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BIG SHAKE UP: Frank Ski & Wanda Are OUT At Atlanta's V103, Ryan Cameron & Big Tigga Rumored For New Roles


There were rumors on the net last night that Frank Ski & Wanda Smith, the legendary hosts of the biggest urban radio morning show in Atlanta, would be leaving the station.  And this morning, the hosts made the announcement after 14 years on the air...

Frank Ski and Wanda will be leaving CBS radio's V103 in Atlanta as the #1 morning hosts in the city.  It was a shock to the community as they are still in the midst of their send-off show.

He announced he would be stepping away from his V103 family to pursue dreams and plans he has for himself.  And about an hour later, Wanda announced the same.

Steve Harvey called in while he was in the middle of his own radio show, and he hinted that this was due to a bad business decision by the station and "someone is making a huge mistake."  He said, "You don't let legends go because legends have a tendency to show back up in places you don't expect them to."  Steve gushed they've been competitors and friends for years, but he will indeed find out what happened. 

Michael Baisden, Ricky Smiley and plenty other radio vets have called in during this morning's send off show.  But Frank Ski said he doesn't plan to leave ATL, even though his home is now for sale.  And next week will be their final days (not tomorrow as some are reporting), as Frank says he and Wanda want to see through their "Christmas List" shows. 

Frank, who also has a restaurant in Atlanta, maintains he's leaving because he wants to affect more people on a larger level.  And it seems that CBS and the hosts could not come to an agreement about Frank expanding his empire--especially with him reportedly wanting a CBS tv show based around his radio life.  That was apparently a no-go.

Atlanta's in an uproar, despite the fact Frank & Wanda made their own decisions to leave.  But many believe they were forced to make the decision as CBS would not cater to their expansion needs.


As for who will take over...

Radio Facts reports Ryan Cameron, one of the top radio personalities on V103 in the afternoon, will move to the morning show timeslot.  And as for who will take his show--former "106 & Park" host Big Tigger is in talks, reportedly, to move to Atlanta for that gig.

Check out the Ustream going on right now (until 10am) from Frank & Wanda's show.  Check out his full statement over at AJC.

*UPDATE*  AJC has confirmed that Ryan Cameron will definitely take over the morning show this January.  And Big Tigger will indeed take over the afternoon show.



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hooklookping's picture

Good bye to both of them!!!!

Good bye to both of them!!!! I knew he was leaving yesterday Wanda kept acting weird. Time to bring in someone younger. I have been tired of both of them for sometime now.

Who DIDN'T see this coming?

Who DIDN'T see this coming? FRANK is too old, & WANDA is loud & banshee!
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Gurl dont you got some toilets to clean! I know you the head janitor and all but you be on here wayyy to much Rosa Gonzalez (thats your real name..all of yall spics have the same name)
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Girl she is not even cleaning

Girl she is not even cleaning toilets because those women WORK and way too hard to be on a blog all day everyday the way that girl is. Let her tell it she knows about every celebrity and what is going on in every city/radio station,etc. That ought to tell you right there she don't work nowhere.
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tori's picture

A very popular afternoon

A very popular afternoon radio host was let go here in Detroit after a number of years. Radio is a dying business. Why listen to local radio who plays the same two songs all day with endless commercials when you can just stream your own music from your phone?
Miss T's picture

The right personality will

The right personality will make you tune in. When Wendy Williams was on the radio, I listened every day. The music was just a backdrop to her commentary, her guest interviews, and her callers. Some people feel the same way about Michael Baisden.
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