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I'M GETTING OUT: Ja Rule's Prison Pics Hit The Net


Ja Rule is prepping to get out of jail in February.  And he's even snapped some pics of himself behind bars with producers of a new movie he's working on.


Check out the swole-ness of Prison Ja inside....

He's been locked up since June 2011 after being convicted on a gun charge and copping a 2-year sentence.  And February 21, 2013, rapper Ja Rule will be a free man--about 4 months earlier than planned.

And he hasn't just been lifting weights and eating those 3 square meals a day.  He's made some friends, earned his high school diploma, and started work on a new movie all while behind bars.

Based on a message posted on his website, he's setting himself up to do some good after this jail stint is over:

Ja Rule‘s prison sentence is coming to an end. The sentence began on June 7th 2011. During that time he is gained his high school diploma and released his 7th studio album Pain is love 2 (PIL2) with the help of long time producer 7 Aurelius. He is expected to be released on 02/21/2013.

And above, he posed with producers from his new film project called I'm In Love With A Church Girl, which will hit theaters in “Spring/Summer 2013.  Well this should be a big change up from what we're used to.


Photobucket Photobucket

It wouldn't hurt to rock another collabo with Ashanti and try to re-live the good ol days....when those two had hits.  Congrats to Ja on getting it together.

Pics: Facebook

The Randomness:

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i cant wait til ja gets out

i cant wait til ja gets out he only does classic music and anything he's involed in i'll support, feb 2013 the come back continues free rule

?¿?¿?¿?¿? Ja who?

?¿?¿?¿?¿? Ja who?
Peace Silas's picture

So whose doing whom???

So whose doing whom???
star's picture

This man has fell off the

This man has fell off the universe and he is hella IRRELEVANT and is not even news worthy!
Shay's picture

Really Ja?? Please...NO MORE

Really Ja?? Please...NO MORE MOVIES....them Cookout cameos were painful to watch! "I'm in Love with a Church Girl" my a$$...more like "I'M IN LOVE WITH A PRISON THUG!"
tori's picture

Can't lie, I think JaRule was

Can't lie, I think JaRule was a good rapper and he and Ashanti did have some good songs together. I hope he makes a comeback.
JJFad's picture

JaRule was a good rapper.He

JaRule was a good rapper.He will be back for sure.

Are we in the 90's?¿ What

Are we in the 90's?¿ What kind of effing flashback photos are these?¿ Everyone looks reeeeeeeal suspect.
GetUrLife's picture

Does Ja really think ppl are

Does Ja really think ppl are checking for him anymore? Face it-his rap career is over...and do prisons really have scenic settings/murals for picture taking? WTF...

Goodbye 50!

Goodbye 50!
BEEMA's picture

did he get those thick arms

did he get those thick arms by Jacking-Off white guys in the shower??????????????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Please don't bring those

Please don't bring those trapped in the closet fake $hit to broadway....it was wack on youtube and I'm sure it's going to be wack on Broadway....as far as Ja Rule...yes he is thicka den a snicka.
Ethel Mertz's picture

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