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Ice-T & Coco ADDRESS Cheating Rumors & Suspect Pics...Ice BLASTS CoCo Over Pics With Fan


Never thought we'd see the day when Ice-T goes IN on his wife he seems to love so much...especially not on Twitter.  Well, we're not that surprised actually.  Check out how Ice-T had to put CoCo in check over some suspect pics she took with a fan, and CoCo's response inside...

So...las week, a few pics hit the net of CoCo posing provocatively at a club with another male.  Some folks (including us) didn't entertain the pics since CoCo has been WELL known to snap sexy & inappropriate pics with both her male & female fans.  And it's simply that--pics with a fan, not CoCo "cheating" with the person in the pic. 

She's even taken over-the-top pics with her husband right next to her sometimes.  And, of course, Ice & CoCo are no strangers to their own pornographic style pics they take with each other.  Whether it's Halloween or not.

But apparently, Ice was in his feelings after this latest set of pics hit the net.  CoCo and the random male fan could be seen canoodling, but clearly just playing it up for the cameras.  A certain site created a story that this was CoCo's new man she was cheating on Ice with.  Of course, this is false.  But the pics are indeed real.  Ice tweeted that CoCo was told the man was a friend of Ice's...but he actually wasn't.  He was just a fan following her around to her numerous shows she's been doing out in Vegas at Planet Hollywood.

His pissy rant, which is now deleted, is below:



Is he mad though?  Confusing since this is far from the first time CoCo has been seen doing this.  I mean, the chick shows her ass every week to strangers on Twitter for Thong Thursdays...and he proudly praises her for it.  For years, he's seemed to put her on a pedestal for her sexed up image and takes pride in folks being able to see all of her silicone body parts.  So why get mad now? 

CoCo's response today:

Woke up to people in a panic about some pics,please guys I'm happily married,sometimes fans & friends take silly pics.Its harmless. #RELAX

Ice is right,the pics I took with this man were in poor taste & I disrespected my husband however the pics were the only thing that happened .... I feel so sad,the bottom line is I love Ice & I can understand why he's upset theres no excuse for my actions.I'm so sorry baby & to everyone



If you watch their show "Ice Love CoCo" (which we love by the way), you'll remember that Ice once revealed he and CoCo have NEVER spent more than 1 day apart in their 7+ years of marriage.  They even share the same cell phone because they're always together.  The time she had to spend a few days in Arizona helping her sister deliver her baby was almost tortuous for him.  So maybe he's feeling some kind of way about CoCo being gone for WEEKS doing this show run of hers.

Still, you can't praise your wife throughout your entire marriage for playing the Pimp & Ho game with you whenever you like, then get in your feelings when she doesn't know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate pics for a married woman.  Seems a bit counterproductive.  But what do we know?

Play on pimps...



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Her breast look like ballons,

Her breast look like ballons, she looks like a call girl in the pic. oh wells what did ice T expect.
sexybrownpyt's picture

People are so funny!

People are so funny! Everything has to be turned into racial thing, why? If you took the time to read the article instead of paying attention to her physical appearance only; you would know she wasn't cheating. What pictures they take with and for each other is their business. It has nothing to do with black or white women. She did apologize for it and I'm pretty sure he forgave her.
kimaras31's picture

Yes he is always

Yes he is always disrespecting black woman that is the number 1 reason it's so good to see his lovely white wife make a bishazz sucker eat his words. Man you made a jump off your wifey.
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hooklookping's picture

This fool (Ice T) is always

This fool (Ice T) is always on something talking and downing a Black Woman. He tried to talk sideways at Omarosa and she chewed him up, He is on Chris Rock's "Good Hair" downing Black Women about wearing weaves but yet he wants to praise and uplift a Woman who has (Fake Breast, Fake Tan, Clip in Extensions, Fake Ass and a whole host of thing's)! This is the perfect example of Coon Mentality....a Mixed Black Man who has never or rarely even been seen with a Black Woman coming to the realization that the White Woman you praise (even when they are faker than a 6 dollar bill) and have way more fake thing's about them than a so-called (WEAVE)! cannot be trusted but yet, i bet he still uplifts this stank hoe! SMH

white women aint the only

white women aint the only ones who do that......so if thats all that makes her unnattractive than sorry buddy most women in modern day are unattractive.....black people are the most racist people i know...

no one said white women were

no one said white women were the only ones doing that, but they have been the fake ones from the start even with weaves (they have been wearing weaves before black women). What the commentor above is stating is the Ice T blasted black women for being fake when his women is far more faker with fake breast and ass. Yes black are the most racist and brainwahsed I know and by racist I mean agianst blacks and you are one of them.
the-one's picture

all these women on here

all these women on here talkin bout how ugly she is....NEWS FLASH: SHE AINT UGLY!! im not attracted to white females but dont be silly just because you got a problem with her being with a black man....i dont like kobe bryant(i think he's a rapist) but he is a damn good basketball player....same principle applies here!!

she not ugly to you but to me

she not ugly to you but to me she is....her face is too manly and her breast are soo big and round you can spot they are fake from a mile away. It's up to you if you like Kobe or not and since you think he's a rapist (even though it was proven that ole girl had like 3 different types of semen in her panties and had been trying to get famous for years) something is wrong with your for likiing him.....you are foolywang and ignorant.
the-one's picture

She's a no class, no self

She's a no class, no self respect silicone stuffed pig. And Ice T.....you chose this garbage bag to be your lady. So stop babbling on twitter and sit yo stupid, geriatric ass down somewhere.
sianna1's picture

Look how comfortable she is

Look how comfortable she is opening her legs up in that pic. Icecream you started this you going to have to finish it Mr. softy.
TeaNicole's picture

Well...Ice T goodie for

Well...Ice T goodie for you...you and many black men give non black woman a pass on what you say is why you don't want a black woman.
Lola's picture

I honestly thought that Coco

I honestly thought that Coco and Ice had an "open" marriage or at the very least, she was in Vegas, auditioning for a 3rd member to make a Coco sandwich. And, I'm AMAZED LetsGetIt didn't make one snide comment about this woman OPENLY disrepecting her nubian thug prince.
GetAtMe's picture

HOE and her PIMP! Nuff

HOE and her PIMP! Nuff said!

I guess what happens in Vegas

I guess what happens in Vegas doesnt always stay in Vegas. llh If you a pimp dont expect bcz you put a ring on your hoe's finger she's gonna stop being a hoe.
Realist's picture

LMBO @ "the chick shows her

LMBO @ "the chick shows her ass every week to strangers on Twitter for Thong Thursdays...and he proudly praises her for it." #DEAD Ice T look sexy as heck in that pic.
I_love_laughing's picture

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tom100's picture

..I find it Hilarious these

..I find it Hilarious these fools think its magically delicious,..tryin' nah turn hoes into housewives!! Only the simple are proud at snagging the bait..Suckas!!
Like Really's picture

This nigga IceT looks like

This nigga IceT looks like he's a DUD in the bedroom...WOMP!.....so that Hoe Coco with her strectched out pussy Needs some real dick on a regular...LOL
star's picture

Another attempt to stay

Another attempt to stay relevant. Sorry folks. Staged. Not buying it....
allnatural's picture

SILLY NEGRO...Ice thought by

SILLY NEGRO...Ice thought by snaggin a WHITE woman, he would live "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" but it looks like his SNOW BUNNY is playin with sum1 else's (AP.9) "CARROT" in Vegas!
tori's picture

mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm one bad

mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm one bad white chick!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Did you even READ the article

Did you even READ the article or were you hypnotized by that "PORCELAIN SKIN GODDESS??" If "CoCo" (side eye) was Black you would be saying "That's why Black woman don't deserve a husband, cuz [insert ignorant comment]" smh!
tori's picture


Girl's picture

He is the biggest

He is the biggest contradictor but has the nerve to try and call this out on black women all the time. Smh.
JJFad's picture

I'm sure even @WeAin'tGotIt

I'm sure even @WeAin'tGotIt doesn't believe half the sh!t he posts..at least I hope! I just don't see how ANYONE can find CoCo attractive, she looks like a SILICONE FILLED STD, I bet she smells like old GOAT CHEESE & MILDEW with a teeny tiny hint of (the STRIPPERS & HOES Chanel No. 5) B&BW Cherry Blossom..YUCK!
tori's picture

LOL!!!! AAAWWWW Funny As

LOL!!!! AAAWWWW Funny As Hell!!!! Old Goat Cheese!!LOL!!!! Funny...She does look rather NASTY!!! And Like you said Lets get it does not have one bad thing to say about this known HOE!!!! BECAUSE SHE'S A WHITE WOMAN!!! JUST SAD!!!!
Didshesaythat's picture

what else did he

what else did he expect.....she's one step away from porn
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

And this clown had the nerve

And this clown had the nerve to insult black women....
JJFad's picture


Didshesaythat's picture

Cant turn a HO into a

Cant turn a HO into a housewife! Ice you should know your from Compton
Mieshalove's picture

Baha..these fools seem to

Baha..these fools seem to Neva learn...did he really expect anything less?!!
Like Really's picture

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