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Fat Joe PLEADS GUILTY To Tax Evasion, OWES $700K In TAXES


Rapper Fat Joe has pleaded guilty to tax evasion and owes nearly $700K to the federal government. Find out more inside.....


Fat Joe, real name Joseph Cartagena, is on the hook for stiffing the federal government out of roughly $700K in income taxes for 2007 and 2008.  The rapper appeared in federal court this morning to enter his plea and was freed on a $250K bond.  He is scheduled to be sentenced in April and faces up to two years in prison.   

His lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, said Fat Joe "had already taken steps to resolve this situation" before he had been charged and hopes to pay back the feds before April 3.

Fat Joe owned the Somerville-based Terror Squad Production Inc. and Miramar Music Touring Inc. and also earned income from FJTS Corp.




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I can't stand these celebs

I can't stand these celebs who are living large, but can't pay their taxes!!! I make a good living, but nothing compared to what Fat Joe HAD and I can manage to stay afloat and PAY MY TAXES ON TIME!!! SMH!!!
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I would comment on this post

I would comment on this post but too much trash has already filled it up :*
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that guy fell off the Ugly

that guy fell off the Ugly Tree and hit every branch on the way down.....then got beat with the Ugly Stick! !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Instead of "Leanin Back" he

Instead of "Leanin Back" he shoulda been "Payin Back" the IRS! FREE REMY MA!
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LMAO! That was funny!!! Good

LMAO! That was funny!!! Good one!
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Yes.....Free Remy Ma!!!!!!!

Yes.....Free Remy Ma!!!!!!! Although her giant EYEBALLS scare me
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It's okay, Joe, keep your

It's okay, Joe, keep your head up
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Stupid ass puerto

Stupid ass puerto rican......take your fat ass back to San Juan.
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That's what you get you fat

That's what you get you fat bastard!!
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