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DRAMA: Carmelo Anthony Tries To Fight Kevin Garnett DURING & AFTER The Game...Over LaLa? + LaLa Makes Courtside Appearance


It's been a while since we've seen LaLa Anthony courtside at her man's game, or with her man at all.  So when she popped up at the Knicks vs. Celtics game last night, it was just in time to calm Carmelo down...because he and Kevin Garnett were on the verge of duking it out!


Deets inside....

So the Celtics vs. Knicks game last night at Madison Square Garden was all kinds of foolery.  Fightin' words allegedly were said, and Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got hit with double technical thanks to all their sh*t talking to each other.

During the game, the two were a split second away from duking it out on the court.  And we all know neither of them are strangers to stomping somebody down on the court.

The close game led to some heated exchanges between the two that their teammates and refs constantly tried to break up.  At one point you could see Garnett tell 'Melo "F*ck you" and Melo calling Kevin a "p*ssy".

And it didn't stop there.  Melo decided to take that ish outside and literally waited for Kevin outside the Celtics bus!  Dude had on his Timbs and skully and all....dude was READY. His coach and other folks had to try to calm him down before the Celtics walked out there.  Peep the vid below:


Now, word has it (the unconfirmed Twitter gods say) that Kevin said some extreme fightin' words to Carmelo while they were on the court.  Supposedly he told the Knicks baller, "Your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios."

LaLa was at the game, sitting courtside, in a Virgos Lounge blazer, with her girl Loren Ridinger (pictured above).

Now....who knows what home girl actually tastes like.  Or if this was actually said.  But y'all know what words like that mean when a man tells another man what HIS wife tastes like.  Kev ain't even right for (allegedly) alluding to smashing LaLa.  Some attacks are just off limits.  But maybe that's what had Melo waiting by his bus.

Feels like high school all over again.  But we're waiting on the confirmation about that Cheerios statement with our thumbs twiddling.  Because we already know what's coming next if that ish was really said....




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The games that people

The games that people play...smh.
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Everyone knows Kevin Garnett

Everyone knows Kevin Garnett is gay.
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LMFAO!! OHHHHH He said...Yo

LMFAO!! OHHHHH He said...Yo wife tastes like honey nut cheerios!
AnoniNYC12's picture

Long as it took her to drag

Long as it took her to drag that man down the aisle I seriously doubt anybody is fighting over her.
whatev's picture

WOW Ya'll are mean LOL!

WOW Ya'll are mean LOL!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Mello need to sit down

Mello need to sit down somewhere. Trash talk is part of the game, it's supposed to throw you off your game. Clearly by looking at who won last night, I also know who knows the game. You did exactly what Garnett wanted you to do....BIG DUMMY

I'm Boston all day but dayum

I'm Boston all day but dayum Kevin, how you gonna say something like that about a dude's Rodney Dangerfield-looking wife kid? (if that was really said)
Peace Silas's picture

I agree with @BEE•MAN SUX

I agree with @BEE•MAN SUX DIX, I doubt the argument was over LaLa, one, KG is married, and two, LaLa look like a damn BUG EYED BLOW FISH, with an upside down triangle body! Maybe they screwin the same JUMP-OFF!
tori's picture

Believe me hunty,,,,it wasn't

Believe me hunty,,,,it wasn't over no Lala. Carmelo really don't care about her no more.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

BaHA..well maybe so she dam

BaHA..well maybe so she dam sho plays the role as Cheeri-HO!!
Like Really's picture

Ahhhhh shuky, shuky!!! I'm

Ahhhhh shuky, shuky!!! I'm juss glaaa KG didn't say LaLa tastes like "Cinnemen Tooss Cronch". We don't take serial refereences lightly down hure n da souf!!!!
DAT DUDE's picture

BWAHAHA! "Cinnemen Tooss

BWAHAHA! "Cinnemen Tooss Cronch"....... Indeed.
Featherlight's picture

I see y'all take SPELLING

I see y'all take SPELLING lessons lightly though...WTF?
tori's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Oh my!

Oh my!
JewelryLover's picture

Glad the Celtics won. Now,

Glad the Celtics won. Now, isn't KG married as well? Why would he say that? He's the king of trash-talking, so there's no telling. LOL! Anyway, don't care for Melo, so eh.
MrsCPA's picture

SMH. Honey Nut Cheerios of

SMH. Honey Nut Cheerios of all things. It could be worse. Wrong, KG. Just wrong (if it was actually said).
Sunflower Jones's picture

That's right Melo, defend

That's right Melo, defend your wife. Ain't nobody scared of Kev Garnett's RUDE, emaciated-Ethiopian-Darth-Vader lookin arse anyway LOL!

:::yawns @ rejects::::

:::yawns @ rejects::::
BEEMA's picture

LOL...looking in the mirror

LOL...looking in the mirror are we?

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