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THANKSGIVING DRAMA! Gabriel Aubry ARRESTED After Fight With Halle's Fiance Olivier Martinez!


Thanksgiving drama! So Halle Berry tried to have one big happy Thanksgiving with her current fiance, Olivier Martinez, and her baby's daddy Gabriel Aubry.  Likely for her daughter Nahla.  But ish went left when Gabe allegedly punched Olivier in the face....and an arrest and a hospital stint ensued!  Deets inside...

Thursday morning, Gabriel Aubrey was at his baby's mom Halle Berry's home in L.A.  He was there to drop off Nahla (who may or may not have seen all this go down), but he and Halle's fiance, Olivier Martinez, got into a huge fight!


According to reports, Olivier began to make comments to Gabe about the custody battle and how "they must move on."  Gabe then allegedly pushed and punched Olivier. 

37-year-old Gabe was arrested and is being investigated for battery, which is a misdemeanor.  He was held on $20,000 bond at the L.A. County jail, but has already been released. Both were also hospitalized with injuries at Cedars-Sinai medical center.

Halle's people have yet to offer up a comment, but it's well known she and Gabe have been locked in a bitter custody battle for over a year now over 4-year-old Nahla.  Most recently, Halle & Olivier were DENIED their request to move Nahla to France where they plan to live.

Olivier was spotted out later yesterday leaving the hospital (check the video below) with a huge bruise covering his face. 

Since the confrontation, a judge has issued an emergency protective order against Gabe to protect Halle, Nahla and Olivier. Gabe was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from them until Dec. 3.  And he's set to go in front of a judge on December 13th.

Let me find out Halle Berry has Thanksgiving just like everybody else...with fights breaking out before you even hit the dinner table...



1. There's always two sides

1. There's always two sides to every story. 2. Halle... this may be just enough ammunition (probably spelled wrong) to remove your child from your custody. While Oliver may have not started this fight... no doubt if I were Gabe attorney... I'd sight this "potential hostile" individual as not being best for the child...
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I bet Halle had a BIG A$$

I bet Halle had a BIG A$$ SINISTER GRIN on her face when them two SLAP BOXING in front of her! I can't believe Olivér placed Gabe under CITIZEN's ARREST...talk about adding insult to injury...LITERALLY!
tori's picture

That'll teach Olivier to

That'll teach Olivier to comment on a another man's child and how ish should be handle. Mind your fking business. I would've punch a bish in the face too telling me how to feel about my child. You are with Halle, Nahla is mine. Plain and simple. Back the fk up!
PacificGirl's picture

Halle was wrong for this.

Halle was wrong for this. She is a hawt mess. I don't like her at all. Gabbie should have broke his jaw.
Lifeatbest's picture

Gabe's ex said he had major

Gabe's ex said he had major anger issues. Heck he looked like it to me. Gabe has always seemed like an opportunist. Who wouldn't act like they are father of the year in front of the paps to make sure he ensures he gets child support and a free trip out of the country on Halle's dime. Ladies if you are not going to marry and pick a baby's daddy ( bad idea anyway) please make sure he has a decent job and does not need your money.
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I really hope Nahla didn't

I really hope Nahla didn't witness this. In the end, Halle has got to do better. Those men need to understand that this can't be in Nahla's environment. Sometimes you'll have to bite your tongue until it bleeds, but you will do this for this child.
SweetDivaT's picture

Yesss Ms. Halle!!! Girrrrl I

Yesss Ms. Halle!!! Girrrrl I know what you were trying to do and it worked! Getting Gabe into trouble and making him look like an unfit parent is the best thing she can do if she wants to get that custody move revoked! Halle extended an olive branch to Gabe and his simple ass fell for it! Now he's in legal trouble and has a restraining order put against him. And NO I don't feel sorry for him because he's a LOSER! Taking child support money from a WOMAN when you don't even have primary custody! What a BITCH! I really hope this works out for Halle and Nahla in the long run.
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It's not about Gabe moving on

It's not about Gabe moving on this man loves his daughter and wants to be in her life. How can he do that if she's in another country?? Gabe why you fall for it man!! Now Halle is gonna go to the courts and try and convince the judge he's dangerous to let her and Nahla move out of the county with Olivier.
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Gabe has anger managment

Gabe has anger managment problems.. first the nanny now Olivier. I'm glad Olivier protected himself AND LAID HIS AZZ OUT!

Sad for Nahla.

Sad for Nahla.
Twila's picture

So I see Oliver has some thug

So I see Oliver has some thug tendencies. Ok!
SassyFace11's picture

im so sorry Gabriel fell for

im so sorry Gabriel fell for the trap
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

You feel bad for Gabriel? You

You feel bad for Gabriel? You sound crazy. Gabriel has well-documented anger management problems. And so Olivier just HAD to be attacked for trying to find common ground with the father of his future step-child. He has NOOOOO right in trying to be a mediator for the future of some kind, right? You feel bad for Gabriel. SMH. The situation sucks but he's too damn grown to be tryign to resolve his issues with his fists.
Sincerely WF's picture

I'm so sorry that Gabe fell

I'm so sorry that Gabe fell for the crap. Oliver shoulda kept his mouth shut & out of he/Halle/Nahla's biz. But I gotta say--Gabe is STILL fine & he proved that he ain't no punk.

Gabe attacked Olivier

Gabe attacked Olivier
Sincerely WF's picture

Gabe took the bait...how many

Gabe took the bait...how many fights start at holiday family gatherings because some one says something out of line?...he should have been prepared for the new boyfriend to throw shade and let it go for Nahla's sake.
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I nearly lost my wig after

I nearly lost my wig after this breaking news came down this morning. Halle CANNOT have 2 alpha-males staying in her house at the same time. Her baby daddy is ALWAYS gonna think that he has SPECIAL POWERS over her.......and the NEW Guy is like...."that's my booty now...". I just don't understand how she didn't see this coming?????? The baby daddy probably tried to trick her into giving him some head or got busted slapping her on the ass......................smh
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Damn homie

Damn homie
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