talented
AnoniNYC12's picture

I like Santigold thats it

I like Santigold thats it .... Ciara "sounds so Fu*kin stupid" i hope she dont think by fu*kin Future shes gonna make a come back lol
REd™'s picture

(Blank stare across the

(Blank stare across the board.......back to my 90's music)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Yes ma'am!

Yes ma'am!
C2C's picture

Thats just too much stuff to

Thats just too much stuff to watch Natasha...i have major A.D.D.
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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