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Mike & Kijafa Vick COUPLED UP At Team Vick Foundation Charity Cocktail Party


Philadelphia Eagles star QB (for now) Michael Vick and his wife Kijafa stepped out looking fab for a cocktail fundraiser for their Team Vick Foundation.  See the coupled up photos inside...


Last night, Michael and Kijafa Vick, in her black Christian Louboutin pigalle studded pumps, hosted a cocktail party for their Team Vick Foundation at Tashan restaurant in Philadelphia, PA.  The party had a "777" theme as the restaurant was at 777 South Broad Street, took place on the 7th of the month and the party started at 7 p.m.  Well aren't they clever...


While Michael kept it casually dapper in a sportcoat and jeans.  Kijafa, who owns an accessories store called PNK Elephant in Philly, bejeweled her wrists and ears to compliment her yellow and black printed dress.


In addition to Tashan's signature dishes, guests dined on Michael's favorite chicken and shrimp kabobs at the $75 ticket event which raised money for the youth sports and academic programs that Team Vick sponsors throughout the year.

It's great to see the happy couple finding time to give back to the next generation.  And we're loving your fresh hair cut Mrs. Vick...


Photos via Hugh Dillon/WENN.com



stop talking about vick.. he

stop talking about vick.. he is on track to living right. she is a little over made up which makes her look older. I wish women would do mkore natural, they don't realize they look better. And vick nto the only one with complex of herpes, ive seen other stars with the break outs too. it happens just dont kiss him or touch when its active:))

Damn my baby, Mike, looks

Damn my baby, Mike, looks GOOD! Umph. Idk what those liars are talking about below in reference to him having herpes. A lie don't care who tell it, long as it gets told.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

People kill me thinking Vick

People kill me thinking Vick is the only athlete with herpes. As much as they share strippers & escorts, 9 out of 10 have it.
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Kijafa, you should have

Kijafa, you should have dressed your man honey! You look great, but he does not compliment the look...

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In every pic her face tells

In every pic her face tells the story of the pain her feet are going through in those shoes.
Realist's picture

Wedding Gift: Lifetime supply

Wedding Gift: Lifetime supply of Valtrex *shrugs*

3 out of 4 people have some

3 out of 4 people have some complex of herpes....ijs, research before you preach

Yup, everybody know about his

Yup, everybody know about his little issue. Eww couldn't be me, but then again she probably already got it
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

I'm sorry but with all that

I'm sorry but with all that make up piled on her she still look like she could be his mom. Just like we used makeup to look older as teenagers, it will do the same thing to women later on in life.
Somerknight's picture

That is what I thought too.

That is what I thought too.
LaFord's picture

LOVE LOVE LOVE these two!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these two!!
tori's picture

LMAO. Her feet screaming to

LMAO. Her feet screaming to get out of those shoes.


tori's picture

She looks like she could be

She looks like she could be his mother.....or auntie or something.
allnatural's picture

This chick mailed-it-in after

This chick mailed-it-in after Mike wifed-her-up.....smh.....she looks 20yrs older. ...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ki-jafa looks like a

Ki-jafa looks like a Ki-granmaw.
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