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EXCLUSIVE: Rich Dollaz On Arrest--"I Got Everything Straightened Out"


Rich Dollaz is having an extra rough couple of weeks.  After his sarcastic claim of being engaged to Erica Mena backfired, he caught heat about his girl (and him being with other women) on radio interviews, and yesterday, he was arrested in Memphis.


Rich tells TheYBF.com he's got it all straightened out now.  Get the deets inside....

News broke late last night that Rich Dollaz was creeping through Memphis...and ended up getting arrested.  He was there to scope out a talent showcase.  But when 5-0 got wind he was in town, he was arrested due to a warrant for failure to appear in court.

Apparently, those paternity issues from over a year ago hadn't been straightened out, and he was supposed to appear in court for a paternity test.  Needless to say he missed it, and him popping up in Memphis under an alleged fake name didn't help.

Rich was a free man just a few hours later, and he talked to us today saying he handled everything:

"I'm good, I'm watching the Knicks game right now.  I got into some trouble.  Shorty (his alleged baby's mama) did some fabricating, but I'm good now."

And good he is.  He posted the above pic hanging out with his boys in Memphis after he was released.  He said:

Mtown Bitch and yes I'm free hoe

And it didnt stop there.  Rich went in on his Twitter (then later deleted it) saying:

"Bitch mad cuz Mickell got me out n 2 hrs crying and all that don't call the jail hoe I run the M hoe not u. Don't be mad I'm hot I rep the M So yeah I get out of jail in 3 hours you mad bitch?"

This morning, his vixen girlfriend Erica Mena tweeted pics of them kissing, but we're told they're old pics:


We guess she was trying to show her "support." 

Well isn't that...special.  Guess we'll see all this play out on season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop."  Because, of course, we've learned that the cameras are still running and the cast is still filming.

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Why doesn't this VAGINA come

Why doesn't this VAGINA come out of the closet already?

him and Erica deserve each

him and Erica deserve each other...UGH

Immature. When I first saw

Immature. When I first saw Rich Dollaz on L&HH I thought he was a handsome man...then he opened his mouth and ruined everything. He's too old to be acting like this.
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Don't know who the Hell these

Don't know who the Hell these folks are! IRRELEVANT PEOPLE are a waste of space.
Shay's picture

This dude is F*CKIN

This dude is F*CKIN DISGUSTING, he's AT LEAST 40, actin like he 16 smh! BROKE AZZ is a SCRUB, with a speech impediment...YBF this sh!t ain't "EXCLUSIVE!"
tori's picture

No we won't. Who cares about

No we won't. Who cares about Broke Dollaz...
Blessed020509's picture

??????????????????? Okay.

??????????????????? Okay. We'll keep that in mind, and make a mental note for future reference. Anyhoo...The weight gain looks good on Erica, whether he's feeding her food or dick, she needed saving.
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