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Tyga's Baby Moms Blac Chyna Shares New Photos of Baby Cairo + Lil' Kim BREAKS UP With Mr. Papers


Rapper Tyga's baby momma Blac Chyna has shared new photos of their baby boy. See the pics inside and find out what Lil' Kim said about breaking up with her boyfriend.


Blac Chyna and rapper Tyga have shared new photos of their son King Cairo Stevenson.  And he's a cutie:


And fans can expect a lot more from King Cairo in the future since he (yes...the baby) has his own Tumblr page. Will his own Twitter account be next?

Meanwhile, Tyga is still holding on to the story that he grew up in the streets of Compton and not some cushy suburb (like he said himself in an old video that was dug up) tweeting to fans, "U kno my name not my story. Born&Raised Alondra&Central rosecrans&normandie #Compton #Gardena."

Interesting...most people want to escape the hood, yet Tyga is clinging to it.


In other music news.....



Lil' Kim is single again.  Last week, she posted on Twitter, "As of 2night me & Papers are officially Over. No malice or bad blood. I'll see U guys soon. #12DaysofXmas (december 5th)"

In addition to hosting a holiday party Miami on December 22nd, Kim is also gearing up to hook up fans with tons of giveaways for her "12 days of Xmas" promotion.  Plus, she's in the studio with Missy Elliott.  Something good HAS to come from that.  At least we hope.



50 Cent hit the boxing ring last night (after being lowered from the rafters) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas to perform his new hit “My Life.” 50 was there to support his fighter, Olympic gold medalist Yuriorkis Gamboa. This was the first fight for 50's SMS Promotions since he got his Nevada promoter’s license last month.  By the way, Yuriorkis won the fight!  It would have been pretty embarrasing had he lost after all of 50's pomp and circumstance.   




Dammmnnn Kimmy u look like ur

Dammmnnn Kimmy u look like ur one of the long lost Jacksons...ewwwhhh
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Beautiful baby boy. I have no

Beautiful baby boy. I have no idea what the hell Tyga sings. I like B, you gotta respect her hustle and what's wrong with her not wanting the media to be all up in her baby's face. So you guys can pick away at her like you do Will Smith's children? I'd pass too. Never been a KIM fan..NOW that's the crazy roach...all that surgery looking like a rachet ghetto mess.

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Dear Beyonce even rappers

Dear Beyonce even rappers baby mamas are more normal than your crazy a$$. Still hiding Blue Ivy you fool.
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Tyga's son is a cutie pie

Tyga's son is a cutie pie though his name isn't very original. Who the hell cares if Lil Kim THUNDERCAT LOOKIN' A$$ is single, like anyone cares! I bet she broke up with "Papers" cuz he wasn't gettin her sh!t for X-Mas. WOMP!
tori's picture

Lil Kim looks like a damn

Lil Kim looks like a damn fool. Those surgeries really f*cked her up. She became irrelevant when she started looking like a clown.
SassyFace11's picture

If Lil Kim put her career

If Lil Kim put her career first and men second then she wouldn't be in this position. She was head over heels with Biggie and kept on F*cking up with the wrong guys. Its obvious she one of those people who drops everything to focus all her energy on the person she's in a relationship with. SMH
sexybrownpyt's picture


I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!She was pumping US all up for her return in 2012 went out on a few tours next-thing we see pics of her with this dude and NO NEW MUSIC from Kim!!!! Music 1st Men LAST Kim!!!!!!!! Get your CROWN back then a good nicca with come along some1 who deserves YOU 4 YOU!!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture


Kim Please LET THOSE BLONDE LACEFRONTS GO! You are not Beyonce! Nobody is even wearing lacefronts in 2012..not even Beyonce.
BEEMA's picture

I hope he don't end up

I hope he don't end up looking like his ugly father. Tyga looks like a bald mole rat in the face and he looks like he weighs 80 lbs. I don't how he gets enough money to buy her a Rolex and a house when he only had one hit song...oh well
BEEMA's picture

I can't stand your RUDE,

I can't stand your RUDE, RACIST A$$, but your comment made me chuckle!
tori's picture

???WTF is going on with these

???WTF is going on with these comments??? Anywho...Tyga & Chyna's son is beautiful--despite both of his parents looking a MESS. Lil Kim is no longer 'lil' and has ruined herself with all of that surgery. Who cares about 50's boxing ventures...

and they can't stand your ass

and they can't stand your ass


MsMidwest's picture

Baby King is so HANDSOME!!!!!

Baby King is so HANDSOME!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

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