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NOT AGAIN! Ice-T's Wife Coco Austin GETS FELT UP By ANOTHER Man In Second Pic SCANDAL



Unfortunately for Ice-T, one of Coco Austin's fans posted a pic of her in an uncompromising position and it had her feeling some kind of way.  Find out what she said to the fan while trying to save her image inside....


Coco Austin is famous for her suggestive pics, but the recent release of a few shots of her in a suggestive pose with another man is poking holes in the brand that she and Ice-T have created on "Ice Loves Coco."

We've already heard that Coco denies hooking up with rapper A-9, but the plot thickens.  It turns out that A-9 is friends with a man named Moose Diesel, who's the former manager of ARIA Resort & Casino’s Haze Nightclub. A-9 claims he invited Coco and a few of her Peep Show pals and reality tv crew members out to party at the club and the pair later hooked up. But that's the OLD news.

What we didn't know was that Coco was very camera friendly that night...and it's come back to bite her in the ass.  Literally. 

During that night, Moose Diesel took a few pics with Coco...that she clearly posed for. And she was fine with the pics until he uploaded them on Instagram. Coupled with the recent "A-9" scandal, it wasn't a good look for Coco so she reached out to him and asked him to take it down. He responded,

“It’s not a good look for you, not me . You knew what you were doing when you took the pic.”

Though Ice-T is standing by Coco, these pics have to be a little embarrassing. Especially for a former pimp. We bet Superfly or The Mack wouldn't put up with that ish.


And if that wasn't enough, now A-9 is talking about his night with Coco (pictured above grabbing her ass at the club supposedly recently) to HSK saying,

“I took Coco out on a date to Haze nightclub. She brought some friends…some of the crew from Ice Loves Coco even showed up too!

We had a steamy one night stand. I hate being called a liar…cuz I’m not.”

Word on the street is that there are a few steamy Coco pics floating around from that night and A-9 has taken a lie-detector test.  And it could all be yours for the right price.....

The Randomness:

1.  Robin Roberts announces plans to return to "GMA" in a few weeks.  Story.




I really hate to see junk

I really hate to see junk like this go on. Coco is use to being photographed with fans and celebs. These look like harmless photos to me but you do have those few butt holes that will try to make something out of nothing. Coco my advice to you is that when you go out, go out with your husband and let no one put their hands on your backside but your husband. As crazy sexy cool said, you can't entertain these clowns. These type of clowns are always trying to tear something or someone down or apart. Now if this crud has caused some stink between you and T ask for his forgiveness. T I know you love Coco so forgive her please. Coco stop doing stupid things. Proverbs 13:20 He that is walking with wise persons will become wise, but he that's is having dealings with the stupid ones will fair badly. Now for all of you who where talking trash and calling out pimps and ho's stop judging so that you may not be judged!
Butchieboy50's picture

Ice's game is not as tight as

Ice's game is not as tight as he thinks. I'm happy for him. He's a sell out any way. I could've told him, "a zebra can't change its stripes!" He should've known what he was getting. CoCo is just doing her job.

This is stupid. Her being a

This is stupid. Her being a hoe and getting mad that people shouted her out is stupid. Dude thinking he's cute for sleeping with a hoe is stupid. Ice T marrying her in the first place was stupid....I could go on but that would be stupid.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

They must be searching for

They must be searching for ratings for Ice Loves Coco. I'm convinced that no one watches that idiotic show. So they're both trying to stir up ish to get viewers to tune in. DON'T WATCH THAT GARBAGE ASS SHOW FROM THESE TWO NO TALENT HOES.
The Real Thing's picture

Why is everyone so surprised

Why is everyone so surprised and shocked? She's behaving exactly the way any useless whore behaves.
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tom101's picture

Just go away quietly dude no

Just go away quietly dude no one cares.
TeaNicole's picture

They probably have threesomes

They probably have threesomes all the time.
Zanya's picture

how is this out of character,

how is this out of character, don't all Pimp fuck hoes. aren't they surrounded and live with their Hoes. He's a pimp and Coco is a ho
lola69's picture

After all the disrespect and

After all the disrespect and nasty things that Ice-T has said about black women consistently, I love that his white whore he clearly thinks is even better than black women is making him look like the biggest fool. Karma's a slick bitch.
Keys's picture

i think it's HILLARIOUS that

i think it's HILLARIOUS that she would consentually take a picture with her booty tooted up and allow that guy to cup it and then have the nerve to say "its not a good look". umm *scratches head* when you turned to have your ass face the camera, you should have been thinking about your husband! when you felt their hands around your ass, you should hav been thinking about your husband. theres no way in the world, i'd be married for 10+ yrs to a man who basically took me from rags to riches and go out and allow myself to be degraded by dudes. its cool to go out and kick it with randoms and your friends but dont disrespect your significant other.

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Kcny's picture

First of all I think it's

First of all I think it's DESPERATE for a man to gloat about sleeping with another man's wife true or not. Dudes are so quick to criticize these hoax's for being messy, but they are just as messy! A-9 is a BITCH (he reminds me a lot of 50 cent; BITCHASS behavior). How are you gonna claim you slept with a man's wife then diss that man, because he's upset you threw in his face how you slept with his wife? I'm sorry but A-9 needs a bullet to his head ASAP! He's so disrespectful! Two, Ice T is an idiot! Their relationship made idiots think you could actually turn a ho into a housewife, but now the inevitable has come to bite them in the ass. No man should ever condone his wife leaving the house like Coco does. Her attire and demeanor has ALWAYS been disrespectful to their marriage. Nicca's are gonna look and triflin nicca's will do what A-9 did, which is try to take your woman just to prove that he can. You CAN'T entertain these dudes when you're in a relationship. All they want are bragging rights; to say they took you from someone else or they messed up your happy home. It's a sick game to them, THAT'S IT!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Co-sign, ditto, I

Co-sign, ditto, I CONCUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
holmesa925's picture

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redhotnumberslist's picture

but isnt that part of her

but isnt that part of her "job" as a personality? you gotta let a hoe be a hoe. she didnt get all them fake body parts for nuthin. they were purchased to be put to good use. i thought that was the point and Ice T is the pimp, right? so whats the big deal?
shuga's picture


Happy Lady's picture

Ah well...Ice-T married a

Ah well...Ice-T married a SKANK. As a former pimp, he knows that skanks and hoes have no limits. He can't be mad at Coco for letting random dudes do the SAME thing he does to her daily--its called EXPLOITATION. On a positive note though, I like her shoes! :-)

Is Coco wrong for this? Yes,

Is Coco wrong for this? Yes, for sure. But pls this wanna-be is just seizing his chance at 1minute fame and overhyping everything..fvck outta here with that silly.
xoxo's picture

Hey Let's Get It don't read

Hey Let's Get It don't read the post! It'll destroy your faith in the great white beyond lol -- also anybody here won that car from Carol's Daughter and YBF? I sent in a pretty good story and have been secretly hoping I won but it's mid January now :'(
Girl's picture

I think Carol's Daughter went

I think Carol's Daughter went bankrupt b/c she hired Solange Knowles their spokesmodel..................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

U can take the girl out the

U can take the girl out the DOUBLE WIDE, but u can't take the WHITE TRASH out the girl! I don't think that pic is AS BAD as the other pics, dude looks G-A-Y! Ice-T is pushing...DEATH so CoCo is lookin for new "SPONSERS" & taking "APPLICATIONS!" Don't HATE the ho Ice, hate the PIMP (or lack their of)!
tori's picture

U beat me 2 it. Trailer Park

U beat me 2 it. Trailer Park & Pimp popped in my head
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LOL...IDK if that's a good

LOL...IDK if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it sure as hell is FUNNY!
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