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Kandi, Toya, Rasheeda AND Evelyn Show Off Their ROCKING Bodies In The Bahamas


Some of Atlanta's most popular reality stars flew off to the Bahamas for Christmas where they lounged on the beach and met up with fellow reality star Evelyn Lozada. See pics of Kandi, Toya, Rasheeda and more inside....




A few of the stars of "RHOA" and LAHH ATL" (and a "Basketball Wife") celebrated Christmas in the Bahamas this year. Kandi Burruss was joined by her boo Todd Tucker while Rasheeda was with husband Kirk Frost.  Phaedra Parks and Apollo and Toya Wright and Memphitz were also along for the trip.  


The couples brought their little ones along for the vacation too.

Photobucket     Photobucket 


Before linking back up with their young ones, Todd and Kandi joined Memphitz and Toya for a fun day in the sun at the adult pool.




And Rasheeda showed off her ab-tastic bod while boo'd up with Kirk.


Phaedra and Apollo showed a little love on the island too.


Evelyn Lozada brought her entire family with her to the Bahamas and posed it up for Christmas.


Photobucket  Photobucket


Meanwhile, Evelyn's daughter Shaniece showed off her green nails and bikini bod for the cameras.





Fun times.....


Photos via Instagram/Twitter




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hooklookping's picture

Why is Kandi wearing that

Why is Kandi wearing that Body Glove circa 1989 swimsuit??? She looked better in the bikini while in Anguilla! She may have thick thighs and a donk, BUT her stomach is FLAT as a pancake.Must be nice lol.Rasheeda's a lil too cut...maybe her and Kandi should trade swimsuits! Other than that, I think everyone there looked great!

All of these AtL women are

All of these AtL women are built alike with those damn Big Asses and Thunder Thighs...Sorry but it ain't cute!
star's picture

Kandi daughter going to have

Kandi daughter going to have a shape just like her. Those thunder thighs are huge. This is a weird combination of couples, Rashida has a great body for her age lean and no fat.
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tom101's picture

This is indeed too much

This is indeed too much ratchet for one post..and Po' Evilyn #2 all extra ready for the Rat race!..Smdhlol
Like Really's picture

The surgically enhanced 6

The surgically enhanced 6 packs these chicks are sporting are HILARIOUS! But why not get rid of all the back fat and other body pork while you're at it??? That's what makes that sh#t look so fake!
allnatural's picture

why are there posts of these

why are there posts of these couples all the time?
vanessa.boo1's picture

That ATL CLIQUE be rollin

That ATL CLIQUE be rollin DEEP! Rasheeda has a nice body, & Kandi is playin HOPSCOTCH on that thin line between THICK & FAT! Ev's little TRAMP-IN-TRAINING looks TOTALLY DIFFERENT (the tags are still showing from her implants)!
tori's picture

There's that ratchet reality

There's that ratchet reality show crew all together again like we said the other day to appear like they are RELEVANT!
Shay's picture

so Natasha made us create

so Natasha made us create log-ins for this?? smh......anywho, i wonder what Shaneice's tattoo says and what made her want to appear in a video.
shuga's picture

Her tattoo says " I wanna be

Her tattoo says " I wanna be a whore just like my mama".
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

No better way to spend the

No better way to spend the Christmas Holiday! Welcome to the land of Sun, Sand and Sea, ladies....(and gents!)
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Maybe its just me....but why

Maybe its just me....but why does "reality hoes" think they are stars? You don't have no talent except putting all your business out there and acting like a complete and utter fool for some money......that's your talent. Please stop with this reality ish......starting with The Kardashians.......(just my 2 cents)......lol.

Kandi looks gamey in that

Kandi looks gamey in that swimsuit
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Tamar's single is #96 on the

Tamar's single is #96 on the Billboard Hot 100 plus she's been getting slayed left and right from Beyonce stans- FOR ALL OF YALL THAT SAID BEYONCE WAS AFRAID OF TAMAN- Me thinks NOT! It's clear Vince bought all of her songs on Itunes to put her at #1 on there...smh
BEEMA's picture

Thanks for that irrelevant

Thanks for that irrelevant but oh-so-bootleg update. It was truly needed at this time.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Spittng out soup on keyboard

Spittng out soup on keyboard and lmao....maj
LaFord's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

Kirk is the most handsome man

Kirk is the most handsome man ever!
Tjblack's picture

Everyone is looking good in

Everyone is looking good in their kini's. Evilyn was not included in the last pic? porque?? O.O 5..4..3...2..1 waiting for my stan/stalker??? Flips Hair that-is-all!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Girl KILL YO SELF..(gagging

Girl KILL YO SELF..(gagging at this being ANOTHER one of Tori's accounts..smh)
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Just as I predicted!! "She,

Just as I predicted!! "She, Me, Her Wins" LMAO!!!! Loving this!!! Wow now your making up NAMES TOO??? 0.O NO your wrong yet again, you little psychotic imbecile you!!! Loving the attention from this Stan/Stalker!!!! Lol, Flips hair twice...That-is-all!!!
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You NAPPY HEADED freak, no

You NAPPY HEADED freak, no one is a fan of yours, you are PRESSED idiot that is on this site 24/7. Go outside and breathe the air..Don't you have friends? a job? You're probably on welfare
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