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Bow Wow REVEALS Which Video Vixen TOOK His Virginity, Celebrities He'd Like to SMASH And TALKS About His Baby Mama's NEW Man


Bow Wow appeared on Shade 45's  "Sway In The Morning" recently where he dished on losing his virginity, his celebrity crushes and opened up about about his baby's mama and her new boyfriend. 


Bow Wow stopped by "Sway In The Morning" yesterday to promote his upcoming film Allegiance (out January 2013) and a segment he taped for Oprah's OWN network about her favorite guests.

During the chat, he revealed he lost his virginity to video vixen/"SMOOTH" cover girl Esther Baxter at the age of 16.  He says, "I couldn't turn her down."  He then told Sway that he's had so much sex that he's finally ready to settle down, although he isn't prepared for marriage.  

When quizzed about celebrity women he'd like to sleep with, he had some interesting responses.  

Karreuche Tran (No. He says he'd never mess with a friend's ex)

Selena Gomez (No. He says she's too young.  He doesn't date young chicks)

Demi Moore (No.  He says she's too skinny)

Lil' Kim (No)

Ciara (No.  He said CiCi was his first real relationship but it was nine years ago and he does't date his exes).  

He went on to reveal that he has celebrity crushes on Eva Longoria and Elle Varner.

And though he didn't talk in-depth about his daughter's mother Joie Chavis, he did reveal that she is dating producer Hit-Boy ("Clique," N*ggas In Paris") and he respects her right to move on with her life.  He added that he is fine with their situation as long as his daughter is treated well.


Watch Bow Wow discuss losing his virginity: 

Watch Bow Wow reveals celebrity women he'd date:




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I thought he lost his

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Esther Baxter DENIED this was

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He lost his virginity to

He lost his virginity to esther baxter (lol!) Now we know why cici dumped him!

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Bow Wow is a mess. Hope one

Bow Wow is a mess. Hope one day he matures.

All I want to hear is about

All I want to hear is about the trannies he likes
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Who knew Esther Baxter was a

Who knew Esther Baxter was a PEDOPHILE (she was 19 when she had sex with Bow). I see he avoided answerin questions about his FINANCES!
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Kim does look ridiculous, but

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So arrogant and dumb. Basic

So arrogant and dumb. Basic basic basic.
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