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SERIOUSLY? Evelyn Lozada REVEALS She MIGHT Give Ex-Husband Chad Johnson A SECOND Chance


As Evelyn Lozada prepares for the next season of "Basketball Wives," she recently told media that she believes in second chances...even for Chad Ochocinco.  Find out what she said inside....

While fans and critics scratch their heads about Rihanna and Chris Brown's "friendship," another ex-couple that seems to be rekindling the fire (on Twitter of course) is Evelyn Lozada (Rih's friend as well) and Chad Ochocinco.

Chad and Evelyn have been communicating on Twitter (most recently for Evelyn's birthday) where the two said they missed each other and Chad called hismelf Evelyn's "missing piece."

Now, Ev has been talking about second chances and it seems like Chad may have a shot at reuniting with his ex-wife after their head-butting fight over a condom receipt.  While speaking to RumorFix, (at the unveiling of her “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign), Ev talked about the aftermath of her split from Chad saying,  

“I have family and friends that have been very, very supportive. I took about a month, month and a half … I just went away for a while and had to regroup and refocus. I feel like I got another chance at life, I know that may sound crazy but that’s how I feel. I’m just like, ‘Ok, we need to keep going, I’m not gonna let any of that tear me down.’ I have good people around me so it’s been OK.”

And after Chad spoke to ESPN about his cheating and said he deserved a second chance, Evelyn told RumorFIx, 

“I do believe in second chances. I actually had someone ask me that recently, and I do. I’m not bitter, things happen and yeah, I do believe in second chances. I would want somebody to give me a second chances, and you never know.”


Hmmm.....it seems the reality star still has a place in her heart for Chad.  Do you think the two should reunite?  

Watch Ev's interview here:




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hooklookping's picture

Non-mullaluckin factor! hehe

Non-mullaluckin factor! hehe (Just mocking her...don't intend to be mean.)
C2C's picture

She looks pregnant as hell.

She looks pregnant as hell. That would be so stupid if she gets back with him....she might as well have stayed married! SMH she is obviously not a very confidant woman and literally needs a man to feel like she is worthy or complete

Unlike Rhitard & FISTopher

Unlike Rhitard & FISTopher young & dumb a$$es I think Ev & Chad are OLD enough & "mature" enough to realize the faults in their relationships & move past what happened!
tori's picture

Tori come on girl, "mature

Tori come on girl, "mature enough?" Evelyn just got involved in some twitter mess shutting down one of the Govan's for making a comment that had nothing to do with her... that's not mature to me. They're definitely OLDER lol...more mature..not so much
Girl's picture

ummmmm...is it just me or

ummmmm...is it just me or does she look preggers in the video?
DivineBeauty's picture

Babies and fools Lord,

Babies and fools Lord, protect babies from these fools…Please Jehovah God don’t let her be…
Peace Silas's picture

Absolutely.. And wudn't be

Absolutely.. And wudn't be surprised! That heifer did freeze her sh!t and Im sure chad bac in her good graces is all just a coincidence! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

lol!! yall be going IN on

lol!! yall be going IN on the last slice of pizza.
shuga's picture

Child...this is a mess. She

Child...this is a mess. She wanted to divorce him so quickly or annul the marriage or whatever. Now...she misses him. This is insane. If that was the case they should have done counseling first or she should have kept the media OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS! Stupid ass
Mz. Opinionated's picture

I haven't commented in a

I haven't commented in a while but this one deserves a comment... Who's shocked? Clearly Iyanla couldn't successfully turn this hoe into a respectable TV personality (I say that loosely.. .just as loose as she is)... she's finally realizing just how irrelevant she is.. and she has to do SOMETHING to stay a hot topic.. so Duh.. her attention sloring demands she gets back with him.. They both need the publicity and the money their relationship would bring in.. lets be real.. she didn't marry him b/c she loved him.. and for the love of TV he clearly doesn't love her.. so.. it's about the fame..and the money.. This world is going to hell..
Janelle McIver's picture

VH1 better not endorse this

VH1 better not endorse this fuckery, they'll be starring down a barrel of a serious boycott from enraged viewers. This type of stupidassness should not be rewarded. Evelyn really needs to get some sense about herself she is just entirely too damn old to be acting like this. Oprah, Iyanla, Dr. Phil, Bishop Jakes, all of them need to do an intervention for these thirsty buffoons (with Evelyn, Jackie, and the Govan sisters being at the top of the roster) there is no way anyone is this stupid for no damn reason they all have some mental disturbances that need to be sorted out coz this don’t make no sense.
Peace Silas's picture

Is this a surprise to anyone?

Is this a surprise to anyone? I just wonder what took so long!!
BooLuv's picture

Thank You.

Thank You.
_In_Tears_'s picture

Chile Evelyn GAGGED when she

Chile Evelyn GAGGED when she realized that nobody gave a fawk about her getting knocked upside the head- and she didn't get the worldwide sympathy that Rihanna got from her abuse. Now that she sees how much money she lost with that show and the wedding- she wants to come back to Chad. CHILE PLEASE!
BEEMA's picture


C2C's picture

*sigh* This filthy beast

*sigh* This filthy beast needs to just go away.
holmesa925's picture


Keys's picture

You knew that shit was gonna

You knew that shit was gonna happen

maybe just maybe she wasnt a

maybe just maybe she wasnt a REAL victim anyway! and also if she wants to go back witch chad she's a grown ass woman! it wont be the first time a woman does wtf she wants to do * shrugs*

I think she should go back to

I think she should go back to him. I mean who else would want Evelyn? Men have deemed her as tainted goods and a major head case, so the only person stupid and attention whoring enough to deal with her and sacrifice everything is Ochostupido. I think they both deserve each other and would love to see ever more flames in their "marriage".
Keys's picture

I'd be shocked if their show

I'd be shocked if their show got put back on the air and maybe Chad got his job back. She is lucky any one would want to legally wife her after the reputation she's acquired..smh
BEEMA's picture

Ev's old-hoe-ass doesn't miss

Ev's old-hoe-ass doesn't miss Chad; she misses their Reality Show $, his endorsement $ & the Ballerific-wifey-lifestyle that she always wanted--assuming that Chad gets picked up next season. SMH...not surprised at all.

This BiSH is such an insecure

This BiSH is such an insecure pathetic Excuse of a drama queen! Who gives a Dam both of these acorn head Nimrods deserve each other!! Smh..
Like Really's picture

Who didn't see this coming? I

Who didn't see this coming? I can see it now a new show reuniting Evelyn and Chad on VH1. They knew exactly what they were doing this past summer.

=O! What a dumb bitch...

=O! What a dumb bitch... whatever, she better not go crying to the media when he puts his foot in her stupid ass, DON'T DO IT because after all the bullshit and shenanigans people do not care... and how convenient around the time BBW Miami debuts GTFOH she thinks people are as stupid as she is, ain’t no body buying that shit…
Peace Silas's picture

I guess Iyanla taught this

I guess Iyanla taught this bitch NOTHING! Sigh...
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