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SPOTTED: Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj ARRIVING For "Hollywood Week" Taping On "American Idol"


The "American Idol" judges were seen arriving to work for "Hollywood Week" yesterday. See pics of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj glammed up inside...


Armed with a team of stylists, makeup artists and assistants, Mariah Carey pulled out all the stops for her walk to work yesterday.  While she donned an eye popping red dress, seemed like she was trying to prove a point as to who the biggest diva is on the set.


Mimi even got a touch-up before she strolled past the line of eager photographers.


In contrast, normally over-the-top rapper Nicki Minaj kept things simple with a black motorcycle jacket and dark leggings. 


Though Mariah clearly stole the show, Nicki's subdued outfit was a notch own from yesterday's bright yellow cake enhancing dress.

She's also gearing up to sell her new MAC Viva Glam lipstick in February.

Fans can catch the season 12 premiere of "American Idol" on Wednesday, January 16, and Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 8/7c on Fox.




Because we just can't get enough of "Dem Babies," Mariah recently tweeted an adorable picture of her 20-month-old son Moroccan relaxing in his pj's.  She said, 'Roc... what more can I say?'

We're sure Mimi and Nick have a lot in store for the twins this Christmas as they are well known to spoil the tots.   




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tom101's picture

Mariah has an ugly

Mariah has an ugly mouth.....cute baby and he's going to be tall.
star's picture

LOVE Mariah!!!! No comment on

LOVE Mariah!!!! No comment on that other chick.
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Mariah gurl, PLEASE GET A

Mariah gurl, PLEASE GET A STYLIST! This foolishness has got to stop. The dress color is cute on her but the dress fit is not. In that second pic you can CLEARLY see butt cellulite through the dress fabric. Spanx would have smoothed all that out. The bracelet she's wearing is so tight that it left an imprint on her arm. You can see that in the second photo too. The dress also isn't fitting well in the bust and those two pieces of decorative fabric just draw your eye to the problem area. Mariah, dress for your body type. Halter top dresses are not your friend and you should be wearing belted looks to give yourself a more defined waist.
DesignDiva's picture

I don't know what picture you

I don't know what picture you looking at but she looks great to me. T0 have been in the business for 25 years and to have had two kids, at 45 she looks great. Does your mother look like that? Exactly! You coons need to stop being so critical of these singers when you don't look half as good yourselves as the ones you are critiquing!
BEEMA's picture

Bitch, who the fuck is you

Bitch, who the fuck is you calling a coon? Lord, don't let me have to catch a case and slap the piss out this white girl. At no point did I criticize Mariah physically so learn how to R-E-A-D. All I criticized was the way she is dressed. And if you think she looks great then kudos to you heffa, but I hope she doesn't hire your blind ass as a stylist.
DesignDiva's picture


"COONS?" WTF B!TCH IS U CRAZY? And you're one to talk about the way we criticise celebs when your UGLY, WANNABE WHITE A$$ talk about ppl avatars when you're too ASHAMED & UGLY to show your face fata$$ GABOUREY SIDIBE LOOKIN' HEIFER! FYI it don't matter how long u keep that WHACK A$$ ugly SH!TNEY SPEARS pic up, u will NEVER BE WHITE!!
tori's picture

Hunny I don't even go back

Hunny I don't even go back and forth with illegal aliens hunny....I doubt you're even a citizen!
BEEMA's picture

Mariah looks FIERCE. Nicki

Mariah looks FIERCE. Nicki looks... Well Nicki looks... Oh HELL I can't think of anything nice! She looks less clownish than usual. Sigh.. I tried!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Girl, you are tripping. You

Girl, you are tripping. You can clearly see Mariah's triceps in that picture. Chick has nice toned arms!

Mariah is sexy and dem

Mariah is sexy and dem baby(cuz only 1 twin is pictured) is adorable.
I_love_laughing's picture

Nick REALLY spilled the beans

Nick REALLY spilled the beans on Howard Stern!! Like...how he changes ALL the diapers 100% b/c Mimi won't do it. (she must be PISSED!!!!) Anywho...i can't see Cray Bey changing shitty diapers either...hence, the 6 full time nannies for 1 fucking kid/camel...smh............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

those dont look like

those dont look like leggings...... looks more like a velour set...

Mimi looks good! She needs to

Mimi looks good! She needs to tell Nick to keep his mouth SHUT, tellin ppl they have sex to HER songs smh! I just want to peel that LACEFRONT off of Nicki's head!
tori's picture

Do you even have a man? I

Do you even have a man? I doubt any man could stand your ignorant ass! Hunny you are the bumm that Nicki carries a wetwipe around for...you can't even breathe the same air as her..dirty spic
BEEMA's picture

What do I need a man for when

What do I need a man for when I have STALKERS like U lusting over EVERY WORD I type & constantly STROKIN' my ego LMAO! Where are YOUR pics?
tori's picture

This is making me want to do

This is making me want to do some bicep curls....I hate when arms look like that! Sorry Mimi... And Nicki... those lacefronts give you a half inch forehead!maybe if she had a forehead like Rihanna, she could afford to do all that!
Girl's picture

Adorable! Mariah looks good.

Adorable! Mariah looks good.
TeaNicole's picture

As usual, Mimi picks a dress

As usual, Mimi picks a dress that doesn't quite work on her. Girl, that is not your dress!
The Real Thing's picture

She looks FABULOUS...as

She looks FABULOUS...as always!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

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