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Keri Hilson Parties It Up With RUMORED BOO OKC Baller Serge Ibaka For Her 30th Birthday


Keri Hilson is still celebrating her 30th birthday...and with her rumored boo Serge Ibaka from the OKC Thunder.  She trekked it to Oklahoma City last night after her big ATL celebration Thursday night.  Check out the pics of Keri and Serge partying it up inside...

So rumblings have been circling the net for several months now that Keri Hilson and OKC baller Serge Ibaka are an item.  Not much proof there, which is why we held off on reporting.  But now that he's hosted her 30th birthday party way over in OKC Friday night...we have to wonder.

The party, held at the Coca Cola Event Center, was also the "official afterparty" for the Thunder vs. Lakers game.  And according to the party flyer, was also hosted by Kevin Durant.  And while this could have just been a typical basketball game afterparty, the pics of Keri and the fine-ness that is Serge all lovey dovey while hugging it out (above) do raise a few eyebrows.




The ballers and Keri had some fun with her big birthday cake.

Photobucket Photobucket

We're keeping our eye on these two.  He is hot though so Keri...do you boo.

The Randomness:

1.  Kasandra Perkins was laid to rest as the Kansas City Chiefs aided in her funeral expenses.  STORY

Pics: Twitter/LSA




I meant LISARAYE...raggedy

I meant LISARAYE...raggedy biatch!

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hooklookping's picture

She's not good enough for my

She's not good enough for my Serge. He's already getting shortchanged on his contract. I don't want him getting shortchanged in the celeb girlfriend department too. When he gets a grown up contract next season maybe he can get my Rih away from her "friend" Chris Brown. Even Ciara would be better than Kerry.
Bird's picture

Serge's Sexy as all hell in

Serge's Sexy as all hell in that first pic, is all Im sayin.
Realist's picture

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tom100's picture

Them LIPS on Serge doe!!!!!

Them LIPS on Serge doe!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Oh Yes!

Oh Yes!
star's picture

Keri is so pretty and very

Keri is so pretty and very sexy. I always wondered why someone so gorgeous with such a great figure was single. I'm glad she is in like with someone now and he's African? Good taste Keri; I LOVE myself a jet BLACK African man too. I'm happy for her.
I_love_laughing's picture

That looks muh better than

That looks muh better than the day of her boring ass birthday. But im convinced shes just a bore
Mieshalove's picture


SCARY HILSON!! Get your baller hunny! Just don't let him get the goodies and publicity and then split!
BEEMA's picture

You NITWIT...Serge is FARRR

You NITWIT...Serge is FARRR more popular than that damn troll Keri...Serge plays for one of the best teams in the NBA & participated in the 2012 Olympics, hell can ANYONE name 2 of Keri's songs?? And plz don't worry about who is paying me, you need to be worried about who's gonna pay for your PSYCHO MEDS in 2013! You 51/50 BASKET CASE!!
tori's picture

*I'm 100% convinced Serge is

*I'm 100% convinced Serge is an HONORARY member of Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group and he, Wale & Meek Mill are brothers *sucks teeth, smacks lips*!
tori's picture

You sound foolish..who is

You sound foolish..who is paying you to think hunny?
BEEMA's picture

light skinned sistas like the

light skinned sistas like the dark brothas b/c it makes them feel like a REAL legit black woman...............(she'll change her accent to sound more ghetto now too........just watch)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO...I wouldn't be so sure

LMAO...I wouldn't be so sure about the "ghetto accent", Serge isn't the typical "brotha, with a jumpshot" he's AFRICAN, & Africans tend to think their ABOVE the blacks in the U.S. and vice versa!
tori's picture

cool....she can be herself

cool....she can be herself then
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ha Ha

Ha Ha
star's picture

R&B chicks sure love them sum

R&B chicks sure love them sum B-Ball players (Keyshia, Ciara, Monica, Tamia, LeToya Luckett, Mya, Olivia, etc). Anything to stay relevant I guess *shrugs*
tori's picture

I had to google Serge...he is

I had to google Serge...he is cute. However I'd be scared to date a ball player after what Johvan Belcher did..I just don't know. And Keri Hilson sucks linty balls....If I ever find out who Teahoebag is or see her in public I'm gonna drag her azz on cement until I see white meat...

Well She seems a lot more

Well She seems a lot more into him than he is with her.., Ijs..Anyhoo I wish em' good luck though..!
Like Really's picture

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