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And So It Begins..."Love & Hip Hop 3" Cast Kicks Off The Drama With NYC Premiere Party


Last night at Kiss & Fly in NYC, the cast of "Love & Hip Hop 3" hosted their premiere party.  And TheYBF.com was on the scene to soak up the foolery to come.


Check out what we've peeped about the upcoming season so far, and pics from the event, inside...


Joe Budden & his new girlfriend Kailyn (with co-star Winter Ramos to the right) were front and center at last night's premiere party. 

As for why Joe is on the show....his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose and his best friend Raqi (who Tahiry believes he was cheating on her with) are on, and with him, we have a love triangle.  Surprise surprise.

On the first Episode Joe has a “pool party” (but no one was there) and they decide to play a game Truth or Truth (instead of Truth or Dare).  Of course, Raqi and Tahiry get into a sight physical altercation after she asked Joe if he and Rocky had ever been intimate. This led to Joe escorting Rocky off his property and folks really believing something was going on between them....

But we doubt anything is going on now as we spoke to both Joe & Raqi after the screening, and both claim the other "changed for the cameras."  So they are no longer friends.


"Model" Erica Mena is returning from last season.  But she doesn't have any fights with former co-star Kimbella to worry about.  Because Kimbella's not returning and Erica's got her new fiance Rich Dollaz to protect her.  Sigh.



This iCandy Couture dress pretty much showed everything's she's got.  So that's what we're doing this season.


Rich posed it up with Hot 97's Ebro.

Photobucket  Photobucket 

Rashidah Ali (red hair) posed with co-star Tahiry Jose.  Tahiry's "dress", by The Fabric Twins, put her bra on full cut-out display.  And Rashidah is storring up her own bit of drama.  During the premiere, she says she has known Yandy's baby's daddy Mandeecees for a long time, and he not the Boss he claims to be.  Womp.



Raqi (far left) kicked it with co-stars Yandy and Lore'l.




Yandy's curvy bod is back in effect post-baby.  And she looked great. 

On the premiere,  we will see more of her personal life this time around. It seems like her baby's daddy Mandeecees is having a hard time growing up after becoming a father.  He even left her baby shower early and went to the club to pop bottles that night.  Of course, Yandy was not happy about this.


Couple Jen the Pen & Consequence talked about their situation and their child together.

Photobucket Photobucket




And the woman behind it all, Mona Scott Young, posed it up with her husband Shawn.


"Love & Hip Hop 3" kicks off January 7th, 8p on VH1.

Photos by Stephen Knight




Smh this season looks like

Smh this season looks like its gonna be as dry as the Sahara.

Rewind. Erica and Rich are

Rewind. Erica and Rich are engaged? I don't see a legitimate engagement ring. According to globalgrind.com, Rich said that he is not engaged to Erica.
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hooklookping's picture

Jessica Mena is sleeping her

Jessica Mena is sleeping her way to the top, and Broke Dollaz is her punching bag. All these female outfits are foolery....what a mess...and where is Olivia..she probably upset that Broke Dollaz is with Mrs. Cray Cray..Oh Wells.....flips hair, that-is-all
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If you look at erica in the

If you look at erica in the second pic, you can see a little something on her booty. Wondering if this girl has the herp... oh well
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

WTF...Where is my girl

WTF...Where is my girl Olivia??????. I can't watch this show without her.
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tom101's picture

WIG night out.

WIG night out.
star's picture

Look like these hoe's been

Look like these hoe's been thrown off of Steebies Bus. I could not really get into the first or the second season of LHHNY. Where is Olivia??? See..this that BULLSMACK. All new cast. Like Richard Bey use to say... "Where do they find these people!!!!!!!" Waiting for LHHATL.
michel'le Aye's picture

I'm with Yas. WTF is up with

I'm with Yas. WTF is up with these women? Everyone looks rough, busted and scary.
PacificGirl's picture

All these MOFO's (except

All these MOFO's (except Yandy) look BUSTED...CLOTHES don't give u CLASS! A CIRCUS MESS!
tori's picture

I swear Joe Budden and Jim

I swear Joe Budden and Jim Jones shud both be scrubbed down with OxiClean..,Ugh they stay Lookin dingy as hell! Smdlol...
Like Really's picture

I just lost all the

I just lost all the excitement I had for watching this horrible show. The hair, makeup & outfits on all of these chicks is HORRIBLE. Now I understand Erica Mena's dress--she's trying to keep up with the other ladies' trashy outfits. Are they taking notes from the LHH-Atl cast now?? SMH--and no Kimbella? Or Tearra Marie to keep ish going? No Maam...I used to like Joe Budden but now I'm not so sure...Yandy's the only one who looks normal and that's not a good sign. I'll pass...

Joe Budden's girlfriend looks

Joe Budden's girlfriend looks like the mayor of Whooville with that hair creation. She is a big fan of Dr. Suess I see. Sighs!
Jacquelynmichelle's picture

She may gotten that hairstyle

She may gotten that hairstyle inspiration from Erica of LAHH Atlanta. (The Dirty Little Secrets episode)
C2C's picture

Wtf does Yandi have on? But I

Wtf does Yandi have on? But I want her shoes like now.
Sincerely WF's picture

A better question is WTF does

A better question is WTF does Mona have on?¿?
Peace Silas's picture

These chicks in NY do not

These chicks in NY do not know how to dress. Should have just shown up nekkid. Worst part about it is their ages!! DRESS YOUR AGE (AND YOUR SIZE).
Yas's picture

Erica's dress probably stunk

Erica's dress probably stunk on the inside at the end of the night. Everyone on this post is the epitome of class, style and grace: from the fire engine red hair, to the see through dress to the exposed bra.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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