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COUPLEDOM: Shaq and Hoopz BACK ON...INSPIRING Youth On The Basketball Court In The Bahamas


Shaquille O'Neal and his girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander (yep...they're back together) were spotted cuddling off the court during a charity event in the Bahamas. See the pics inside...


After a serious break-up and public fight last year, Shaquille O'Neal and his on-again girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander were spotted inspiring the youth in Nassau City.

As a precursor to a gala for the Paradise Children’s Foundation (February 1), the NBA legend signed basketballs for fans while Hoopz showed off her skills on the court in an event staged by the foundation.

The couple arrived with numerous items with they offered up for the gala's auction. Wendy Ellis, the foundation director spoke about Shaq's involvement and the purpose of the event saying,

“We thought how great would it be to do something on a really big scale, to have everyone come together from one end of the island to the other, for one night, to raise as much money as we can, not just for one, but for many local children’s charities.”


Also, Shaq tweeted about his new venture with TruTV, a comedy series called "Upload With Shaquille O’Neal" where he and a group of comics will present funny online videos and create a few of their own viral clips.  The series is expected in the early part of the year. 

Photos: Tribune242



Miss Alexander is shopping a

Miss Alexander is shopping a reality show with her sisters. Of course, she got back together with Shaq.
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That pic of Shaq with the

That pic of Shaq with the seal is f'n halairious!!! His arms and the seal are the same size!!!
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At least they are doing

At least they are doing something positive! @Thirdeye365
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He looks like he's kidnapping

He looks like he's kidnapping a child....lol. How does he get it all in? I'm trying to figure that ish out.....looks kinda dangerous!
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I won't be crude but I hear

I won't be crude but I hear she may actually be about the right size for him...eek!
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Exactly! looks like he's

Exactly! looks like he's telling the neighbors "Hey, I'm gonna borrow your daughter for an hour" (and she's not looking too upset about it either) .................
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awww...they look good

awww...they look good together
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Drop that baby Hoopz. You are

Drop that baby Hoopz. You are a world class groupie, you know the drill. Drop it before the next breakup
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Despite these two physical

Despite these two physical appearances, Hoopz & Shaq make a good couple IMO! I saw a video of them 2 on YT a while back & they were HILARIOUS!
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Shaq looks so big, goofy and

Shaq looks so big, goofy and greasy. He and Hoopz look so awkward together. He's probably is a great guy though.
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Interesting..I Thought he

Interesting..I Thought he Dumped her on a Hoagie for lunch..and shitted her down the House of Ease! Hmph guess not...*bAc to sippin my wine
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I would steal & sell all my neighbor's wife's jewelry to see an HD video of the Monster & the Midget fornicating..............
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That negro's scary AF!

That negro's scary AF!
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THIS king kong lookin mofo!

THIS king kong lookin mofo! Good job with better celebrities Natasha!
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"THIS king kong lookin mofo!"

"THIS king kong lookin mofo!" POT MEET KETTLE... DAMN THIS IS TOO EASY!!
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