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Fantasia POPS OFF On Baby's Daddy Antwaun's Family...After She Shows They're STILL Together


Fantasia has some words for everybody that has a problem with her still (apparently) being with Antwaun Cook--the man she had a child with while he was still married to his wife Paula.


So check out how she popped off on a member of his family on Instagram...and flaunted a pic of the twosome spending Thanksgiving together...

So we're still doing this apparently.  While most of us thought Antwaun and Fantasia were done for good after her suicide scare, pregnancy and getting sued by his wife, things apparently are still poppin' in South Carolina.

After receiving some scathing messages from an alleged aunt of Antwaun, she posted the above pic of she and 'Twaun cuddled up on Thanksgiving saying, "RUN and TELL THAT."

The messages written by Vickie Henry caused Antwaun to delete all his social media accounts, but Fanny still had some things to say, like telling her to come to her house and confront her "woman to woman."  She also said Antwaun's family likes to smile in her face when they come see their son Dallas, but talks mess behind her back about "how many pics Antwaun is given of his son."


Photobucket Photobucket

Sigh.  Meanwhile, Fanny posted these pics of Antwaun with Dallas at a b-ball game and her with her daughter Zion all right before the situation:

 Photobucket Photobucket


She said: "Thank You!!! You Always support Us....Blue Hair, Sunny Day, kids Fam and MY LOVE.. Cant get any better"

The drama continues...

Pics: Instagram




first off how is she GOING

first off how is she GOING to be a homewrecker out of all the women he has been with out of all the women she chose to sue tasia crazy huh..all for the money dats why she did it now she feels as if she didnt get what she want so she will have her aunt being messy kmsl like tasia said she is no punk instead of making your self look bad you could of came to tasia like a women but oh wait she aint a women if you got to be messy on the internet...i think tasia and twan are happy so let them be happy they have a handsome son and solet them move on with there life IF HE WANT TO B AT HOME WITH HIS SO CALLED WIFE LOL HE WOULD HAV BEEN BUT CLEARLY HE IS NOT AND IM GLAD CAUSE IT THE SHIT STARTED SUE TASIA SHE SHOULD HAVE SUE ALL THE OTHER WOMEN AT THE SAME DAM TIME .OH TASIA HAS MONEY THEY DONT THATS WHY SHE DID .MESSY PEOPLE NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THE LANE AND STAY IN THERE TH OWN LANE CAUSE PRETTY SOON SOMEBODYS GOING TO GET HIT BY TASIA LOL

Some of you ppl crack me up.

Some of you ppl crack me up. Why does it bother yall so much about what she doin and who she doin it with? This is her business but yall gettin all bent outta shape like yall have never did or said something someone else didn't approve of. If I was her I would say fuck yall and whom ever else had a problem with how I lived MY life, who I let in it, how I raised my kids or anything else. Like she said if you don't like her why follow her? Talkin bout why did she have a baby by him...maybe because even though she had unprotected sex she didn't want 2 have an abortion or even simplier than that because she wanted to maybe I mean it's just a guess I could be wrong. Who cares that his ppl don't like her hell she mite not like they ass either who the fuck are they suppose to be??Only God can judge so if she goin 2 hell 4 what she did or didn't do so are all u judgmental hypocrites.

"...yall have never did or

"...yall have never did or said something someone else didn't approve of." I think for the most part none of us have; slept with a MARRIED man, had a CHILD with him, got SUED by his WIFE for doin so, OD'd on BABY ASPRINS (side eye) then turned around and took the LYIN CHEATIN BASTARD BACK (and if we had, we sure as hell WOULDN'T be bragging about it)!!
tori's picture

Let the church say AMEN!!!!!!

Let the church say AMEN!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Fantasia you have been

Fantasia you have been blessed w/ an undenialble talent. I belive that you're stronger than many think. You have a HUGE fan base and a supportive family. I understand that you are an "open book".... but is a bit childish. Let his people say what they want to say behind your back. Fuck 'em..... fuck'em all and continue to DO YOU! Stop giving the world, media, social media and blogs NEGATIVE things to say about you. I am one of your #1 Fan and have been since the begining of your career. I'm sayhing all of this to say: CHILL.. DO YOU... AND CONTINUE TO BE THE WOMAN THAT GOD MADE YOU.
shewrites's picture

Fantasia... go back to your

Fantasia... go back to your roots baby....
VIRTUOUS1's picture

TASIA!!!!! Thats my boo! Her

TASIA!!!!! Thats my boo! Her hair is always snatched, yes honey and look at Zion looking all cute. Let the drama be, you don't have to invite it in by recognizing it...

FANTASIA has not learned a

FANTASIA has not learned a dam thing I see, still with Antwaun and I bet he is still MARRIED!!!! Fantasia's self esteem is at a all time low. Stupid hoodrat!!! she needs to stay off of twitter with her illiterate azz. Zion is a cutie too bad her mother is so dumb.
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hooklookping's picture

Didn't Antwaun write a letter

Didn't Antwaun write a letter exposing her and ALL OF their dirty little secrets a few months back? CLEARLY he doesn't respect you! You couldn't pay me to have that type of low self esteem. TOO RATCHET for words!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Fanny stop doing this, that

Fanny stop doing this, that man only with you because you support him. He does not loe you. He was tired of working and wanted to freeload off a woman like you. Don't get angry at his family.
TeaNicole's picture

Fantasia and Antwaun deserve

Fantasia and Antwaun deserve each other he slow, she slow, she got some dollars he needs some dollars...he like to lay it low and spread it wide, she has no self respect. Like honestly she just told everybody that he wasn't $hit....I mean this man was cheating on his wife with other women and you and you cool with that nonsense...like do people think stds exist...Like really? But this trick thinking I GOT A PRIZE....Fantasia stupidity really out shines her talent.

shes so damn dumb n pathetic.

shes so damn dumb n pathetic.
ooooimTELLIN's picture


She is a "STAY IN SCHOOL" advertisement. My IQ just dropped in half when I tried to read that message.
allnatural's picture

No respect.

No respect.
vanessa.boo1's picture

I see Tasia still still

I see Tasia still still waving the flag for the united states of ratcheterica. I hope her daughter does better and has at least one good example in the fam.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Girl she need so much help

Girl she need so much help and therapy!!!


CLS1986's picture

I figured that man had other

I figured that man had other women while he was messing with Fanny and still married. That is why I believed that the wife wanted to look like a victim by going after only Fantasia and not all the others he was screwing at the same time. She wanted the media attention and knew that man was a whore long before he even knew Fantasia. That is why Fanny won. If I was Fantasia I would just raise my kids, be successful and leave all those trashy messy people behind including that petty whorish baby daddy.
JJFad's picture

This girl was obviously not

This girl was obviously not blessed with an ouce of common sense. This ninny actually thought having a baby with a married would solidfy their cheating relationship. NTM unless a man and his mama are estranged, when his mama doesnt like you there's forever gonna be a problem. I wouldnt be surprised if both he & his wife were pimping her slow bahind.
Realist's picture

"grown ass women" and "women

"grown ass women" and "women to women" instead of woman?..."are" in place of "or"?? -and "your" instead of "you're"??? Girl, where did you say you "obtained" your GED exactly? -A happy meal??? ..Break the cycle young black people! !!!BREAK IT!!!
TrueThinker's picture

I know! It's quite sad,

I know! It's quite sad, though.
C2C's picture


star's picture

Fantasia is COLOR STRUCK by

Fantasia is COLOR STRUCK by Antwaun and its so PATHETIC! Did she forget that she IS the OTHER WOMAN, and not his WIFE? Is that an A (Scarlet Letter) on her daughter's shirt? How IRONIC??
tori's picture

Exactly! This bish has really

Exactly! This bish has really lost her mind. She was the hoe, the jumpoff, the mistress. OJ Simpson was also acquitted of murder, so she thinks because she wasn't found guilty in court she's innocent. She knows better than that. That man left his wife for Fantasia, not the other hoes he was messing with. You're 100% correct about her being color struck by this T Mobile ass nigga. She's a basic bama chick with low self esteem because she's chocolate, and having that light man makes her feel good. Never mind the light dick had her in the closet trying to OD on damn aspirin! This girl is a waste, and she has a daughter to raise, UGH!
Mrs_B_35's picture

Fanny shouldn't be getting in

Fanny shouldn't be getting in Twitter-beefs with people about this dude. But *HE* is the one who's married, playing both sides of the fence. And I totally believe that his fam talks -ish behind her back. We already know Fantasia should want better for herself but she already has a baby with dude-what's done is done. That still doesn't give ppl the right to pop off about her. She didn't impregnate herself and he's a trifling a$$ dog. I only sympathize with their son.


lol zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Fanny you are so grown why even comment on ignorance grown women keep it moving.

It's pathetic to see Fantasia

It's pathetic to see Fantasia so dickmatized like this, any woman for that matter. He's a piece-of-shit who's USING the shit out of her. When the money's gone, he will be gone too.
Carmen CaBoom's picture



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