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MORE FABNESS: Celebs Hit The 2013 Golden Globes AFTERPARTIES


The Golden Globes Awards show wasn't the end of the night for the Hollywood celebs.  Everyone hit up afterparties to celebrate one of the most fun (and tipsy) nights during Awards season.


Pics inside...

Jamie Foxx brought his college student daughter Corinne as his date to the Globes last night. 


They were spotted at the Marie Claire afterparty, and even snapped a pic with former President Bill Clinton who took the stage earlier in the night to present present the Best Picture nomination....for Lincoln of course. 

The gorgeous Corinne tweeted about Jamie being on daddy duty after the awards:

Greatest Dad Ever! Moving me back into the dorms in his tux and I'm wearing my gown. #family


Spotted heading to the afterparties was newly reconciled Laker couple Kobe & Vanessa Bryant:




They had a date night out to celebrate V pulling those divorce papers....again.  They look pretty damn happy too.



Also at Marie Claire's party was J.Lo in yet another stunning gown from Zuhair Murad.  She switched from her nude & sheer look to this deep plunging V neck black gown and a Talia Fasteux clutch in black python with Swarovski crystals.



And she didn't let running into two of exes last night ruin her romantic evening with boyfriend Casper Smart.  She even introduced her ex Diddy to Casper to avoid the awkwardness.  No word on if Casper shook and with Best Director & Best Picture winner Ben Affleck.

The twosome kicked it with Harvey Weinstein and Benny Medina:


Also sitting down chillin' at the after party was Kerry Washington and director Quentin Tarantino:



And actress Taraji P. Henson looked fab in her white jumpsuit with black leather trim and Valentino sandals.

Over at the InStyle party:


Don Cheadle brought his long time significant other Bridgid Culter (in a gorgeous dress) on the carpet.  He won Best Actor in a TV Comedy Series last night for "House of Lies."  And it was much deserved.


Garcelle Beauvais looked gorgeous as usual in her nude and sheer cocktail dress with her sparkling Sergio Rossi booties.


"Wedding Band" actor Harold Perrineau hit the carpet with his daughter Aurora.  He and his wife Brittany are pregnant again, and are due this March.



"Grey's Anatomy" actor Jesse Williams looked hot on the carpet.


Thandie Newton looked gorgeous in her silver & sheer dress by British designer Giles and lilac heels.  She said she had a wardrobe malfunction before hitting the carpet and ripped the dress underneath her arm. 


And Thandie also popped up on the carpet at the HBO afterparty with her hubby.

Fab times.  Check out all the red carpet looks from before the Awards show HERE in case you missed them.


Pics: Splash




Keep on being sweet to your

Keep on being sweet to your Husband Vanessa, because it definitely becomes you…also, you and Kobe make a handsome couple!
rebellious soul's picture

J Lo looks drop dead

J Lo looks drop dead gorgeous. And her and Casper look good together even though he looks like he could be he much much much younger brother. LOL. I love the way he's checking her out in that second pic. . . . admiring his woman.
The Real Thing's picture

Jamie's daughter is turning

Jamie's daughter is turning into a beautiful young women...Lovely eyes.
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hooklookping's picture

I actually like Taraji's

I actually like Taraji's outfit!
C2C's picture

What is Taraji wearing it

What is Taraji wearing it don't look good.
Zanya's picture

I know......LOL

I know......LOL
star's picture

Jlo looks FAB in this gown

Jlo looks FAB in this gown ass well, Taraji looks old as usual, Thandie is still beautiful but a bit malnourished I hope she has not gone back to being BULIMIC! Sorry, Zoe S love you but you look nothing like Thandie her features are way more delicate than yours. Jaime's daughter is average at best and she looks old. Jaime's everlastinglovingsomewhitechicks,ass come from a small town in Texas where anything white or has a lil white in it is BETTER! He thinks his average daughter is pretty but she's NOT! Jaime ugly ass has self- hate that's why he keeps needing a white woman to procreate and a baby daughter ain't cute either. Now Harold Perrineau speaking of BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER'S his child w/ his wife is a GORGEOUS lil girl and not the oldest one that is just her daughter and his step daughter,the youngest girl. At least i see that all biracial kids are not beautiful to me some are some are not! Garcelle don't look right tonight, Don Cheadle need to treat his love Bridgid to a MAKE-OVER like before the GOLDEN GLOBES! This is why Kobe's wife Vanessa won't ever leave his cheating ass like @Cheypie said it's the perks of being w/ him like: coming to the Golden Globes and A list parties! I guess I would be to scared that he could give you something like: AIDS. I would have got the kids, money and the divorce.
Shay's picture

KIMK Stole JLO's swag. JLO is

KIMK Stole JLO's swag. JLO is everything and has aged so very gracefully, she looks wonderful up there..
KENNEDY78's picture

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Kcny's picture

Jlo looks just as AMAZING in

Jlo looks just as AMAZING in this 2nd dress, I always liked Jlo she was funny full of personality, quick w/ a response in an interview but I just can't w/ this UGLY CASPER BOY he's almost a Mark Anthony but younger. This is Jlo's down fall is the men she picks, she is worse than Halle w/ picking men. How embassasing having to stand and clap for an ex that public embarassed you and on top of that he still throws SHADE at you. Ben A is an asshole he blames Jlo for his tough times in HOLLYWOOD, even on stage he mentioned his rocky times again, still throwing SHADE at her! Ben A thought he was too good to marry a Puerto Rican Jlo that's why he married that UGLY Jennifer Garner a lily white girl. Those Iris men from boston can be some racist son of b's. I know my dad's half irish and most of the family is RACIST PIGS! These folks are racist just like Julia Roberts married a low camera men over fine ass BENJAMIN BRAT. What's SAD about Jlo is she never redeemed herself and is still looking like she still don't have it together, w/ another dancer this time he's gay and irrelevant. Some women refuse some GOOD OLE ME TIME and refuse to let their Vajj have a break! Sad to say the least!
Shay's picture

J. Lo definitely bought her

J. Lo definitely bought her 'Old Hollywood Glam' game last night. I love BOTH of her looks. Casper looks happier than a pig in slop, LOL. Taraji & Thandie look fab too. Jesse Williams is TOO fine--but why doesn't he ever bring his wife out to play?? Quentin Tarentino looks like a bad lab experiment...

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redhotnumberslist's picture

So nobody is gonna address

So nobody is gonna address Tarantino dropping the n-word for shock value? Tired of people licking this man's butthole. He's a brilliant film maker but he takes liberties and I feel like we've been programmed to feel like we have an issue if we speak out against it bc he's "down."
Girl's picture

The Black Dress that J LO is

The Black Dress that J LO is rocking her is waaaaaaay better than that craptastic lace nude number that made her hips look wider than Octomom's birth canal. Casper. I'm sorry but you are seriously Gay in the Face and too damn short. You are not Jenny's equal and she really needs to kick your rebound ass back to the curb.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Vanessa and Kobe are so cute.

Vanessa and Kobe are so cute. love the prom-ish shoes. J-Lo looks like she is wondering "what if?" in one of those pictures. So many of her exes in the same room. This must happen a lot...lol.
shuga's picture

Jamie's daughter is GORGE,

Jamie's daughter is GORGE, J.Lo looks fab, but it looks like as soon as she & Casper the POPLOCKIN' Ghost ran into Diddy she was checkin for ALL the exits (just in case)! Quentin T. just looks like he is the WORST; RACIST, PEDOPHILE, AXE MURDERER, RAPIST, BOOGER EATER, he just creeps me the f*ck out! Taraji looks like she could use a good NAP or 2, Don Cheadle looks like he was the INSPIRATION behind Django Unchained & can sum1 PLEASE get Thandie Newton a bacon cheeseburger ASAP...poor thing looks like she hasn't eaten in MONTHS!
tori's picture

Congrats to Don Cheadle 1 of

Congrats to Don Cheadle 1 of the most underrated actors in Hollywood, love his gf's dress & love love love House of Lies. I thought Jlo's make up was ok until that pic with her Diddy & her boy toy. As usual Taraji & Kerry rocked the house.
Realist's picture

You know Slick Willy, Billy

You know Slick Willy, Billy Clinton tricked Corinne Foxx into giving some head
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Whatever happened to

Whatever happened to Jennifer's fabulousness? She's been looking so stressed and downtrotten ever since she got with Mark Anthony. Casper is such a downgrade for her. What does she even SEE in him? Ugh. Taraji's jumpsuit is nice, I'd cut into the inside shoulder part of it more though if I were wearing it.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

thats Harrolds daughter&

thats Harrolds daughter& Quentin Tarrantino is a lil too snuggly w Keri!

Don Cheadle's girlfriend's

Don Cheadle's girlfriend's dress is very pretty. Hate J-Lo's makeup here but thats a bad bish! I dont think Casper really cares who else used to dig her back out...lol...he's just happy its his turn.
shuga's picture

J-Lo is serving face in the

J-Lo is serving face in the first pic...love her! Casper looks Skeletor...sh!t, so did Mark. She must really like men that have cartoon villan faces.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

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