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IT'S OFFICIAL: Actor Donald Faison MARRIES CaCee Cobb, Bestie Jessica Simpson Serves As BRIDESMAID


Actor Donald Faison wed his long-term girlfriend CaCee Cobb at a private home in LA this weekend, with Jessica Simpson in attendance. See wedding pics inside....

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Over the weekend, "The Exes" star Donald Faison got hitched to his long time girlfriend CaCee Cobb at Zach Braff's home in front of 75 guests. The couple had been engaged for 16-months.  Cacee straightened her hair from her usual curls and her wedding gown looked gorgeous.



The is the second marriage for Donald, who's most famous for his roles on "Scrubs" and Clueless.



He welcomes CaCee into a ready-made family that already includes four children from previous relationships.


Jessica Simpson, who is rumored to be preggers again, was escorted down the aisle by Donald's former co-star Zach.  And she served as a bridesmaid and wore a slimming black gown to conceal her possible latest pregnancy. CaCee is also the godmother to Jessica's first child Maxwell.  Cute.


The festivities were also attended by Jessica's father Joe and sister Ashley.  If you remember Jessica and Nick Lachey's "Newlyweds" reality show (the good ol days of actual "reality" tv), you'll remember Cacee is Jess' best friend from childhood and served as her assistant for years.


Photos via INF/FAME




Congrats!! Its about time,

Congrats!! Its about time, they've been together like forever.
Realist's picture

I see just as many slam

I see just as many slam comments for black celebrity couples as these two are getting so poop with the racism card throwing. I don't know why people come in gossip blogs expecting people to me all sweet and happy with posts related to interracial couples. Like they get a special pass. Miss be with the whole "we are the whole" philosophy because it is not reality in the larger society so coming to blogs built around gossip and foolywang expecting it is just silly. If you expect that then go to sites based around Christianity.
JJFad's picture

all i wanna know is did he

all i wanna know is did he finally take them dam braces off?
shuga's picture

wow here we go again...people

wow here we go again...people just cant be happy that people find a mate fell in love n put a ring on it....like half of ya'll would have dated him to begin with i'm sure ur excuse would be he wasn't hood or thugged out enough....smdh!!!
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Worthless opinions based on

Worthless opinions based on race, alive and well i see.


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Damn that's ALOT of Horse

Damn that's ALOT of Horse hair Becky is wearing.....lmao
star's picture

Who gives a fucc? Donald

Who gives a fucc? Donald hasnt done shit in a while......that i know of. And ol girl is just....jessica simpsons former assistant.
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Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust (sigh)! I fell in lust with Donald Faison after seein him "New Jersey Drive" I wish him & his lucky lady the best! Congrats!
tori's picture

Gurl you sighing like he

Gurl you sighing like he would have ACTUALLY considered dating a dirty spic maid...since when do actors date and marry the help!? Diaz face it..you can hate on these millionaire celebs but all you will ever be is a toilet bowl-piss scrubbing cleaning lady!
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PSYCHO STALKER..U MUST BE A CLEANIN LADY LMAO! Quit stealin CELEB PICS cuz u AIN'T ONE 'TARD!! Damn u must SCRUB FLOORS durin the day & SUCK D!CK at nite to feed you 12 WELFARE/SNAP CARD babies..how do u find time to TROLL this site & STALK ME? BTW He did marry "THE HELP" Cacee was Jessica Simpson's assistant BUM B!TCH, u CAN'T even tell a joke!
tori's picture

These type of black men

These type of black men (thumb down), she don't have ONE black bride maid...not one. SAD. And look at all that weave in her hair. Lawd have merci.
Lifeatbest's picture

At least she had Ms. Piggy

At least she had Ms. Piggy aka Jessica Simpson in BLACK!
tori's picture

I know she her in a black

I know she her in a black *shaking my head* dress. As close as this woman WOULD ever get to have a black girlfriend. Dang I know her husband has black cousins or nieces she could have asked to be in the wedding. SAD. These black men need to stop marrying these racist beckies.
Lifeatbest's picture

You're DEFINITELY right about

You're DEFINITELY right about that one, but c'mon, we ALREADY knew chocolate was NOT Donald's flavor of choice lol. I think him & my girl Kerry Washington would make an ADORABLE couple!
tori's picture

Ded@ your girl..b*tch Kerry

Ded@ your girl..b*tch Kerry Washington don't f*ckin know you! You swear you know these famous people...#DELUSIONAL HO
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tori's picture



The man has 4 kids from

The man has 4 kids from previous relationships and took forever to marry this chick. I give this marriage 5...4...3...2... No matter what her race this is NOT #WINNING
Keys's picture

Look at this UNCLE TOM coon!

Look at this UNCLE TOM coon! These black men think they are white when they marry these Becky's..and then as soon as he runs out of money Becky runs out the door!
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B!TCH, I bet u u look like

B!TCH, I bet u u look like the man in @Uncle Tom's avatar with a WIG on..STFU dummy!
tori's picture

Now i want to hear a black

Now i want to hear a black woman say "It's about money"lol like this nigga make billions!!Shout out to the brotha Donald Faison though and his BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFULLL WIFE!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Congratulations! She is

Congratulations! She is absolutely stunning and warrants a ring. This brother got himself a white girl good job brother :)
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Ikr! It's better that she

Ikr! It's better that she takes a black man for all he's worth then go get herself a nice Italian man, before that black man has the chance to mess with an educated black woman's life, who's destined to be with a nice rich white man . Win win situation if you ask me = ).
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I got a question sista. How

I got a question sista. How is it that a black man can mess up a educated black woman's life??? Is it because black women love the wrong type of black men, but when it comes to educated smart brothas, they don't even want nothing to do with them???And according to statistics black women are taking black men's money NOT WHITE WOMEN. And yea you are right black women are destined to be with white men because yall are slaves ,whores, and obedient with white men. Which is why i don't trust black women at all especially dark skinned black women.
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I wish I could buy you

I wish I could buy you Chinese finger traps for Christmas to keep you from spreading your filth on this website.

LMAO can we get a pair for

LMAO can we get a pair for @BEEMA crazy stalker a$$ too lol
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And it funny that you brought

And it funny that you brought up the chinese finger trap because it's a great analogy and how we really don't have any control over what the black woman is doing in our community WE TRAPPED and like the chinese finger trap in order out of it YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON BEING FREEE!!! That's right we have to free ourselves from the black woman, it don't matter how beautiful yall are BLACK WOMEN DETRIMENTAL TO BLACK PROGRESS
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Liz my beautiful sista, i

Liz my beautiful sista, i mean sexy sista!!But a typical black woman, now instead of trying to build with me and explain how im wrong, you say that i need to buy a chinese finger trap????????Come on sistaa!!
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There is absolutely nothing

There is absolutely nothing typical about me. Your hatred NEEDS to be met with sarcasm. I've tried to explain to you why you're wrong, but you don't listen. The only opinion that matters is the one in that itty bitty brain of yours. I don't negotiate or try to reason with terrorists.

DAAAAMN!!!! Insecurity is a

DAAAAMN!!!! Insecurity is a BITCH! I was CLEARLY responding in a sarcastic and ignorant manner that coincided with Uncle Tom's initial comment. Yet you didn't find fault with anything he said did you? But got your PANTIES all tangled in a bunch when I made a similar ignorant comment and JUMPED ON THE OPPORTUNITY TO SET ME STRAIGHT, and why is that? I'm NOT going to debate with you on this topic because talking to you is like talking to a brick wall and honestly I'd rather use my time more wisely. But hey feel free to write another novel degrading black women and see if I respond.... Have a nice day my brother. I pray that you find the help that you desperately need. God Bless = ).
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Well the brotha didn't say

Well the brotha didn't say anything that was wrong.And show me how am i degrading black women!! Please sista!!!Explain how
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I hope you don't think you

I hope you don't think you sound smart on here writing these paragraphs..you sound very UNEDUCATED
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Go mess with Tori!!! Leave me

Go mess with Tori!!! Leave me alone black woman!!!!!I AM THE MOST EDUCATED PERSON ON HERE
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I can GUARANTEE you that you

I can GUARANTEE you that you aren't. If I wasn't thoroughly convinced that you were crazy, I'd give you my credentials.

a nicca and his becky

a nicca and his becky
Reign's picture

Well it's about time. They've

Well it's about time. They've been together forever. Congrats to the happy couple on their big day.
SadieJade's picture

donald's wife looks much

donald's wife looks much older than he is. He has 4 children from previous relationships? oh lawd. Jessica definitely looks pregnant. either that or she's having the hardest time losing that baby weight.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture


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