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BREAKING NEWS: 'Elmo' Puppeteer Kevin Clash RESIGNS From "Sesame Street" And SECOND ACCUSER Comes Forward!


Kevin Clash, famously known as the voice of Elmo on "Sesame Street," has resigned from the show AND a second individual has come forth with claims of underage sex. Get more infomation inside.....

As we've followed the Kevin Clash scandal, which included allegations of underage sex (which were later recanted), the puppeteer has now officially resigned from "Sesame Street" with the company releasing a statement about the situation earlier today.

"Sesame Workshop’s mission is to harness the educational power of media to help all children the world over reach their highest potential. Kevin Clash has helped us achieve that mission for 28 years, and none of us, especially Kevin, want anything to divert our attention from our focus on serving as a leading educational organization. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Kevin’s personal life has become a distraction that none of us want, and he has concluded that he can no longer be effective in his job and has resigned from Sesame Street. This is a sad day for Sesame Street."

As we told you previously, Sesame Workshop claimed their own investigation found that the original allegations were baseless; however, now that a second accuser has come forth (after filing court docs in New York) the timing of the statement seems suspicious.

Did this second set of allegations lead to the resignation?  No one can say for certain, but the new accuser, Cecil Singleton, is certainly providing more insight into the private life of Kevin (which may or may not be true).


Cecil claims Kevin "...trolled gay telephone chat line rooms to meet and have sex with underage boys."  Cecil, who's now in his 30s, says he and Kevin met on a gay phone chat line back in 1993 when he was 15-years-old and Kevin was 32.

Cecil also says in the lawsuit that Kevin was "preying on teenage boys to satisfy his depraved sexual interests" and that he's coming forward now (20 years later) because he "did not become aware that he had suffered adverse psychological and emotional effects from Kevin Clash's sexual acts and conduct until 2012."  Oh....and he wants more than $5 million (now that he is aware of what he went through). SMH

TMZ reports the first accuser recanted his recant, saying he was forced into saying the claims were a lie because he was paid off, and he actually WAS 16 when he had sexual relations with Kevin.  But we have yet to hear that from the accuser's own mouth.

We thought this case would go away after the first accuser recanted, but now we see there's much more to come.  This won't end well...




::Sigh:: Alright. Okay.

::Sigh:: Alright. Okay. This is my honest, honest, honest opinion. I first completely read what came from both parties and/or stories that came out on behalf of them. This is my understanding: First, I don't see anything written that would make it seem as if these young men are using being gay as their basis for feeling like they were prey. Second, I've not seen nor have I read an actual denial of the allegations from Kevin, just a so so, here and there, "round the mulberry bush" statement. Third, these 2 men (so far) are just now speaking on these allegations. With that being said, this is what I conclude. I honestly wouldn't care if the two men came forward at the age that it happened, or if they did 10 years from now. It's my belief that what many of us may have forgotten is that the REAL issue is the touching of, groping on, sexual behavior of a grown man and CHILDREN. Yes, children. If you just got that.........good. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING WRONG........the outcome TYPICALLY will not be good. So........whether they choose to come forward and start suing for millions of dollars, or are just now coming forward about it, let us all try to remember that the good thing about this situation is that a GROWN MAN who MOLESTED children will now see justice. This is the REAL reward. The money is just on the side. These 2 men are not crying bloody mary because they are boys who were taken advantage of by a man, they are coming forward because a WRONG must be made RIGHT. I believe that's all of my opinion here.
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I read the comments so

I read the comments so true!!! this is sick shit!! here you are big ass star!! and you can't get your nasty ass under control try grown damn men Kevin so sad, My grandchildren, my children where loved Elmo. so sad. Kevin yo ass getting ready to be handed over. I know the producers know and other staff. It seems when it time for you to hand over your spot, that is when the real shit statrs, I do hope Kevin gets his ass in jail for this
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The sad part is america knows

The sad part is america knows Elmo, as Elmo. Now this shyt happens!! Kevin would be best to leave. My concern are the kids coming forth now ? and why can't this shit be stooped?? It seems like when entertainer reach their peak here comes another damn Taking sexual advantages with these young kids!! so sick of this! I pray we come to gether to stop this crap from happening. Where are the adults when shit like this happens? Kevin , has been in the business forever SMDH..Oh well until we protect our kids this type of foolery will continue to go on..
Cynthia Cole's picture

I have a problem with these

I have a problem with these boys being grown men and all Gay and coming out with this accusations.At 16 I knew what was wrong and right hell if I got molested I'd have said it then,why now when you are looking gayer than my gayest friend?honestly it's not right besides Elmo dude probably thinking like a kid doing this kid character almost all his adult life.America makes people think its alright to come for money but the truth is you are already fully gay and you accusing someone of messing with you?Gay people are born Gay there's no someone turned me Gay,God doesn't make mistakes that's why they have hemophrodites and all and don't come quoting Soddom and Gommorah here because if that was the case the world will be over by now burned to ashes.All this preaching,I will hate for my future child to be molested but even my 12yrs old nephew and 8 years old niece knows if someone looks at then some kind of wy they have to report to me or their parents and little boy at 16 you knew what you were doing 16 is grown,at 16 y'all kiss and give bj's in school and even sex it up America needs to stop promoting money grubbing lawsuits like this.i hear the Mj boy came and said his story was false its sad.i know they're alot of sick men out here even women so parents check yo kids check yo kids.I still don't a full grown Gay man should say another man made him this or that,if he had a problem it will be him being scared of men or black men etc not turn gay and come sy this and that. I am sure there's alot if typos but then again,I am not in an English class.Bye
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Well I'll be dammned..This

Well I'll be dammned..This shit is just sick...
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Stupid & disgusting idiot.

Stupid & disgusting idiot.
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Cecil (LMAO) looks like an

Cecil (LMAO) looks like an extra from them Twilight: Breaking Dawn movies! I feel bad for TYLER PERRY's BROTHER, I'm sure he will have a seat & talk to O-PRESSED on Next Chapter BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR!
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Kevin met many young guys on

Kevin met many young guys on BGCLive.com. One of my very good friends met with this guy a while ago, and he said when you walked into his building the doorman knew automatically who and what you were there for. :-)
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OMG!! BGCLive is the DEVIL!

OMG!! BGCLive is the DEVIL! Alot of my Gay friends got caught up on that site in college!
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I believe it's true....I

I believe it's true....I believe there was a payoff on that first case though.
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Ditto. Whatever's done in

Ditto. Whatever's done in the dark will come out into the light. I hope this predator loses bowel movement and his a$$ literally burns up in flames!¡!
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Sad when people don't get the

Sad when people don't get the help they need and in result throw away accomplishments and work that took their whole lives to build. :(
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Lawd!!!!!!!!..smh..these men

Lawd!!!!!!!!..smh..these men playing with these Boys!! Not Elmo!! I bet parents across America are throwing out Elmo dolls as we speak!
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Kevin come on man you acting

Kevin come on man you acting reckless, get your appetite for young boys under control. They need to be 18 man.
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