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Kimora Lee Simmons Flaunts Her Lemons On The Beach In St. Barths


Oh, hello lemon queen.  Kimora Lee Simmons is taking her recent break in stride.  And turning lemons into lemonade.  She's been spending the Holidays with her ex-husband Russell, his girlfriend, her and Russ' daughters and her son.  And chick looks better than ever.  Pics of KiKi's latest St. Barths romp on the beach inside...



Kimora's got a lot to smile about these days.  Three gorgeous kiddies, a bangin' bikini bod at 37 and a new reality show to boot.  So the fashion loving former model threw on her lemon covered bikini to hit the beaches in the french Caribbean yesterday.  Something she's been doing every day on her vacay:

Photobucket Photobucket

She dipped in and out of the ocean on Wednesday as she flew solo, after hitting the tropical beach with her daughters Aoki & Ming on Christmas day.

Photobucket Photobucket



Ahhh...the life.


She also joined up with her kiddies later on.

By the way, you can check out a sneak peek above of Kimora's upcoming new show, "House of Fab."  It premieres January 23rd on STYLE.

Pics: Pacific Coast News




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hooklookping's picture

Kimora looks great to me, I

Kimora looks great to me, I mean she does have 3 young kiddies.
TeaNicole's picture

Kimora lost the weight now

Kimora lost the weight now she needs to tone up. I'm sorry but I can't take another reality show with her. I just can't.
Denise2007's picture


BEEMA's picture

Just ok

Just ok
star's picture

I like the way Kimora

I like the way Kimora interacts with her fans on twitter. I think she's beautiful and has a nice body. No shade over here.
CLS1986's picture

Kimora looks mean as hell.

Kimora looks mean as hell.
Happy Lady's picture

She looks MISERABLE as hell!

She looks MISERABLE as hell!
tori's picture

Can we leave the BELLY CHAINS

Can we leave the BELLY CHAINS in 2012? Them sh!ts are so damn tacky!
tori's picture

Kimora is DAT u Lookin like a

Kimora is DAT u Lookin like a soaked Thai Noodle?!..Anyhoo nice destination to Let ur hair down and relax!
Like Really's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

couldn't stop from

couldn't stop from laughing...lol ....flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Doesn't look bad but I'm not

Doesn't look bad but I'm not envious. Do wish I was in St. Brats soaking up the sun

Kimora does NOT look fab

Kimora does NOT look fab here! She looks like she needs a good meal. There's thin and then there's gaunt. And with all that sun she still seems pale. Get back on your fab game Kimora--still gonna watch your(new) show though. :-)

Everybody can't be FAT AND

Everybody can't be FAT AND UNHEALTHY like you..I know you fat because only a fat person would say someone is too thin. It's not healthy to be fat..Why don't you get off your fat azz and go to the gym and get like Kimora instead of looking like Thea on that pissed up couch you sittin on...
BEEMA's picture

Well I do have a fat bank

Well I do have a fat bank account, fat credentials and a fat closet so in a sense you ARE right, LOL. Shove your negativity up your caucasian-gravatar-loving arse. I STILL say-Kimora looks gaunt, not fit. Your boobs and bottom lip must be in close proximity to your navel too--that explains why those pics look fine to you. Cool, LOLLLL. Just know that I will still post what I want when I want--just like you. You don't move or scare anybody on ybf. Tori gives you what you deserve every time like your other stalking victims. And they STILL comment--so will I. Tasha must be paying you 2 cents for every stalker-ish post. Good-even that is more than you're worth. BAM!!!See you on the next thread. LOL

Hm talk about trolling! This

Hm talk about trolling! This is a free country so everyone is entitled to their opinion, that was her opinion so respect it. To also comment on someones photo without even using your own real photo is so wrong. How are we not to believe that you yourself are not FAT & UNHEALTHY. LOL Kimora does not look as fab as she normally does. Being wet does not suit her face, she looks so much better with her shades on. Awaiting your comment, :)

Thanks for defending my

Thanks for defending my honor, LOL-but there's no need. Beema needs psychiatric help. Or maybe just a LIFE beyond internet blogging. Her bullying tactics mean NADA and I will still post whatever I like whenever I like. But thanks though :-)

She looks great!!

She looks great!!
Ethel Mertz's picture

Yuck & Gross....just proves

Yuck & Gross....just proves how badly Black "men" want their kids to have good hair...smh. ....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

With all those kids she had,

With all those kids she had, her body looks great compared to the majority of Americans who are not fit. Anticipating on watching her show. that-is-all, Flips Hair!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

u crack me up...what country

u crack me up...what country are u from??????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

From the N.Y.C !!! born and

From the N.Y.C !!! born and raised in Queens NY, what about you??? Flips Hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Well....how old are you

Well....how old are you then....(i was born and raised in Tampa, Florida)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Visited Tampa, it pretty nice

Visited Tampa, it pretty nice over there. Let's just say, I'm old enough to be on this site. Flips Hair, that-is-all!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

She looks fantastic. Even

She looks fantastic. Even though she was no where near fat I'm feeling the weight loss.
Bird's picture

Well alright Ms. Kimora!

Well alright Ms. Kimora! Looking Fab!
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