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PARTY FAB: Chris Tucker, Trina Braxton, Terri J. Vaughn And MORE At Mayor Kasim Reed's "MASKED BALL"


Chris Tucker, Trina Braxton, Terri J. Vaughn and many others donned some of their most stylish gowns and suits for the UNCF’s 29th Annual Mayor’s Masked Ball in Atlanta. See pics of all the celebs who came out to support Mayor Kasim Reed inside...



On Saturday, the UNCF’s 29th Annual Mayor’s Masked Ball was held at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.  The annual ball, which has raised almost $10 million for students attending Atlanta’s four UNCF member institutions, was hosted by Mayor Kasim Reed, who attended with girlfriend Sarah Langford.


Actress Dawnn Lewis, who looked hot in a cleavage revealing gown, arrived with former NBA Dikembe Mutombo on her arm.  Still looking good Dawnn!


Terri J. Vaughn, who founded the Take Wings Foundation, supported the cause.  


Radio personality Egypt Sherrod came with her husband Mike Jackson.


Actor Romany Malco flashed his pearly whites while posing with tv journalist JaQuitta Williams.


Trina Braxton wore a black and gold mask with her gown.


And during the evening, the guests were treated to a special performance by Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly.

Fun times.

The Randomness:

1.  The first black Republican Senator since the 1970's, Tim Scott, is slated to be appointed in South Carolina.  STORY

Photos via Paras Griffin/Aric Thompson




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Funny I am on these clowns

Funny I am on these clowns mind day and night..postin comments with my name...carry on #miscellanouspaparrazzi
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Funny that "these clowns" are

Funny that "these clowns" are beatin u at ur own game...PSYCHO STALKER!
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Such a CLASSY EVENT with a

Such a CLASSY EVENT with a GREAT CAUSE in a RATCHET city! Trina is startin to look like Traci..no bueno! (my STALKER @BEEMA should be replyin in 5..4..3..2..)!
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Tori grow up. How is an

Tori grow up. How is an entire city "ratchet" off of music and things you see on fake reality shows?? I live in NY and I know better than that. I need you to really get off the internet and turn the tv off. Its fawking up your common sense something awful. Or if you live there and all you bump into is ratchetness, then that says alot about where you hangout.
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"Tori grow up..." says the

"Tori grow up..." says the person who co-signed with MY STALKER! If sum1 was to say Detroit was one big GHETTO most ppl would agree but there are actually great parts of Detroit! So when I say the ATL is a "ratchet city" I'm simply ONLY talkin about the SMALL percentage of ppl who give it a BAD name. I grew up in Jersey but have family up & down the East coast & have been to Atlanta many of times & I have only "bumped" into a couple of HOODRATS!
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Yes, Tori grow up. I could

Yes, Tori grow up. I could give a hootnanny about you and that girl going back and forth at each other. I'm not interested in co-signing someone like we're in 8th grade. You initiate some really immature dialogue based on watching too much tv and too much blogging. You love to label anything with black people as ratchet no matter how nice it may be and coming from someone who screams they are Latino while looking black I find that insulting. Yep Imma call it out. Your need to label cities negatively because you bumped into hoodrats like they aren't everywhere is just plain childish and coded. After the nasty Michelle Obama comment you made it clear your real intent of being on here. Just know that every negative stereotype you want to toss at blacks, whites have created now twice as many for Latinos.
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Jacquitta got the Jermaine

Jacquitta got the Jermaine Jackson hairdo....lol. just follow the drip. loving how fit the women are. Black Girls DO workout!
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yep....Trina & Terri are my

yep....Trina & Terri are my girls......
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