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EXCLUSIVE: Rich Dollaz's Baby Mama Calls Him A Liar, Says He's Still Avoiding Paternity Test (UPDATE)



Chaundrea Nicole, a woman who's desperately seeking a paternity test from "LAHH 3" star Rich Dollaz, spoke exclusively to TheYBF.com where once again she blasted Rich as a liar and issued a THREAT you'll have to read to believe. More inside.....

For nearly a year, we've been following the troubled "relationship" of model Chaundrea Nicole and reality star Rich Dollaz whom are embroiled in an ongoing paternity battle that's been AT LEAST 12-years in the making.

A little back story, we spoke exclusively to Rich Dollaz, a while ago, about Chaundrea claiming that he fathered her child and is a deadbeat dad who won't take a paternity test.  Well...he told TheYBF.com that Chaundrea was lying and he was willing to take a paternity test.

That "statement" set Chaundrea off and she denied being his "jumpoff" and provided TheYBF.com with a few texts messages where Rich pretty much blew her off and said he wasn't taking any DNA test.  

So that forced Chaundrea's hand and she had to take judicial and family matters into her own hands because she felt the courts in Memphis were dragging their feet.  According to Chaundrea,

"He had been avoiding court dates since August (see the attached document). I had to pay for my own court date because I had been waiting for years and it seemed like waiting on the “system” I would be continuing to wait. They rescheduled again and again he didn’t show and that’s when the warrant was put out on him.

I’m not sure why he would tell you that I am “fabricating” anything when he clearly is a HUGE liar in every aspect!

So fast forward to a few days ago....we told you Rich had been jailed and he talked to us (again...EXCLUSIVELY) and said things we're straightened out.  However, we've heard otherwise.   According to Chaundrea,

"I just wanted to let you know once again that he has LIED! It’s not “straightened out” he should either have had to take the DNA test while in jail (which I don’t think he did) or they gave him a court date, either way I’m not going to play with him at this point about my daughter because this effects her."

But she didn't stop there.  She also issued a VERY interesting threat for Rich (just in case he wants to follow up with another exclusive) telling TheYBF.com:

“If you keep on, you’re going to be in more trouble than just taking a DNA and child support. I know what you been doing and how you actually came to Memphis illegally and I know what else you did so if you keep on defaming my character, not only will I will be hitting you for child support I will be suing you as well, not to mention the felonies that you have committed!”

Felonies?  Illegal activity? Ummm.....does Mona-Scott Young know that Rich's real storyline isn't about Olivia's record deal OR dating Erica Mena?  Please get that UPDATE ready for the "LAHH 3" reunion!

Lastly, besides finally proving paternity, Chaundrea tells us she is on a mission to make a point to her daughter about chicks like Erica who lay up with men who don't handle their responsibilities.  She told us,

"I don’t want her to think that it’s ok to be like people like Erica because it’s not ok to be whorish to come up and get attention (like she did when she posted that OLD pic like he is with her when his ass was here in a club). I know I will be judged all types of ways but at this point I don’t care, I know what I am doing and I know who I am."

So...who's fabricating?






Chaundrea reached back out to the TheYBF.com to offer a slight correction. The FIRST court date that Rich missed was actually in June...not August. Either way...the brother didn't show up. 


We'll keep you posted....



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I'm not sure why she would be

I'm not sure why she would be warning her daughter about a chick like Erica or why her daughter even knows who Erica is, but I'm sorry she sounds like a bird. She should not be taking her fight to blogs regardless of what he does. And where did that pic of her daughter come from? Did she give it to you? If so, why would she put a child on blast like that? She is definately making some janky moves of her own. I do agree with her that any person who knows he's a deadbeat shouldn't be messing with him until he gets right, including Olivia.
Bird's picture

so Chaundrea is warning her

so Chaundrea is warning her daughter about "women like Erica", but isnt she a woman just like Erica? they both chose the same exact man. smh....silliness.
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forget this story... Mandeecees a child molester...WTF... Yandy please dump this dude azz ASAP if that ish is true...

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These paternity-tests seeking "females" need to head to the free clinics STAT, get a prescription of BIRTH CONTROL, only have children with the men you are married to, and you won't have to hunt a man down for a paternity test as the law ASSUMES any child born into a marriage is the LEGAL child of the husband, until proven otherwise. Very simply done.....you can have all the sex you want with random men who don't love/respect/otherwise want to have anything to do with you the next morning, but keep your birth control prescription current. I won't even address people having sex without a condom in the age of AIDS.....
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...And another thing...How Erica gone talk about Kimbella being hoe-ish when she being hoe-ish too (so says Chaundrea)? Looks like to me that Chaundrea needs to be added as an emergency cast addition and/or a surprise reunion guest. Somebody email or text Mona Scott's exploiting ass and put in that request for me please. I would do it myself, but I don't deal with pimps.
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Ummmm...Chaundrea...You might

Ummmm...Chaundrea...You might wanna' put that nigga' on blast right now while you can cause I can imagine that a dude like Rich has ties in the streets that will handle his problems and keep his hands clean if he is pushed to, especially if he's that bold to travel all the way to hick town Memphis for an alleged"talent showcase" alllllllllllllll the way from New York himself..skipping over alllllllllllllllllllllll over all that raw and untapped talent along the way...lol. You sound like a fool to keep talking reckless, eventhough I'm clearly on your side. I say this because I've seen what guys with a little power, money, means and clout can do to scorned baby mamas. Girl, don't be no fool, regardless of whoever you know in power in your own circle. When certain folk view you as a threat while you simply just hold the vieled threat over their heads publicly, they take care of that because they oftentimes have too much to lose. Food for thought. On the other hand, Rich needs to man up and take care of his responsibilities - even IF he can't stand the baby mama. I know he probably don't want to give her shit, but he should've thought about that before he stuck his dick in her raw. Y'all guys gone learn some day. And stop lying about coming to Memphis for a talent showcase, Rich, Memphis ain't HAD no talent showcase that week...unless you're referring to "THAT" talent showcase...lol...Oooh-wee. *fanning and flipping my wig*
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Really 'Broke Busted'? Really? How could you possibly deny that's your child when she looks just like you?¿?
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I agree, He will not be missed =) celebrating when his tranny stalking behind leaves this site for good, i'm sure 99.9% of the commenters will be pleased.
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Dang!! that chile old and he

Dang!! that chile old and he still didn't do the test....That's his chile alright, now Rich/Mr.broke need to come up with dem "dollaz" and pay chile support... smdh and flips hair, that-is-all.
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Shouldn't have posted a photo

Shouldn't have posted a photo of the little girl. (who btw reminds me of Jamie Foxx's daughter)but, whatever.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

That little girl looks JUST

That little girl looks JUST like him! Wow. I would think that the easiest way to put this whole issue to rest would be for him to just take the test and get it over with. Geez. Get it together.
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Wow...there's nothing new

Wow...there's nothing new under the son! @Thirdeye365
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