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Porsha Stewart DISHES On DRAMA With Kenya Moore And GAY RUMORS About Kordell ON "The Breakfast Club"


"RHOA" starlet Porsha Stewart is making the rounds in NYC to promote the show's fifth season and to dish on the drama she's stirred up with Kenya Moore and rumors about her husband.  Get the deets inside...

Atlanta native Porsha Stewart dropped in on Power 105.1 this morning to discuss this season of "RHOA" and her fights with Kenya Moore.  She explained that she and Kenya bumped heads from their first meeting when Kenya seemed to be annoyed at her talking about plans to have a baby and how happily married she was.  And things reached a boiling point when Porsha mistakenly called her "Miss America" instead of "Miss USA" during a charity fundrasier.  

While discussing their fight in Auguilla, which nearly came to blows, Porsha said she thinks Kenya is envious of her life and longs to have a husband of her own.  And while Kenya had to be restrained by Nene, Porsha added that she would never get into a physical fight with another woman...but would sue her if she was attacked.

The host then asked Porsha about internet rumors about her husband Kordell and his sexuality.  Porsha said that she does not believe the rumors and she knows that he husband loves her.  

She also owned up to her "video vixen" days and said she made some choices when she was younger that she wouldn't make today, but she isn't ashamed of anything she's done.

And when it came to Kenya and her relationship with Walter, she wouldn't say she thought the couple was "acting" but she did say it didn't feel right and that Kenya and Walter didn't have chemistry.  

Watch the interview:



In case you missed it last night, Kenya Moore spewed this season's most memorable line when she let the ladies know that she's "Gone With The Wind fabulous!"  Watch clips of she and Porsha's discussion about their two previous encounters that eventually erupts into a war of words.  





Love love Porsha, so what if

Love love Porsha, so what if she made a silly comment. She has time to grow in those areas. Kenya on the other hand is too old in age to be acting like 12 yr old. She needs to get psychiatric help. She is delusional....

Wait are they eating

Wait are they eating strawberry's and cold cuts?
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hooklookping's picture

Both add spice to the show in

Both add spice to the show in different ways. At first, I was like get rid of Kenya, but you got to admit, she's a headcase. I hope they keep both ladies. A lot of folks calling for Kenya to go.
JewelryLover's picture

Her voice tho!

Her voice tho!
TeaNicole's picture

I wish that we can watch

I wish that we can watch reality tv and see more positive black women lift each other up, and not put each other down so much. It's bad enough that just about every other culture put African Americans down. However; I will admit that Porsha did ignite the blaze on last night's episode instead of leaving the subject alone, but I guess it's her AGE I guess.

Team Kenya

Team Kenya
star's picture

I died when she said there's

I died when she said there's 265 days in a year!!! 0.O this chick is ...hmm dumb as a bag of rocks...Porscha who is named after a car pick up BOOK and read it!!! smdh
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tom100's picture

Porsha is dull, dim-witted,

Porsha is dull, dim-witted, slow, silly, immature, dumb lol... I don't know the chick is just not smart. HOWEVER, how GORGEOUS is she??? She is soooo beautiful. She's wack for equating an insult with someone's age. She's only 9 years from 40, and by the looks of it she'll look as good (maybe better) than Kenya.
Sincerely WF's picture

Kenya has her issues but this

Kenya has her issues but this PRAYING MANTIS LOOKING DUMB INARTICULATE VIDEO HOE Porscha is no better! In one breathe she's saying how nice and calm Kenya is, and in the next breathe she's coming for her, just because she had an audience around her. Notice she keeps bringing up Kenya's age because she knows at 41yrs bad skin and all, Kenya still looks better than her w/ those PRAYING MANTIS EYES, and that mouth w/ 10,000 TEETH LIKE ARSENIO HALL. Porscha and Cordell would have ONE UGLY BABY, unless ugly cancels out ugly and the baby comes out looking normal! NeNe is also a jealous hater as well. No matter how much money she's making, or the lil success she's having right now. NeNe is still BIG UGLY AUNT ESTHER LOOKING NENE! Jealous people like NeNe will never be able to diffuse an arguement because she still brings her negative messy energy with her!
Shay's picture

Lmao you have *OFFICIALLY*

Lmao you have *OFFICIALLY* gon in..gurl let go & let have! The sad thing about PINTO is that in 10 yrs she will be Kenya's age with ABSOLUTELY NO ACCOLADES, (except for bein on 1 season of RHOA) and sum 21 yr old will be sayin who the hell is BRAVO & was that housewife show filmed in black in white!
tori's picture

@Tori The Dumb chick had it

@Tori The Dumb chick had it coming anyway w/ her TATTERED thin bad DISTRESSED hair showing underneath that weave on national tv. I also can't stand her voice and the way she speaks. (rolling my eyes) This girl just annoys me!
Shay's picture

LMAOO.. *prayin Mantis and

LMAOO.. *prayin Mantis and then Aunt Esther..too Funny!!
Like Really's picture

Kenya is definitely a

Kenya is definitely a character. LOL Porsha is such a ditz. LOL She is so annoying, with her big face. Whenever she's on, I turn the volume all the way down, because she is just unbearable. And when she was getting her weave done in Anguilla, her short nappy hair around the neck area was shriveled up, shaking and scared.

I agree with yall...Kenya is

I agree with yall...Kenya is looney and I haven't particularly liked her so far BUT Porsha started in on her last night. Porsha started off by talking about how different Kenya was on the trip and then the next thing she is bringing up her wack fundraiser. I think she got some cojones because she was around all of the girls. Had it been one on one Porsha would have been running scared!

She provoked Kenya! I am no

She provoked Kenya! I am no Kenya fan, but she was clearly moving on and attempting to enjoy the night. When you are persistent with attacking a woman on the basis of her age, that woman is clearly going to show you what age has taught her. Sometimes you have to revert to your hood ways to prove a point.
marylou's picture

I totally agree with you, I

I totally agree with you, I was just waiting for Kenya to get around Nene and snatch her. Don't talk shit and not expect to get dealt with. scary bitches sue after starting trouble. While I'm not a fan of Kenya but don't down play something she worked her ass for. She's made a name for herself no matter how big, small, good or bad she did it on her own. Not through the men in her life.
kimaras31's picture

Ugh..This Mr. Ed chewing BiSH

Ugh..This Mr. Ed chewing BiSH was allll in her vapid feelings..,I was kinda hoping Kenya wud've socked her GHETTO Bootay poppin video azz DEAD in the mouth!! Kenya maybe Gone with the Wind Coo coo twirls n' all..,but this childish heifer here is by far any BETTA!!!! The Only thing that shud be a real concern, is her hubby and his boyz night out schedule! *bac to sippin my wine...
Like Really's picture

Poor little naive Porsha.

Poor little naive Porsha. That's why Kordell chose her. He probably can tell her anything and she'll believe it without question.
MsKizzy's picture

So that rumor about Kordell

So that rumor about Kordell gettin caught SUCKIN' D!CK in a Maryland parking lot is 'just a rumor'? These DL brothas are a MESS! (my STALKER @BEEMA should be replyin in 5..4..3..2..)!
tori's picture

Kenya is looney!

Kenya is looney!

Whatever: she's just as messy

Whatever: she's just as messy as Kenya.

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