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Royce Reed BITES BACK At HATERS, Says CUSTODY BATTLE Is About The BEST For Braylon


Royce Reed has taken to Twitter to respond to people with negative talk about her decision to ask a judge to make Dwight Howard pay her legal bills.  Find out what she said inside....

We told you previously that Royce Reed wants a judge to make Dwight Howard pay for her portion of their custody battle....and some people felt some kind of way about that.  So with folks bashing Royce on Twitter and across the blogs, she responded with a tweet and post saying,

"We will never struggle... Period! Braylon will always have the best! That's what I fight for!"



While Royce is saying she needs money to fight for what's best for her son Braylon, it seems that most folks are jumping on the "gold-digger" bandwagon when this is not about getting more child support (at least not this part).  Royce is fighting tooth and nail for full custody....because Dwight has filed for full custody for himself.  And no mother wants her child taken from her.

And we see that Usher and his money allowed him to get full custody in his battle with Tameka Raymond...so Royce does have reason to be concerned. 

We'll keep you posted on the judge's decision.....




A lot of these women have

A lot of these women have used the children as pawns for far too long...Dwight do what you have to do my brother because turnabout is fair play....You ladies want to use the courts to your advantage why shouldn't the man do the same!!!
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I agree! All Dwight lawyers

I agree! All Dwight lawyers have to do is show the judge the F*CKERY & FOOLISHNESS (BBW) Royce has been involved with for the past 3 yrs! I bet Royce's dad would be a STAR WITNESS for Dwight's side, considerin he don't like that Royce introduces every TOM, DICK, & HARRY she "dates" to her son!
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These haters on here..smh. I

These haters on here..smh. I don't think that's a gold-digger move. She has every right to asked him to pay for her portion of the legal fees, since he is the one dragging her to court for full custody. If she wins, the check wont be address to her anyways.
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LOL I love this

LOL I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!
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He is such a big headed

He is such a big headed as$hole, she is dumb but not a bad mother. Everyone knows he is constantly screwing with her emotionally.
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"WE will never struggle..."

"WE will never struggle..." This b!tch is retarded! Get a f*cking REAL JOB (not sum chitlin circuit actin gig) and provide for YOURSELF & stop LIVING off child support! That lil boy don't care if he live in a 30,000sq ft mansion or 3,000sq ft house or if Royce drives a Maserati or Miata...STOP IT!
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They are both immature. He is

They are both immature. He is dragging her through the courts because he can't stand her so he knows that legality and money can get him whatever he wants. He is like a big messy female running around fighting about alot of nothing. I can say alot about her but I really don't think the woman is a bad mother. Royce first biggest mistake outside of having a child with that man was going on BBW. That low class bbq pit of a reality show was a big doomsday for her custody fight. She should have thought long and hard about how the images she displayed on the show would come back to haunt her.
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100% WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! In the

100% WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! In the State of Florida.....the MAN is 100% responsible for attorney's fees. So, she is allowing HER lawyers to drag this on...because THEY wanna make as much MONEY as POSSIBLE.....and SHE is too DUMB to realiaze it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm not a hater of an unfit

I'm not a hater of an unfit Mighty Minnie Mouse so-called "mom", but I do feel the need to clap right back at little Thunder Pony as well. Bitch, all that shit you named doesn't add up to all of the components needed to equate having a great childhood or rearing a decent human being. Your little Minnie Mouse looking ass is unstable and too hot in the ass to be raising a child, in my opinion, period and point blank. Hell, you're still just a fucking CHILD in so many ways your damn self. You're very childish. What grown ass woman gyrates, bumps and grinds all over the place every chance she gets for attention AND calls herself somebody's MOTHER. Child, please. And you're sooooo fucking NEEDY...just NEED to have a dick, any dick in your loose cunt every time you wake up. Damn. A different man every other couple of months implies that you're unstable. Judge, PLEASE give this child to Dwight asap. And she sure does have a whole lot of nerve asking the judge to make Dwight pay for HER legal shit JUST BECAUSE he makes way more money than her without walls crotch having ass. She should've thought about that shit before she gapped her little girl legs open, trying to come up on his income. *Boom!*
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the only thing is that when a

the only thing is that when a person is paying the bill that person has some sort of say so. do you really want lawyers that work for the opposing team??
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I dont see this as Royce

I dont see this as Royce being a gold digger. She asked for money for the legal fees which she will never see because the checks will be cut to the lawyers and courts and not Royce Reed. Rather than take the smaller sum of money she has compared to Dwight and spend it on courts, she's asking someone who is able to afford it to pay for it (similar to what people do when they ask for grants) especially because he is the one dragging it out. If he's prolonging it, he should pay and vice versa. As outlandish as it may seem to others, I agree with her. She is taking every measure for the child that she and Dwight both help create, that she decided to keep, that she gave birth to and that she is currently raising primarily by herself. What mother wouldnt do that, especially after altering your life around this child. And Dwight isnt asking for joint custody, he wants full custody removing Royce from the picture. No child should be subject to one parent missing over something as trivial as money. I say she fights til the fat lady sings. Her son is the most important and as a parent it is your responsibility and duty to do what's best for your child regardless of everyone else's opinions.

You are so right! This punk

You are so right! This punk is fighting to remove her from the childs life and to me thats so messed up. Men should know that kids NEED their mothers, kids need the person that nurtured and carried them in their wombs. Why have a kid with a real woman otherwise? Dwight (lanky licorice), DWade (ugly ass), Usher (anchor nose) should have all invested in some surrogates. They should want their kids raised with their mothers and share the time when they are not working or traveling the world. All are assholes and likely had no respect for the mother son bond at some point in their lives. I dont know a man that truly loves their own mother that would deny their son, especially sons from the mothers, unless they secretly don't love or respect their own. All of these women better fight until the fat lady sings. I would for my kid, Dwight should pay her lawyers because he is fighting HER for custody. The money these men waste fighting should be spent on or saved for the children. Its a shame the advice these lawyers give these men. Best for the child, not a groupie chasing, traveling dad.
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I agree 110%. D. Howard only

I agree 110%. D. Howard only wants full custody to hurt Royce. Its not like the child is unhappy or being neglected. Plus D. Howard will be on the road ballin' most of the time AND he has several other children. I hope Royce's lawyers bring that up in court: how much time and energy is D. Howard devoting to each of his children *regularly*? Probably not much: so how can he ask for full custody--why is he seeking it only for their son? Out of sheer spite. I hope Royce wins the custody battle and gets the money to cover her legal fees.

I actually agree with her on

I actually agree with her on having Dwight pay her legal bills. If he is the person dragging this out in court, then he should have to pay her legal fees. He knows good and well that she can't afford the same legal counsel that he can. Does he really think he can take care of this child full time with all of the traveling that he does? He seems selfish, just like Usher. Again, just like Halle, you have to very careful about who you have children with.
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This is a man who has found a

This is a man who has found a way to legally bar this woman from even speaking his name on camera. He definitely has the money to pay for lawyers that can strip her of custody. This case is about custody, not child support payments. If she is able to get courts to rule that Howard should pay for the lawyers, don't you think the lawyers will make DAMN sure they collect their money?
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Isn't this what Gabrial

Isn't this what Gabrial Aubrey and Kevin Federline did for their kids? They are both getting $25,000 a month for their children. Why is she a gold digger because she needs to get her money? She needs to stay off twitter.
BEEMA's picture

well we know Royce isnt a

well we know Royce isnt a gold digger because her hair is never done, her clothes are never expensive and she always has on discount store lingerie sets when she is doing her lapdances for her new boyfriends on TV. so in her case, the money MUST go to her son (or somebody else) because she dam sure isnt flaunting it on anything for herself.
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she lives in 100 degree Hot &

she lives in 100 degree Hot & Humid as hell Orlando....so it's too oppressively hot to dress nice and have nice hair there (that child support pays for her HOUSE & CAR & Everything else: Property taxes, Insurance........which is 100% Gold Digger status)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She is the custodial parent

She is the custodial parent of Braylon so any house she lives in he lives in ...any car she drives he rides in it to school to the doctor and anywhere else that he needs to go. I have never seen not one picture of Dwight Howard with his son but Royce takes pictures almost daily of her and her son together. Plus if he can live it all up in mansions and driving luxury vehicles then his child's lifestyle shoudl be the same. and I agree with the original comment made and Royce has said it herself she is not a fashionista so its obvious that she is not spendoing the money on clothing.
keqi's picture

you are repeating something

you are repeating something that a GREEDY JEWISH LAWYER says (lawyers have damn near destroyed this country). Of course she will NEVER post pics of the boy with his father.....she's trying to bilk him out of all the money she can (he lives in Los Angeles now...and he's always on the road anyway). The bitch probably said "I'm on the pill" ...and he was STUPID ENUFF to fall for it
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She is using her kid to get

She is using her kid to get more money. that kid is lacking NOTHING in life. Would she let a broke Nigga cum in her Pakastani looking Puss with no condom, birth control or even the morning after pill. SHE SAW $$$$ signs immediately (now this greedy bitch from Pakastan wants EVEN MORE!!!!!!) smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LoL..I agree the kid will

LoL..I agree the kid will always be endowed with more than enough prolly his entire life..And u right this gluttonous BiSH need to sit her azz down somewhere!! Smdhlol....
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