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Kim K. Gives Statement On Having Kanye West's Baby: "We Wish His Mom & My Dad Could Be Here To Celebrate..."


Kanye West is officially a dad-to-be.  And his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, just gave a statement on behalf of the couple on expecting their first child together.  Check it inside...

Kim & Kanye are head over heels about their new baby on the way.  The twosome (pictured above backstage at Ye's Revel concert right after the on-stage announcement) were all smiles last night as the news hit the media.

Kim, now 3 months pregnant, just posted a statement to her own website expressing their happiness, saying they only wish Kanye's mother and Kim's father were there to celebrate as well:

It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us. Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!!

Well isn't that special.

The next stop for the expectant parents--Las Vegas, of course.  Kim was already slated to host a New Year's Eve party tonight at 1Oak.  And she has no plans to cancel.


Pic: Twitter



Good Luck, I think he will be

Good Luck, I think he will be A loving father,
SQUEAKER's picture

congrats to them. Why is the

congrats to them. Why is the divorce taking so long though????? Did you guys forget that Chris got some girl pregnant? Bash him too.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

It's hilarious, and sad, to

It's hilarious, and sad, to see so many overgrown losers hating on an innocent, rich, beautiful baby who's already famous, blessed and loved by so many and not even born yet. Favor ain't fair and it must suck to be an overgrown, broke baby who hates on an unborn baby who's done NOTHING to your stupid asses. YOU chose to have multiple babies by a BROKE dude who sags his pants. YOU chose to live off public assistance or work at the grocery store alllllllll of your life. Don't hate on this blessed couple and their blessed baby, that's ugly.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Reggie's girlfriend is

Reggie's girlfriend is pregnant and Amber Rose is pregnant. I called this months ago. These two publicity whores are so predictable. I just hope they realize that having a child is not a fking game. Despite the circumstances I hope the child is healthy and has some semblance of normalcy, which I doubt with these 2 as parents but I can hope. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

Oh boy, another rich and

Oh boy, another rich and egotistic child on the way. Kim is so pressed to be accepted as a legitimate celebrity that she is dating every guy that looks at her and finally one got her pregnant gossipmagazineonline.com and greatvacationspots.net Kanye you are going to regret this in the future, she will leave you in a few years and be on to the next guy and bleed you and the next guy dry....
Gossip's picture

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MsMidwest's picture

maybe this baby will give Kim

maybe this baby will give Kim more of a personality, because watching her show when she's the main storyline for the episode is booorrrinnng. the baby will probably be gorgeous! i hope she has a healthy baby and safe delivery.
rollseyesorsmile's picture

Fuck these two attention

Fuck these two attention whores. May she die during child birth. Thats right. I said it.
sianna1's picture

Seriously????????? You must

Seriously????????? You must be one ignorant hateful asshole. SMH. I'm no big fan of these two but damn!!
Burself's picture

Congrats!!!!!!! many

Congrats!!!!!!! many blessings to Kim & Kanye!
saHTC12's picture

Keep these stories coming,

Keep these stories coming, Natasha! Woo-Hoo! I can stomache Kim and Kanye's big pregnancy news better than I can anything pertaining to Beyonce, Solange or Amber Rose.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Kim should be wearing a big

Kim should be wearing a big scarlet letter A on her chest/2012 style.


star's picture

while I happen to agree that

while I happen to agree that it is pretty tacky to get pregnant with another mans child while still being married to someone else, I am sick of these "white bytch" comments. it's racist, pure and simple. if you say a black man should only be with a black woman, you are no better than the KKK saying mixed race couples shouldn't happen. it's 2012, not 1962. my man is black and I'm white. I'm a little tired of the crusty looks we get from the sisters and the white guys. if you step to me an say something, you gonna get kickboxed by me and removed from the premises by security for your hate crime. LOVE SEES NO COLOR! MIND YOUR BIZNIS!
mensabarbie's picture

Exactly where are all of

Exactly where are all of these "white bytch" comments you speak of? I've read through many of the comments and I haven't seen much of anything. Everyone is referring to Kim the same way non-blacks refer to her on other blogs. You seemed pressed for attention sweetie and I doubt you are whooping anyone's behind. But best of luck to you and your "man"; I agree loves sees no color.
CheyPie's picture

Don't nobody cares if she's

Don't nobody cares if she's with him,people are people,in GOD'S eye's we are all the same,no black woman want him,so no one's mad :(

If they have a boy than he

If they have a boy than he can married Baby blue,and they all can be one happy family,and start there own generations lol..on the thrown,yes this was plan......they trying to run the world,lol...

He said he prayed for this

He said he prayed for this child,my queston is who did he pray to? didn't he say he worship the DEVIL. so that means the DEVIL GRANTED HIS REQUEST,(WOW) THE DEVIL ON THE THROWN....

they look so sexy together

they look so sexy together ... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Something tells me Dr. West &

Something tells me Dr. West & Rob Kardashian Sr. (R.I.P.) wouldn't approve of this bullsh!t!
tori's picture

This garden tool needs to

This garden tool needs to give thanks each and every day for Ray J and that sex tape, look where it got her, married to one man and pregnant for another and still being admired by all the turtles of this world.
Realist's picture

She is such a whore. I hope

She is such a whore. I hope my three daughters dont grow up to be like her. A gold digging broke down heaux!!!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Why doesn't she wish for

Why doesn't she wish for something attainable like A DIVORCE FROM HER 2ND HUSBAND AND A MARRIAGE BEFORE A BABY? Funny how she has so much money, and people think she's so pretty, but she can't accomplish the simplest things in life like First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. I wish it was Khloe having the baby instead. Atleast she has a HUSBAND that she loves.Kim and Kanye only love themselves.

Enough already. Yeezy was

Enough already. Yeezy was congratulated 3 posts ago. The more posts, the more negative thoughts come to mind, so stop already.
Yas's picture

I think IF his mom were here

I think IF his mom were here this wouldn't be happening. He didn't start this behavior until she passed away. JMO



Ok enough Natasha and

Ok enough Natasha and company!!! If this is your idea of Black and Fabulous then you can keep it. You are going to run this topic of a married baby mama in the ground. You don't even do all this for black female celebs who are married. Smh. Btw, we want BLACK people not Armenians hanging out with blacks as the focal point of the blog.
JJFad's picture

LOL......Congrats Mrs.

LOL......Congrats Mrs. Humphries......I wish people will stop acting like this is some breaking or important news. #OVERIT
Naomi's picture

She can't still be married,

She can't still be married, surely?
Yas's picture

LOL but she is

LOL but she is

Damn, thought they divorced?

Damn, thought they divorced? Getting pregnant by your new man whilst still married to your old man, 2012 problems.
Yas's picture

Celebrate What? Isn't Kim

Celebrate What? Isn't Kim Still Legally Married? The Headlines Should Read: Kim k Who Is Still Legally Married Is Having Another's Mans Child. Or Kanye West Impregnates Married Woman. This Ain Nothing To Celebrate. If it Was Someone Other Than These Two People Would Be Dragging Them Through The Mud. This Is Just Scandalous. I Remember When Fanny Got Pregnant With Antwan Baby, The Shyt Hit The Fan.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Ok so they were not getting

Ok so they were not getting enough attention so the next best thing is to announce she's pregnant! Kanye is so sad and Jay will drop his embarrassing ass like he did Damon Dash because Kim is not ACCEPTABLE! Kim already had her WEDDING TELEVISED so the only thing she has not done is get preggers and have a FALLEN RAPPER'S BABY! Kanye mom would not approve and Kim's dad would be mad that it's from a BLACK guy instead of an ARMENIAN ONE! Best Wishes to these MEDIA ATTENTION WHORES!
Shay's picture

I imagine most of the world

I imagine most of the world laughing at this black male. He has impregnated a female who is known for her loose morals...and happens to still be married to another man. That is so pathetic.
Zetagirl's picture

Oh they are--laughing & using

Oh they are--laughing & using some pretty colorful language, I'm sure. :-)

I imagine most of the world

I imagine most of the world laughing at you for being such an envious, sad woman. Everyone wishes they were Kanye cause he got the most beautiful woman out there!
Shaniqua's picture

Most beautiful???

Most beautiful??? Lol......Shes fake from head to toe.
sianna1's picture

The other poster was speaking

The other poster was speaking from a common sense/morals perspective and you equate that with jealousy?! See this is what is wrong with our younger generation. All you have to do is look beautiful and have money then you are excused from anything- right or wrong.
JJFad's picture

You better PREACH!!! Now,

You better PREACH!!! Now, watch Essence & Ebony---all of the black publications fawn all over Kimye's baby, because we're just so damn accepting of anything. But I betcha their new baby will NOT be on the cover of other magazines with mostly caucasian audiences. They don't like Kim K's trashy a$$ & they have no respect for Kanye since he deflowered & insulted Taylor Swift. Funny thing: Kanye wouldn't have wanted a black woman who'd been passed around as much as Kim K, yet he's INFATUATED with this chick. She's on her second marriage, not yet divorced, famous for nothing, and is now pregnant by a rapper. GREAT! And no, I'm not hating or jealous: I am sick of the double standards in our society. Look at Kate Hudson: left her husband and got pregnant by someone else, had the baby and is now engaged. Jessica Simpson is pregnant again--not married. And no-one cares cuz these chicks are white. But when a black, unmarried woman has a baby she's belittled and crucified. I can't stand Kimye--as individuals or as a couple. I don't wish any ill-will on their baby but I damn sure ain't excited about it either.

It's 2013, nobody cares about

It's 2013, nobody cares about marriage anymore. Plenty of people have children, stay together and get a house WITHOUT ever getting married. No biggie. Black women who don't get married are only belittled by the AA community cause it lives in the 18th century!
Shaniqua's picture

Which black, unmarried women

Which black, unmarried women are you talking about? I think in general non-celeb black women are crucified for this behavior because they can't financially support the children they get pregnant with. But all the white women you mentioned are rich and famous, so of course no one cares. If they were broke, I promise you people would be judging them as well.
CheyPie's picture

So sick of the entertainment

So sick of the entertainment news and gossip sites licking the big bubbled a$$ of Kim. Her only claim to fame is a freaking sex tape that practically launched her career. No one was checking for this non factor or her sickening family until the sex tape was leaked. And now these people have a show all because of her laying on her back. If you get a reality show from laying on your back alot of us would be on tv right now. Done

Kim always seems so

Kim always seems so disconnected from Kanye (actually any relationship she's been in). Their body language always seems strange--no affection and very robotic. It's a wonder that they even came together to produce a child. Kim is just strange to me.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

OK, how many times do you

OK, how many times do you have to tell us she is pregnant. WE KNOW! WE KNOW! Are you going to spend the rest of this pregnancy telling us every freaking move these people make! Oh, another thing. Pregnancy is not new. Women have been getting pregnant since time began.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Kim doesn't know what she's

Kim doesn't know what she's wishing for. His mom would be totally against this and so would her father.
KENNEDY78's picture

I totally agree. I truly

I totally agree. I truly cannot see his mother approving of this girl and this situation...but, then again, who knows???
Zetagirl's picture

she is so pressed to be

she is so pressed to be accepted as a legitimate celebrity & he is the captain save a ho azz white woman of the century. i cant wait to see how bad this turns out for Ye. ps Kim...this is not going to get you any closer to playdates w beyonce & blue!

Okay, please don't overload

Okay, please don't overload this site with these two. I've already had enough. It's not breaking news.
Iridescent One's picture

Congrats these two. But I

Congrats these two. But I have officially boycotted them both. I will not click on any news blogs or articles on these two in the new year. They are just not worth my time. Wishing her a healthy baby because it will be a FUNNY looking child.
Lifeatbest's picture

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