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SPOTTED: Beyonce Hits The Studio With Mr. Carter


Beyonce's back in the studio again.  After posting pics and video of herself making some music last month, a writer from Timbaland's camp posted a pic of Bey & hubby Jay-Z working together in the studio again recently.


Pic and deets inside...

Baddie Bey is all about her music...and her fam...these days.  And a writer/artist by the name Jo'zzy Instagrammed that she was in the studio wring with the Carters:


We guess Bey is working with Timbaland and co. on this new album of hers.  Not mad at that.


Meanwhile, Bey posted this new pic of her outfit of the day on Instagram last night.  Lookin' fly as always. 

Pics: Twitter





Beyonce is definitely a

Beyonce is definitely a talented BAD BITCH! No matter what people say, they can't take away her talent or her ability to change the game up, however when i first started following her on Instagram, i too felt like we will get to see a more personable Beyonce. I agree with her about being somewhat private in these days where there is no privacy, but fans do want to know and feel like you are personable with your fans like other artists on twitter and instagram instead of feeling like you are untouchable. To see her not following anyone on Instagram or include any captions is just boring and impersonable to the fans. I started to fugure out that, that page was her fashon page. Too, is it me or is she biting off of Rihanna a tad bit. She looks like she is dressing more rockstar like Rih Rih and the Instagram name "BaddieBey" similar to "BadgalRiRi...hmmm. makes you wonder a bit. None the less we still love us some Beyonce and can't wait to see her perform at the superbowl.
Hater Recognizer's picture

There has not been one

There has not been one singular original thought that has come out of her over-peroxided attention-starved head or from her team since the dawn of time so it is no coincidence that she is beginning to “open up” to her fans and switched her name up to narrowly reflect someone else who gets the attention she feels she deserves. That’s what narcissists do.
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*****2013 THE YEAR OF BEY!*****

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King Beyonce!!!!! I dance as

King Beyonce!!!!! I dance as I 2-step in and out this post...*snap* *snap*, *swings hair from side to side* *snap* *snap* "Where your boss at?" LOLOLOLOL

King Bey aint thinking about

King Bey aint thinking about the queen of beat downs & humiliations Rhitard. Rhi only sold 200,000 albums in her first week, she consideres that success, but it would be a total flop if King Bey sold that little bit of albums in the first week. King Bey has never sold that little bit of records.lol Last time I checked, artist who are moving more units than Rhi don't have to talk to fans on social media. Rhitarded has to do that because she has no talent. King Bey, Lady gaga, Adelle and Taylor Swift don't have to resort to such desperate measures as Rhitard. Rhitard, better enjoy whats left of 2012. Because 2013 will be Bey season, a new album, THE SUPER BOWL PEFROMANCE and the knew King Bey documentary on HBO. Chile, these other hoes are about to disappear in 5,4,3......KING BEY!!!!!!!!!

Yes Braddddd!!!!!!!! Beyonce

Yes Braddddd!!!!!!!! Beyonce is backkk!!!!!!

Agreed! Taylor Swift sold 1.2

Agreed! Taylor Swift sold 1.2 Million records in 1 week...now thats sumthin to cry like a "pu$$y" about! LMAO at "queen of beat downs & humiliations" #SHADE!
tori's picture

Someone school this hussie on

Someone school this hussie on how you use Instagram because she looks self promoting and self centered as usual.
TeaNicole's picture

I really like Bey, but she is

I really like Bey, but she is taking such an immature, childish approach to her late entry into social media. In her 30s acting like a teenager.
MissPammyJ's picture

There isn't anything mature

There isn't anything mature about social media networks aside from networking or promoting. In her case, she is promoting her image. I fail to see where you have pulled immaturity from, not to mention what's your rationale for mature social networking. I see a photo of a woman standing outside....>>>
marylou's picture

You have to expect immaturity

You have to expect immaturity on the internet. But, these kids verify what caucasians have been saying about blacks for the longest of time. Anyway, I am ready to hear what Beyonce is cooking up. Hopefully she'll get Missy, Timberland, Babyface, and Pharrell on this album. As she said, she has made enough money to be comfortable, now give us something we'd like to hear. I loved the last album "4", but "I am" was not my cup of tea. If she could revisit all of her albums prior to "I am" and promote this album she is sure to continue her successful reign.
marylou's picture

This NutCase can't decide if

This NutCase can't decide if she wants to look like Tamar Braxton or Kimmy Cakes. ............
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I think she's scrared of the

I think she's scrared of the nut out their who would come at her and she's not as whitty as rihanna to put them in their place. this may be one of the reason why she don't interact with fans
xedos's picture

Beyoncé doesn't interact with

Beyoncé doesn't interact with fans because she isn't personable, lacks people skills and doesn't have the diction to carry on an adult conversation, but we still love her!
tori's picture

I guess she's trying to be

I guess she's trying to be more open,but just posting pics of you in expensive clothes won't cut it. Rihanna change the game you got to be more interactive. Rihanna follow lots of her fans she answer question. She interact with them. Writing letters and posting pics wont cut it fans need to fell like they're a part of something
xedos's picture

Rihanna has a lot more time

Rihanna has a lot more time on her hands. Bey's empire is bigger. She's more hands on with her career. Rih contributes some...but not as much as Bey. I'm fine with Bey's level of interaction. I dont need my inspirational figures acting all silly and childish on twitter and instagram doing shit to create a buzz.
GTFOHWTBS's picture

Who are they thieving from

Who are they thieving from now?
TeaNicole's picture

I can't wait for a new

I can't wait for a new Beyoncé album, but why her "FIERCE FACE" look like she just got hit with a sack of nickels?
tori's picture

Without makeup, Bey looks

Without makeup, Bey looks like an Ax Murderer and she needs to stop posting pics of these random outfits that I know she took right back off after she took the photo. All of a sudden she got fashion fever. Girl Bye!!!!!!!!
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